Flywheel Coupon (Dec 2023): Deals & Discount (Review, 15 Pros & 3 Cons)

FlyWheel Review

Are you an agency owner or designer and are in search of a good web host?

Though you may have a lot of options to pick from, you should consider working with Flywheel.

It is a WordPress hosting company that offers reliable performance to help you run your website with minimal challenges.

If you are still learning how to build a WordPress site from scratch, then this Flywheel review is meant for you.

The web host contains a lot of features that can help you achieve such needs and so much more.

Through this review, you should be able to learn what this web host is all about, the available features that make it different from other WordPress web hosting providers, as well as its pros and cons. Enjoy!

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    What is Flywheel?


    Using WordPress as your major platform can help you gain a lot of visitors to your site and promote your business. Flywheel happens to be the only WordPress host that has endorsed.

    This is one of the reasons why so many people consider it to be a credible web host. It also makes use of robust network infrastructure, which optimizes the web host for speed, security, and scale.

    Flywheel was founded in 2012 by a group of experts. Its headquarters are based in Omaha in the US. During the foundation of Flywheel, the experts wanted to boost the lives of web developers who preferred building their sites on WordPress.

    Though Flywheel is not as famous as some of the web hosting companies, it has a great reputation and a large customer base.

    FlyWheel Review By Hosting Experts & Users


    Screenshot of some customers Reviews


    More Reviews available at bottom of this article

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    15 Flywheel Pros or Advantages

    One of the things that have significantly contributed to the success of this WordPress web hosting provider is its features.


    Our Flywheel review aims at detailing all the relevant features that you can benefit from while working with Flywheel.

    The company offers a broad range of features that helps designers and agencies perform website-related duties. For instance, some of the features can help you build and launch your site.

    It can also help you manage or redesign it according to your needs. Since the company has strong partnerships with well-known companies, you should expect reliable and consistent services.


    Here are some of the standard features that most business owners enjoy from Flywheel.

    1. Custom configurations

    Like most of the web hosting providers, Flywheel offers at least three hosting plans. These differ when it comes to the amount of disk space and bandwidth available.

    Apart from the standard plans, the web host also provides custom configurations, which makes it easy for you to modify the features of the specific plan you choose. Through custom configurations, you can easily meet the specific needs of your website.

    Thanks to this feature, you can do so many things, such as adding SSL certificates or CDN. You can even customize the cache configurations to boost the speed of your site.

    Working with Flywheel gives you the freedom to host what you want and also manage your site more efficiently through the custom plan.

    2. Managed hosting

    Our Flywheel review targets not only skilled web developers but also those who are new to this. If you are still learning the basics of web hosting, then working with a managed web hosting company can save you a lot of headaches.


    Flywheel is an exceptional company that provides quality WordPress managed hosting for you. This service prevents you from handling any WordPress updates you are not familiar with.

    It also prevents you from incurring more expenses since you will not have to get a professional since the company does most of the tasks on your behalf.

    Flywheel also contains a team of dedicated experts that upgrade the hosted sites from time to time to ensure that they are running smoothly.

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    3. Dashboard

    The company also provides a dashboard that can help you manage numerous WordPress sites. It is a user-friendly feature that gives you the chance to work on different things. For instance, you can upload some files to your website or make a few adjustments according to your preferences.

    The dashboard can even help you manage admin privileges if you want to collaborate with others without necessarily having to share any passwords or usernames with them.

    Apart from its incredible functionality, you will also like the stylish and modern design of the web host’s dashboard.

    Flywheel differs from most of the web hosting companies that make use of software such as cPanel. The company’s panel simplifies the process of managing your accounts since everything is straightforward.

    4. Collaboration feature

    If you are not a DIY website developer, there is a high chance that you will enjoy the available collaboration function that Flywheel offers. This allows you to share your site with the appropriate people, such as your team members.

    Since you have control over who gets access to your website. You don’t have to keep on creating different logins or giving out passwords.

    You only need to make use of the collaboration function for you to add a list of the people you wish to access the site.

    The people get the liberty to manage your website automatically. As soon as they complete their work, you can revoke their access so that you put yourself back in total control.

    5. Disk space

    The disk space that you get from choosing a specific plan from this company is an indicator of the specific number of files you are allowed to upload. If you want more disk space, then you should consider investing in an expensive plan.

    You should, however, let the specific needs of your website help you choose the most appropriate plan. If, for instance, your site contains a lot of pages, or you use content types such as images, videos, or audio clips, you should go for more disk space.

    6. Migration

    Some web developers face a lot of challenges trying to move their sites to a different web host. When you choose to work with Flywheel, you should not have such experiences since the company provides free migration services.


    Go through the migration request form so that you can give out some of the required information, then let the company’s experts handle the rest for you. Once they handle the hard part, you get a chance to review it before publishing.

    The migration process should take at least two days. You should expect some minimal downtime during the transfer of the files. If you want the experts to help you migrate your site to the company’s server for less than 8 hours, you have to pay at least @ 49 for faster migration services.

    7. Cloud platform

    Flywheel works hand in hand with the Google cloud platform to provide high-quality cloud hosting services.  The company keeps on upgrading its hosting infrastructure for the sake of fulfilling the needs of its customers.

    When you choose to work with Flywheel, you can scale the available resources to your website immediately without any limitations. The cloud platform enables you to enjoy a stable hosting environment and fast loading times.

    Cloud hosting differs from the regular hosting in that different computers are linked to create one cloud environment. The cloud is then categorized into different virtual servers. When you choose to work with Flywheel, your website gets hosted on one of the virtual servers.

    Your site gets access to so many resources that are drawn from the different computers that form part of the cloud network. Choosing a cloud hosting platform is better than working with traditional hosting since your site can also enjoy fast loading times.

    The problem with the standard hosting is that your site can easily outgrow the physical server in which it is hosted on. This can affect the performance of your website leading to issues such as slow-loading pages and thus leading to a decrease in conversion rates.

    Though migrating your files to a better server can resolve this, your site may suffer from downtime, which is bad for business. Choosing the cloud hosting platform from Flywheel gives you a better solution since the resources that are available on your website can be scaled automatically.

    Flywheel can easily handle a spike in traffic while at the same time maintaining your site at top-notch speed. Choosing a cloud hosting platform also leads to improved redundancy.

    Since your site gets hosted on an entire network of servers, the cloud network will continue functioning even if one server is offline.

    Apart from updating the hosting infrastructure, Flywheel has also modified its caching technology to give its customers better services. In this Flywheel review, we will discuss further how this caching technology can benefit your website.

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    8. Caching

    When you start a website, one of the crucial factors that you should never ignore is speed. Your site should be able to load in seconds so that your visitors don’t get turned off and use the click back button.

    Research reveals that websites that don’t load within a few seconds tend to experience the highest bounce rates. Working with a web host provider that offers features that can boost the speed of your site is a good step that website owners make.

    Most of them consider Flywheel since it offers a built-in caching system. This feature can enhance the load times of your site so that your visitors don’t get frustrated every time they try to access your content.

    The caching system not only minimizes download times but also boosts server performance. It, therefore, prevents you from looking for extra plugins or caching services that come at additional charges.

    9. Free demo sites

    One of the things that make Flywheel stand out among other WordPress web hosting providers is this developer-friendly feature. The company gives you the liberty to come up with a demo site that is hosted on the company’s subdomain.


    Unlike most of the web hosts that offer their customers free trials and money-back guarantees, Flywheel offers you free demo sites that are more effective. This can help you assess if using managed WordPress hosting is the best choice for your business.

    Before you sign up, feel free to create different test sites as you try out most of the features that the company offers. The feature also gives you the freedom to work on your site’s design before it goes live.

    This can save you time since you don’t have to create a new domain or make any payment since Flywheel does not require your billing information. You, therefore, don’t have any obligation to sign up for the premium plan in the future.

    If you join the referral program and manage to sign up for some of your clients with Flywheel, you can earn a commission. The demo site feature also prevents you from the hassle of having to migrate your site to a different server location.

    Ensure you modify the domain DNS settings so that you can make this demo site available to everyone. You should also get rid of the password.

    10. Flywheel local

    You should also make use of this free tool for you to come up with some local WP websites. Once you have installed the software on your computer, you get a WordPress environment where you can work from.

    According to most of the Flywheel reviews, numerous web developers appreciate the simplicity of this tool. You need to use the appropriate button when you want to share the site with any of your clients.

    This tool is also useful since it allows you to pull any of the hosted sites into the local environment with a single click. It gives you a chance to work on the specific sites offline if you are not yet ready to use the live hosting environment.

    For you to maximize the benefits of the local tool, you should have a lot of space since the download size of this tool is about 500 MB.

    11. Multiple Data Center

    A good web host should have multiple data centers distributed across different locations, and Flywheel does not disappoint when it comes to this.


    It contains datacenters in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. This means that if you have customers in any of these regions, they can have quick access to your site.

    12. Optimized for WooCommerce

    If you are running or plan to start new ecommerce website then Flywheel can be good option for you. Flywheel comes with optimized features for wordpress.


    13. Performance of Flywheel

    If you have been working with a web host before, you probably gauge the performance of a company based on a few factors. One thing that can help you understand how a web host performs is the uptime.


    Before we came up with this flywheel review, we did a lot of extensive research on the company to give you all the detailed information you should have.

    From the research, we discovered that Flywheel fails to provide an uptime guarantee. Though this can be discouraging, you don’t have to worry about the performance of the web host.

    Most of the users that have tested the performance of Flywheel all agree that it delivers as expected. From the use of reliable tools like load impact, Flywheel has high uptime scores of up to 99.995%. Its performance is also unmatched.

    Let’s get into the details.

    Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
    February 2020100%588 msExcellent
    January 2020100%710 msExcellent
    December 201999.99%592 msExcellent
    November 201999.98%674 msExcellent
    October 2019100%775 msExcellent
    September 201999.91%801 msGood
    August 201999.99%654 msExcellent
    July 2019100%569 msExcellent
    June 2019100%587 msExcellent
    May 201999.99%612 msExcellent
    April 201999.92%665 msGood
    March 201999.99%767 msExcellent

    This should give you peace as you host your website with the company since you don’t have to worry about downtime issues. When a site experiences such problems, it makes it hard for the business to progress and can lead to the loss of revenue.
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    14. Security

    With the high rise of security threats, every website owner should work with a web host that can prevent such issues. Flywheel ensures that your site is secure through the incorporation of SSL certificates.


    All of the plans available at Flywheel can support SSL certificates. The company gives you more than one option to help you secure your site.

    You can either consider installing your own or buying from the company at $ 10 per month. If you go with the option of buying the SSL certificates from the company, the tech team can assist you with the entire installation process.

    Apart from SSL certificates, Flywheel also enhances the security of your site through other means. For instance, it monitors your site regularly for any malware and provides free malware removal in the case of such security threats.

    When you subscribe to either of the plans from Flywheel, you get the privilege of automated backup of files every day.

    The web hosting provider can also support 2FA through some of the standard apps such as Google Authenticator.

    15. Customer support

    The support system of a web hosting provider is a crucial factor that determines how long it can last in the competitive industry.


    If you are searching for a web host that is always ready to assist you with numerous issues, then this Flywheel review is for you. The company has an entire team of WordPress experts that are committed to offering quality customer service.

    You can receive support through different options such as live chat, email, support tickets, and phone. Flywheel even gives you the opportunity of sending tweets when you need instant feedback. The wide range of support options allows you to solve hosting-related issues any time, even at night.

    If you don’t want to talk to the company’s representative, you can make use of the numerous resources to get further guidance. Utilize the available knowledge base for you to learn how to expand your business or increase speed to your site. Flywheel gives its customers numerous free eBooks that cover all sorts of topics.

    3 Flywheel Drawbacks, Cons or Disadvantages

    Flywheel is a powerful web hosting platform that has been growing in popularity in recent years. It only offers WordPress hosting, so keep that in mind as we move forward.

    It has received exceptional user reviews praising it, but there are drawbacks to the service.

    1. Managed Security Makes It Impossible to Access SSH

    Flywheel has inbuilt performance and security management that makes it impossible to access Secure Shell.

    It isn’t a problem for the average user, for sure, but for the more tech-savvy person, it may present a problem.

    2. No Built-in Git Deployment

    Flywheel does not come with any sort of built-in git deployment. You are required to set up a DeployHQ account if you haven’t got one already.

    Again, not a problem for the average user, but it can be annoying for a select few web developers.

    3. The Site Does Not Allow You to Buy SSL Certificates

    Flywheel does let you install SSL certificates.

    However, the site does not let you buy them, so you have to source them from an external site.

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    The plans and pricing options

    This company focuses on managed WordPress hosting. Some of the plans that you can choose from include:

    • Starter @ 23 per month
    • Freelance @ 105 per month
    • Agency $ 266 per month

    All of the basic plans from this web host include CDN access and staging environment. You should abide by the limits set for your plans because going beyond this could cause you some overage fees.

    Apart from comparing the plans above, you should also understand all the billing details for you to enjoy your experience. Flywheel gives you different options when it comes to how you can pay for your plan.

    For instance, you can use PayPal or credit card to make the necessary payments. If you choose an annual plan, you also get the option of paying for it by check.

    One of the things that boost the confidence of most new users of Flywheel is the generous refund policy. The company offers hosting without forcing you to commit to any long term contracts.


    If you are not comfortable with the plan you just purchased, you can ask for a refund within 72 hours. This period applies to only monthly customers. Annual customers can also ask for a refund after a month of subscribing to a plan.

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    Pros & Cons

    What are the advantages of choosing Flywheel?

    From the features above, you can already tell that this managed WordPress web hosting company has a lot of merits. Some of them include the following:

    • Free migration
    • Easy to use dashboard
    • Access to IP addresses
    • The company offers emails accounts
    • Automatic backups
    • It scales with the growth of your site
    • No overages charges
    • Offers a staging environment

    Disadvantages of Flywheel

    No one web hosting provider can be perfect. Though Flywheel has a lot of positives, it is flawed in the following aspects:

    • Some people find the plans a bit expensive compared to other WordPress managed web hosts
    • Minimal plugins
    • Since it is meant for WordPress users, it is not the best option when you are not using this CMS

    Final thoughts

    • Company Details



    Operating a website can be challenging without the help of a good web hosting company. If you want to promote the smooth running of your site, you should consider investing in a plan from Flywheel.

    From our Flywheel review, you can see that this is a great web host that offers fast speeds, a great support system, and reliable performance.

    It also provides a lot of useful features such as free demo sites, staging, caching and migration services. Whether you are starting your site or are an established developer, Flywheel has something for you.

    FlyWheel Review

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