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ResellerClub Review

Do you happen to be an entrepreneur, especially a small one, and are searching for an affordable web host for your website?

Web hosting might seem to be an expensive venture, but the good thing is that there are plenty of options at your disposal these days to cater to different entrepreneurs and their needs.

In order for you to get a web host that is satisfactory to your requirements, it is very important to do a basic comparison to what other services have to offer and make a wise decision.

This might be a confusing task because of the sheer variety of providers and all of them offering the similar claim that they will give you the best services – however, this is not the case for all of them.

Selecting the wrong web host is frustrating because it wastes a lot of your time and your resources, but we do not want you to go through these experiences.

This is why we have written this ResellerClub review in order to help you make the best choice.

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    What is ResellerClub?


    This provider is an online presence products provider that is based in India, and offers you a wide array of services.

    The main focus of the company is reseller hosting, which makes it great for entrepreneurs who want to spin a hosting service on a budget, or business owners who want to add services for web hosting.

    With the platform, it is possible to get Cloud, WordPress, shared, CMS, and reseller hosting, as well as dedicated and VPS servers.

    However, this is just a part of what the ResellerClub platform has, because each hosting type has more choices you can use, such as Linux and Windows hosting.

    It is also possible to purchase security, website building and email services, and the platform also has domain and theme purchasing choices.

    The company itself dates back to 1998, and was later acquired in 2014 into the EIG (Endurance International Group).

    This made it join a growing list of hosting services (including Bluehost, HostGator and Constant Contact) that were snapped by the group, and allowed them to achieve their goal of becoming a one-stop shop.

    Their popularity is also quite major, as they have a customer base of more than 200,000 clients in 150 countries, and there are more than 5 million domain names managed on the site.

    ResellerClub Review By Hosting Experts & Users

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    16 ResellerClub Pros or Advantages

    All the plans will vary in premium features and resource distribution, and the general impression is that they give opportunities for affordable hosting at all levels of hosting for general users.


    1. Data Center

    The company is clearly aiming to make hosting easier for the international consumer base, since they have datacenters in 5 countries.

    These are the US (Austin), the UK, Hong Kong, India and Turkey.


    In addition, they have a 2/7 helpline, as well as very cheap prices in US dollars for easier conversion.

    For many people, Linux is a better option compared to Windows, due to the fact that it is cheaper (Linux is an open-source system), and is also good in handling most tasks you need to do.

    However, Windows might be a better option if you want to use a technology stack that is based on Microsoft.

    2. Unlimited Storage

    For both Windows and Linux, the transfers and storage space are unlimited – that is, until you begin to notice that your website is experiencing traffic that is causing drags on the server.

    When it reaches this point, they will tend to cut you off, or require you to start paying for a more advanced plan such as a VPS.
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    3. Cpanel

    When it comes to the Linux hosting platform, note that the control panel it uses is cPanel, and Plesk on the Windows platform.


    4. Perks

    There are some enjoyable advantages you can get from the site’s hosting experience.

    For instance, the shared plans all come with SSH access, which is a feature most other hosting platforms will only give you when you sign up for their dedicated server or VPS plans.

    In addition, you also get easy upgrades just in case you outgrow your current shared plan.

    There are plenty of offerings for web apps, and the usual tools to expect for these – such as Python, PHP, Perl and MySQL.

    5. Python

    The version of Python you will get here is 2.6.6. Even though Python servers have mostly upgraded to version 3, there are plenty of noticeable differences between version 2 and 3 – so the platform offers support for that.

    If you are searching for version 3 though, you can look for other servers that will allow for that.

    6. DDoS protection

    If you have a business that is large enough to use VPS, you are likely to be large enough to attract plenty of DDoS attacks – so the platform offers you protection on this front.

    There are other important security features that come with it, including a ClamAV antivirus and an SSL manager.

    Other expected features


    7. G Suite

    There is plenty of access to G Suite, which is Google’s suite of web applications, which include:

    1. Google forms
    2. Gmail
    3. Google docs (alternative to Free Office)
    4. Google Drive
    5. Google Sites (for site building)
    6. Google Hangouts

    It is possible to get these things for free, but it is important to get a professional email that fits in with your email address.

    Can’t you buy these from Google?

    The platform itself states that you can access G suite from their control panel, once you buy their other offerings.

    This makes them attractive if you are considering operating a virtual business, since it allows you to host your website and connect all your employees on the same site.

    • Email

    You can also get standalone email offers, which will allow you to get emails using custom domain names – very helpful for marketing your business. There are two plans available:

    1. Business – 5 GB storage
    2. Enterprise – 30 GB storage, social integration and collaboration tools

    8. Themes

    If you happen to use CMS, themes will be important to your website.

    There is a wide variety here, as the platform offers more than 1000 plugins, themes and logos that you can purchase.

    Note that the products are single-use, and can only work for a single domain name at any time.

    9. Security

    In order to maintain the safety and security of your website and its content, the platform sells:

    1. SSSL certificates
    2. Backup tools
    3. Website security suites, which will help to find and remove malware

    While some hosting packages will come with some or all these benefits, others will require you to buy missing security features and use them as add-ons.

    10. Site building

    If you are in need of a website builder, our ResellerClub review reveals that it is possible on this platform, as well as accessing Weebly if you wish to.

    They have plenty of plugins that you can use for your site, and the ease of the process will allow you to build your website in minutes.

    If you want to customize your site, they even have a stock library that features more than 85,000 images, and there are extra tools to help connect with your customers – social media integration, e-commerce integration, SEO tools, and blogging functionality.

    11. Security and infrastructure

    There are 2 separate substations that power the datacenters on the site to prevent complete blackouts – 2 of them, each 400 MW. In order to maintain cool temperatures and smooth running, the centers use:

    1. Water cooling systems
    2. Pre-action fire suppression
    3. Feature dry
    4. Accessing the datacenters is highly regulated, and the HVAC is the best in its class.

    12. Multiple Payment Options

    Billing methods will change according to the country, so you should confirm what they want first. For instance, they will accept these methods for customers based in the US:

    1. WebMoney
    2. Credit cards
    3. PayPal
    4. Wire transfers

    Regardless of the method you use to pay, there is a money back guarantee for Reseller hosting, VPS, and shared hosting.


    13. One Click Installer

    At Resellerclub you can install any CMS like wordpress or others in just 1 click. Easy to use.


    14. Migration Service

    Resellerclub will help you transfers your website or blog from another server to Resellerclub’s server. Just follow easy steps to get migration done by experts.


    15. Performance

    On official website of Resellerclub they not told any uptime guarantee. But we have tested them for some time & recorded their server’s uptime.

    Let’s get into the details.

    Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
    February 202099.98%845 msExcellent
    January 202099.99%814 msExcellent
    December 201999.90%746 msGood
    November 201999.97%884 msExcellent
    October 201999.98%749 msExcellent
    September 201999.99%994 msExcellent
    August 2019100%772 msExcellent
    July 201999.84%878 msOk
    June 201999.98%826 msExcellent
    May 201999.99%922 msExcellent
    April 201999.97%879 msExcellent
    March 201999.76%926 msNot Bad

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    16. Support

    Regardless of the uptime you will get from a web hosting provider, there are some times when something might happen and it interferes with the system – for instance, disk crashing of servers.


    It is therefore important to choose a web server that handles issues efficiently, and has a working mechanism for communicating with its customers.

    The support option provided here is a standard ticket filing system, which you can access on their website. You can also reach them through phone calls based in the US, the UK and India.

    However, having a live chat option would be even better, and this is something many users expect because it is a mainstay for other web hosting platforms.

    3 ResellerClub Drawbacks, Cons or Disadvantages

    Reseller club is a mixed bag when it comes to user reviews.

    Ratings range from purely average to the best thing since sliced bread, so it can be hard to properly gauge whether or not this hosting site is for you.

    That being said, we can still comment on some of the drawbacks of the site as a whole, regardless of the general consensus.

    1. Slow Servers

    One of the biggest criticisms thrown at Reseller Club is the poor speeds of its servers.

    The speeds people are reporting are staggeringly low, even for super basic CMS sites.

    When it comes to web hosting, the speeds that the server you’re on provides is perhaps the single most important statistic when it comes to user experience, and having such slow times is a killer for fledgling websites.

    2. Poor Customer Service

    This is another common complaint leveraged against Reseller Club.

    Whereas a lot of different web hosting services struggle in this area with regards to response time, the issue here seems to be with the agents.

    When you’re in the business of selling, that is just something that you cannot afford to have as a company, and the general userbase has let Reseller Club know that.

    3. Buggy Control Panel

    Reports on this issue seem to differ from person to person, but there seems to be a trend of people encountering problems and bugs within the control panel offered by Reseller Club.

    Whether you’re going to see these issues or not remains to be seen, but it’s something to be wary of.

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    Hosting solutions at ResellerClub

    You can get the following, which we will explain in detail below:

    1. Shared hosting
    2. VPS
    3. Dedicated servers
    4. WordPress hosting
    5. Bluehost connection
    6. HostGator connection
    7. Reseller hosting
    • WordPress hosting

    WordPress itself has come a long way – from its beginnings as a purely blogging platform, it is now a CMS (Content Management System).


    Because of the popularity it has, web hosting providers are increasingly offering hosting services for people that want to run a WordPress-based site.

    The case is the same for here – in addition to Bluehost and HostGator, there are various plans that ResellerClub offers for WordPress hosting.

    There are 4 plans you will get, and they will vary in:

    1. Allocation of resources, which include disk storage, CPU cores, and RAM
    2. Number of websites it will support
    3. The maximum number of visits it will support every month

    Regardless of the plan you select, you will get the SiteLock website security tool, unlimited email accounts, and automatic cloud backups.

    If automatic WordPress updates are a major issue for you, the good news is that you can get them on ResellerClub’s WordPress plans, and your site will load quickly as well thanks to the cache. In addition, all plans will support WP-CLI (Command Line Interface), as well as SSH access.

    The SSH accessibility is quite interesting when it comes to WordPress plans in general, because many web hosting providers will only allow WordPress users to maintain their blogs through the control panel on the hosting website.

    Despite all these advantages WordPress plans on the platform have, do take note that they do not have a money-back guarantee from ResellerClub.


    The only exception is when you are using a one-click install version on a cloud server. The other disadvantage is the lack of SSL certificates, forcing you to buy the certificate separately from the plan.

    The SSL certificate is a must when building a proper website, since newer versions of Chrome and other browsers are marking sites that have HTTP as insecure, and you will need to upgrade them to HTTPS.

    If you assume that you can get away with using an existing certificate, this is sadly incorrect – you must generate a certificate on the ResellerClub WordPress hosting panel.

    At the end of the day, this will add additional expenses to your hosting bill, so you might want to reconsider choosing this platform if WordPress hosting is very essential to you.

    • VPS hosting

    If you require a VPS plan, our ResellerClub review also shows that it is possible, and that all the VPS plans are based on Linux systems. You will get a choice between two distributions – CentOS and Ubuntu.

    The pricing for the plans is quite reasonable, and the plan you select will depend on the server security you want. With each upgrade of the tiers, expect to see the increase of the RAM, CPU cores and storage space.

    • Dedicated server


    ResellerClub fortunately has some great plans for dedicated servers – there are 4 plans, and the price begins from $63. All plans have the following benefits:

    1. Excellent add-ons, such as cPanel
    2. Reliable network technology
    3. Full root accessibility
    4. Full management – the platform takes care of all upgrading issues, while you take care of the rest
    5. Instant provisioning – allows you to begin setting up your dedicated server as soon as you pay for the plan
    6. SuperMicro blade chassis – great efficiency in server technology, which helps to improve performance
    7. 99.9% uptime
    8. 30-day money back guarantee
    9. Intuitive dashboard
    10. Support from system admin on a 24/7 basis

    You will make your choice based on the resource capacity and CPU cores you require, similar to any other ResellerClub plan – including the dedicated IP addresses, RAM, supported bandwidth, and disk space.

    Compared to VPS hosting, the ResellerClub review shows VPS is actually a better option because it gives the advantages of dedicated servers without the dedicated server, when you think about it.

    Hardware servers require you to wire things up and install the software and OS – if you happen to buy more servers than you require, you will be stuck with it until the contract time ends.

    Regardless of that, the pricing rates are quite competitive, although they are much more costly compared to VPS – the rates will increase, depending on the server you choose to go for.

    Similar to the VPS option, you get full root access, although you might not need it that much depending on the circumstances.

    Unlike the VPS options though, ResellerClub will only offer fully-managed dedicated servers. They aim to take care of the following, as you take care of the rest:

    1. Installation and management of cPanel
    2. Network
    3. Hardware
    4. Hardening of servers

    Regarding the Operating System, you have a CentOS or Linux, similar to what you would get on their VPS plans.

    Dedicated servers can work for you if you have money to spend and require or want a server that allows you to ‘set it and forget’, like you would for an infomercial product.

    • Reseller hosting

    There are four plans you can select here, and the plans begin from $10.99 per month. The best choice will depend on the disk space you require, and the supported bandwidth limits.

    Regardless of the plan you go for, you will get unlimited numbers of websites, and all plans from R2 and above have a free WHMCS panel to help in easier management of resold accounts.

    Some quick facts about the pricing

    There are three shared hosting plans you can get on the platform, and the most affordable one starts from $2.49 every month, if you pay in advance for 1 to 3 years.

    In the same condition, the Business plan costs $3.49 every month, and the Pro plan goes for $4.49 per month.

    Despite the low price, there is a lot you can get from these plans. Across every offering, there are certain elements you will find in all of them, which are:

    • Access to SSH (dedicated server plans and full root on VPS)
    • 30-day money back guarantee
    • A choice of servers
    • One-click installs
    • Plesk control panel or cPanel

    There is both Windows and Linux hosting available on the site, but we recommend Linux since it is in use by the entire hosting industry – unless you will require a Windows-based server such as Microsoft SQL or Exchange.

    The plans to expect are:

    1. Shared hosting

    All the plans come with data transfer, unlimited disk space, and email accounts.


    The only difference in them is the number of domains they can support; for instance, the Pro plan supports an unlimited domain number, while the Personal plan supports one domain only.

    In addition, you can also choose to have the site hosted in the UK or the US, depending on your preferences. The prices start at $2.49 (priced in Indian Rupees).

    These plans are:

    • Linux shared hosting –

    Includes MySQL, Python and PHP development tools, SSH access, choice of CentOS or Ubuntu, datacenters in the US, UK and India, unlimited transfers, 30-day money back guarantee, and unlimited storage and bandwidth.

    • Windows hoisting –

    Depending on the plan, you will have a different number of domains. The personal plan supports one domain, business plan supports 5 domains, and Pro plan supports 10 domains.

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    2. VPS hosting

    Regarding the VPS plans, there are 4 tiers to expect:

    • Standard – starts at $5.99 a month, payable per year.
    • Business – starts at $9.99 per month
    • Pro – starts at $22.49 per month
    • Elite – starts at $31.49 per month.

    The maximum available resources for all the plans are:

    • Storage of 240 GB
    • RAM of 8 GB
    • Four CPU cores
    • Bandwidth of 3 TB

    Similar to the shared plans, you will get cPanel control panel for free, and the standard VPS feature of full root access.

    All the VPS plans on this platform are semi-managed, with the platform taking care of hardware patches and upgrades and you taking care of the rest.

    However, unlike many hosting platforms that offer managed VPN hosting, ResellerClub does not have the feature – this can be a major drawback for you, unless system administration is something you enjoy.

    Pros & Cons


    • It has a wide array of hosting services at competitive pricing
    • You can choose between Windows or Linux
    • You can select from Plesk, cPanel, and user friendly control panels, depending on the plan
    • Very good performance
    • Good ticketing support


    • Lacks complimentary backups
    • Does not include a free domain name
    • Lacks Live Chat options



    There are also some hosting opportunities that you can get here, and it is a great VPS provider in their own right. Keep in mind that it is actually more affordable to go with Bluehost through the basic VVPS plan for ResellerClub.

    The platform also has a fourth tier to the VPS offerings that Bluehost has, and this can tip the scales in the favor of ResellerClub.


    The company does not just offer you reseller hosting, they also have HostGator plans to add on that.

    It is possible to get a markup on the prices, in addition to the 45-day money back guarantee you get from HostGator, compared to the ResellerClub’s 30-day money back guarantee.

    Final thoughts

    • Company Details



    In conclusion, our ResellerClub review shows that it is a good service, and the things that it has going for it are its excellent uptime and performance, as well as the quick support.

    However, it is not the best – the lack of live chat and extensive packages are a downside. It will serve you well though if you value performance over everything else.

    ResellerClub Expert Rating:
    • Features
    • Performance
    • Ease Of Use
    • Uptime
    • Price/Value
    • Reliability & Support
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    ResellerClub Review
    The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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