MailerLite Coupon (Dec 2023): Deals & Discount (Review, 15 Pros & 2 Cons)

Mailerlite Review

At only 9years old MailerLite has risen to become one of the most successful email marketing providers offering simple yet powerful solutions to help people grow their businesses.

Getting through the MailerLite (ML) approval algorithm is not an easy task and many people are not happy with being rejected.

Communication with the email marketing service provider after rejection bears no fruits, which makes the customers move to other providers.

This is a head-scratcher given that they have a twelve-member customer support team that works 24/7.

Well, nothing is perfect and we don’t expect ML to be, however, other users who have successfully run their email marketing campaigns via the provider’s interface are happy and satisfied with the services.

They have an easy to use yet sophisticated interface and both new and advanced users will have an easy time engaging with its features.

MailerLite Dec 2023 Deals & Coupons

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30% Off On Your First Order

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    What is MailerLite?


    MailerLite is a cloud email marketing platform with over half a million users around the Globe.

    They pride themselves for giving users the chance to create and send newsletters for free with their “forever free plan,” and also provide seamless email marketing experience for their customers.

    The company is composed of a large team that consists of management, customer support, a team that handles deliverability, design, and development among others.

    And unlike other email marketing service providers, MailerLite ensures to keep their user interface simple with advanced features that offer long-term success.

    MailerLite Review By Experts & Users


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    15 MailerLite Pros or Advantages

    MailerLite has six broad features and each of them can be broken down to reveal other more advanced features. Let us sample and analyze some of the most significant ones.

    1. MailerLite Delivery Feature

    Email or text messages getting into your phone at night while you struggle to get some sleep are very annoying, not to talk of phone calls.

    Some service providers do not give you the option of managing your email delivery time given that your clients come from different time zones around the world.

    MailerLite enables you to reach your subscribers in their specific time zone around the globe.

    Therefore, if you send your customers email messages at 2 am, do you honestly expect them to get up and engage with them to the point of clicking the call to action button?

    That is not possible, unless if they work night shifts or are not in bed for some special reason but even then, your messages will be deleted and you will most probably be blocked.

    With MailerLite however, you are able to set a delivery time that resonates with the different subscriber time zone to enhance engagement and conversion.

    The Real-Time map report by MailerLite shows you how the email campaigns that you are sending travel in real-time around the world and you can, therefore, get the campaign metrics of different regions by hovering over the different time zones.

    2. The Create Campaigns feature

    To create a campaign with MailerLite you will have to use the Drag and Drop Editor designed for newsletters.

    The pre-built blocks can be used with different designs, social media, video or dynamic content, and the only hard job that you will be doing is selecting a pre-designed block and customizing it to suit your brand.

    Product-based business people or e-commerce site owners usually have a hard time marketing their goods because service providers do not allow them to include images of their products on their email messages.

    Despite the fact that the featured products might take longer to download, they do carry some effective marketing potential.

    MailerLite lets you insert products into your newsletters and send follow-up emails to appreciate your customers while recommending similar products to what they initially purchased.

    Whereas, the dynamic content enables an account holder to create a newsletter with some sections visible to a segmented group of subscribers. The feature, therefore, blocks out a specific group of audience.

    Email and Social Media marketing go hand in hand and the MailerLite editor gives you the option of inserting social media content into your email messages.

    You can also integrate posts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Since many users access their email messages via mobile phones, you will need to create messages that are responsive when viewed from different devices.

    3. The Custom HTML Email Editor

    The feature enables coding gurus to code their own newsletters, however, the cloud-based service provider’s HTML email editor, which is user-friendly and comes with special features such as autosave and the preview mode.

    You can also import images from a URL or ZIP, which will be saved in your file manager.

    There is nothing as bad as sending your customers an inconclusive newsletter, the best practice requires that you preview your HTML before sending.

    MailerLite lets you accomplish all the above but in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about sending mediocre newsletters.

    The additional automatic CSS Inliner lets you improve your HTML code, and ensures that your email messages are appealing to your clients.

    In addition, the custom HTML editor lets you preview your emails by switching the preview mode feature, which shows you how your emails will appear on either a desktop or a mobile phone.

    4. Support

    The MailerLite support team members are youthful and have strict guiding principles when it comes to dealing with their esteemed clients, some of which are physical and mental preparation before beginning any work processes to enhance positivity.

    Being empathic and understanding the mindset of their customers and rendering an acute ear to customer queries and seeking clarification when needed.

    MailerPro users don’t have to queue to get support services while other users are attended to via chat and email support.

    Their knowledgebase contains answers to some of your queries and you can also use it to better understand how to customize your account.

    Lastly, support is available 24/7 and users have also been provided for with video tutorials.

    5. Subscriber-based Pricing

    Mailerlite uses a pricing scheme that is based on the number of subscribers that you have. If you have 1000 subscribers or less, you can even benefit from using the free plan that is available.

    Of course, there is also a paid plan at this level, but there is no free plan available if you have at least 1001 subscribers.

    The plans available all make considerations for different contexts based on the kind of traffic and the needs of your business.

    Search flexible pricing ensures that the spend that you make is directly proportionate to what you need.

    6. Useful Add-ons

    This is another one of the reasons that Mailerlite is unique in its pricing.

    Many other email marketing services roll various bells and whistles into the pricing of the membership, which inflates the said prices.

    Instead of going that route, Mailerlite keeps membership pricing at a level that is based on the features you need to reach your customers.

    If you wish for additional benefits, then you can buy individual add-ons for a separate price. These include MailerPro, SitesPro, and a dedicated IP offering.

    Each of these offers quality of life benefits that enhance the default experience of your membership.

    7. Developer API Offering

    Mailerlite makes its API available to developers for use in different site environments.

    There is extensive documentation available, which covers all the required information, such as how API calls and requests are handled.

    The API is RESTful, and it sits on HTTP. Using the API does not require a third-party library, as you can simply use whatever HTTP/REST library you wish for your programming language.

    The documentation is concise, and Mailerlite commits to continuous improvements based on various changes and feedback provided.

    Note that there is also a platform that allows you to provide such feedback.

    8. Campaign Tracking

    Getting your campaigns set up and having required correspondence sent to your audience is only a part of the battle. The true measure of success in email marketing is based on your results.

    Thankfully, Mailerlite offers you various insights that you can use to evaluate your performance against your KPIs.

    This allows you to create a situation where you can use every email as a platform to learn and adjust.

    There are various custom reports, clickable maps, and surveys available. You can use all these things to gain a better understanding of how the customer base feels about your offerings.

    9. Integrations

    The Mailerlite platform is a powerful one for creating and executing your email marketing strategy.

    A big part of the reason that the platform achieves its objectives so well is the rich feature set that is available for your use.

    However, strong integration capability is also another substantial piece of the puzzle.

    When you implement email marketing, it should support other technologies that form a part of your business strategy.

    Mailerlite does this by supporting integration with some of the most popular web services that are used. These include WordPress, Evernote, Basecamp, Slack, etc.

    10. Email Marketing Mobile Platform

    Recent times have called for a lot of web-based technologies to be easily accessible and usable from mobile devices.

    This makes it possible to achieve various tasks on the go, which allows for eventual time savings.

    The email marketing arena is not excluded from this, as mobile-based campaign management allows for a heightened level of convenience.

    To this end, Mailerlite has provided an iOS application to allow its users to make changes and review performance using their mobile devices.

    This means that you can enjoy a smooth-running campaign from just about anywhere.

    11. Mailerlite Blog

    There is no price that can be used to value information. The Mailerlite blog is a great source of data for the purpose of learning.

    Not only can you learn more about maximizing the potential of the Mialerlite platform, but you also get insights on tips and tricks that are applicable to the general discipline of email marketing.

    The information on the blog is divided into several categories, such as tips and resources, news features and updates, Partner posts, and remote culture.

    You can also filter to view the latest posts made on the blog if you wish.

    12. Intuitive Platform

    One of the top reasons for using the Mailerlite platform is the refreshing and simple experience you are presented with as you craft and modify your campaigns.

    The idea behind the design of Mailerlite is to encapsulate deep functionality into an interface that truly feels “light.”

    The service provider states that extra steps are taken to ensure that the tools are easy to use, regardless of the extent of complexity attached to the underlying technology.

    This creates an undeniable sense of comfort with the platform, so you can focus on reaching your customers instead of a difficulty curve.

    13. Knowledge Base

    Apart from the blog, the Mailerlite knowledge base is a great way to promote your need for learning.

    The more information you collect about the platform, the better you become at squeezing out all the functionality for your benefit.

    The information that you can find in the knowledge base is extensively organized for easy accessibility. Additionally, you can learn based on your comfort preference.

    While there is a lot of reading material that you can browse, there are also video tutorials that are present, so you can see what you are being taught in action.

    14. Webinar Learning

    If you want an even greater opportunity to learn apart from the blog and the knowledge base, then consider checking out the Mailerlite webinar page.

    This provides you with a live platform and experience to learn about both Mailerlite and email marketing.

    There are valuable tips and insights, which are brought to you along with an open Q&A platform to address your concerns.

    Additionally, all webinars are made available for playback. The topics are vast, and they can help to take you from beginner to expert. This means that you can reach your desired audience even more efficiently.

    15. Migration

    Mailerlite is not everyone’s introduction to the world of email marketing. It is incredibly likely that you once used a different platform, and you wish to migrate your data to Mailerlite.

    Of course, if you were to undertake such an operation by yourself, it could take a very long time, and you risk disrupting the integrity of your data.

    Thankfully, Mailerlite has a migration feature to help you move your data from alternative platforms.

    All you need to do is make a migration request, which the support team handles to help you get started with your information intact.

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    Quick Pros & Cons


    • Offers free 14day trial for premium users and a forever free feature
    • Affordable pricing plans
    • Support is available 24/7
    • Easy to use interface


    • Lacks complex automation
    • Standard reporting tools

    Is MailerLite user-friendly?

    The MailerLite interface is intuitive and some of its key features are easy to use. Upon getting a MailerLite account you will need about four features to kick start your email marketing campaign.

    Some of which are result tracking, the feature lets you track your email campaign efforts and how subscribers engage with your pages and emails.

    The report that you will get from result tracking includes the number of bounces, spam complaints and the unsubscribe counts. Under MailerLite you will also be able to see the number of people that have opened your email newsletters or clicked on your links.

    You can also customize your email campaign messages to correctly fit in the devices that your subscribers are fond of using when reading your emails.

    To this end, MailerLite provides you with information on how many people are opening your newsletters via their desktops, and Smartphones.

    The MailerLite software shows you the links on your newsletters that were popular and can even break it down for you by letting you know who clicked on what link.

    Another key feature that you will need once you purchase a MailerLite plan is the email automation option.

    The automated emails that you will create in your account will help guide your subscribers as they engage with your page this, therefore, means that you will have to set up a workflow targeting the right customer to the point of conversion.

    Strong bonds will also be forged under this feature because you will be able to communicate with each subscriber.

    You can also send exclusive offers with regard to a client’s behavior in your site; email personalization is also possible here.

    When you tag your subscribers to segments, you can then generate personal emails that resonate with their interests.

    The Subscriber list management

    lets you filter, add and organize your subscribers in one place, this also includes managing interest groups and the segment list. The MailerLite API integration and sign up forms lets you collect subscribers.

    You can then upload the email lists through their TXT, copy/ paste or CSV right from Excel. Their software easily recognizes all the fields and enables you to organize them.

    I initially mentioned you could filter subscribers in your MailerLite account, well the cloud-based company provides you with a real-time subscriber filter tool.

    And here you will customize the filter option with regards to the interest groups, time zone, automation workflows and signup date among others.

    Custom fields are a vital feature when managing your subscriber list, MailerLite therefore, lets you add and store relevant data concerning your subscribers by using different data fields as you wish.

    Remember the more information you have about your customers the easier it becomes to create interest groups and segments.

    You are also free to update the profiles of your customers and even modify subscription settings. The GDPR functionality provided by the email marketing solutions provider enables you to address your subscriber’s rights to various information.

    Lastly, there is campaign reporting and here you can turn text, and images to popup, you will also access the refer a friend feature, quick start a campaign, have an overview of your forms, landing pages and edit email notifications.

    The list of what you can possibly do with the campaign reporting option is endless but also very significant to the success of your online business.

    Pricing plans and options

    MailerLite premium features come complete with a free 14-day trial, to get you well accustomed to your account as you launch your email marketing campaign.

    The premium plans are charged monthly and they go up according to the number of subscribers that you have in your account.

    For starters, if you only have 1,000 subscribers you can use their forever free account, although with limited features and 12,000 emails per month.

    All premium plans get unlimited emails every month and all the advanced features. The most expensive plan, therefore, goes for $50 and can contain up to 10,000 subscribers.

    There is the $30 priced plan with up to 5,000 subscribers and the affordable $15 dollar plan that allows you, 2,500 subscribers.

    The cheapest plan goes for $10 and that is if you want to access more advanced option that are missing in the forever free plan because the package allows you only 1,000 subscribers.

    Initially on the section under the “other features,” I extensively analyzed the services that you will be able to access via the MailerPro, and given the sophistication of the features therein, you will have to part with at least $100 per month to access the services.

    Another Add-on that is unique to your email marketing campaign strategy is the Dedicated IP, and at $ 50 you will be able to improve your deliverability by isolating your accounts sending reputation.

    The service is best suited for users who send about 50,000 email messages per week.

    Who are the users of MailerLite?

    • Small Businesses

    You might find this concept interesting; According to MailerLite B2B is no longer a thing but rather human to human?

    So when you are creating a newsletter for your business with a catchy headline but no face and name, it becomes hard to earn the trust of your subscribers, because they don’t know who they are talking to, so be sure to include one in your business newsletter.

    Offering misleading information in your newsletter is one of the quickest ways of killing your small business.  Customers appreciate good content and your emails wouldn’t be deleted on arrival if you are genuine.

    The products and services that you offer at times might need a description and an elaboration of how they work, therefore, be sure to offer a well researched and informative content.

    If you plan on staying in business for a long time, MailerLite insists that you engage your audience. Email marketing is not just about pitching your product or service but also selling your brand.

    Therefore, don’t bore your visitors and customers with pitches, instead engage them in conversations about interesting topics that concern your product or service.

    • Bloggers or Website Owners

    Blogging is fun because you get to explore and learn as you offer bits of valuable information to your followers.

    In today’s world blogging is a full-time job, and if you intend to start out as one, make sure you find a good service provider that will provide you with the appropriate marketing tools.

    A seamless marketing tool is essential for both you and your user’s satisfaction.

    Blogging requires passion for you to be able to come up with great content on a daily basis; your visitors and followers expect constant updates from you, which also ensures that you stay relevant in the blogosphere.

    Now, after you have found your online niche and are excited about starting your new blog, you could adopt MailerLite as it will help you scale up.

    Instagram and Facebook are some of the social platforms that bloggers use to grow their followers and it could work for you too.

    The disadvantage, however, is that Instagram carries out an inactive user clean up and the Facebook algorithms also changes. The real problem is that this process will carry with it some of the followers that you had already garnered.

    The third-party controls on your blog could, however, be obliterated with an email list. MailerLite enables you to engage your followers via email marketing and the service also lets you collect followers through the opt-in feature, while conversing with them directly.

    There is no limit to the number of visitors that you can attract or engage.

    MailerLite discourages users from purchasing services that are designed for big businesses; bloggers are therefore advised to stick to features that resonate with their objective.

    Some of the MailerLite features provided for bloggers include beautiful templates that you can tweak without any coding knowledge.

    Others are converting Landing pages and email pop-ups that will help increase your subscriber’s list, automated email series that can be sent to your segment list without strain.

    The tools should be Web-based to enable you to access your account from anywhere in the world. MailerLite has an extensive knowledge base that will help you create a perfect newsletter concept for your blog, check it out here.

    • Freelancers

    MailerLite sure does stand out with its partner program that caters for freelancers, designers, and agencies.

    Now, this unique service is rarely found among different email marketing service providers, but don’t forget that the whole point why MailerLite runs this program is to help your business grow even as a freelancer.

    The reason why the services that you offer will convert is that MailerLite will ensure that your business profile goes viral and is viewed by different companies around the Globe.

    They will also list you in their expert directory where other MailerLite customers can easily locate and request for your services.

    Most importantly is that you will get leads directed to your inbox and it is totally up to you to decide on the project that you want to undertake.

    As a new freelancer, it might take you a lot of time and money before you build a credible reputation among online customers.

    But not to worry because MailerLite will brand your account with a MailerLite expert seal, which will help build trust and credibility.

    Online customers have to see proof of your abilities before they can hire you, MailerLite therefore, will help expose your potential, by giving you a chance to contribute in the MailerLite blog. Now, this is an opportunity that many freelancers look for in the real world.

    Most people go through the hardships of getting approved to guest post in various prominent websites. A hardship that MailerLite has gladly lifted off your shoulders as you will be allowed to share your email marketing expertise in their platform.

    Another advantage that you will be exposed to as a freelancer is the 24/7 support service from the MailerLite partners.

    Final thoughts

    • Company Details



    MailerLite comes recommended for small business owners, bloggers, and freelancers.

    They have provided their users with simple but significant features that ensure conversions for their online marketing campaigns.

    With only 9years in the saturated email marketing business, they do offer affordable services for all the paid plans apart from the MailerPro that is a bit expensive but with great services.

    Mailerlite Review

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