How To Know You Have Passion Of Blogging: Passionate Bloggers Tips

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How To Know You Have Passion Of Blogging Passionate Bloggers Tips

Blogging has become a global phenomenon.

People all over the world have something to say, or something to share with the rest of the world.

And what better way to do so other than blogging?

It gives people a platform where they can write articles and share their thoughts and views on sites and even on social media platforms.

Undoubtedly, starting out a new blog can be a daunting task, especially when you are new to it and have no prior experience related to it.

Most bloggers agree that the starting out phase is indeed one of the toughest parts.

However, what drives people to write blogs is simply their passion to write, and share their own unique experiences, thoughts, skills and ideas with the rest of the world.

When bloggers are passionate about writing, blogging becomes the most important thing for them.

So how can we know that the blogger really is passionate about their blog?

The way to differentiate between a truly passionate blogger and someone who blogs only for commercial reason can be gauged by the factors mentioned below:

Keen to learn new things

Most truly passionate bloggers that start out with their blogs are very new ta it.

Most of them have no professional training but just love to write.

Majority of the bloggers share that they had no clue of what SEO and other terms where and they eventually learnt these blogging terms as they became experienced with the blogging platform.

The passionate bloggers learn new things and are willing to learn new concepts with a positive attitude towards blogging.

Blogging takes them to another world

If you think blogging can take you into another realm or another world altogether, then you are passionate about blogging.

People like these forget everything when they sit in front of their computer and start typing.

Many find solace in writing as everyone has ups and downs in life.

Most people try to pen it down into their blogs and it gives them joy or relief to share their experiences and struggles with the world.

Others seek refuge from their problems in life by writing about things unrelated to their lives.

It works differently for everyone and when you have a passion for blogging you know what will work best for you.

You do not care about time

Every blog has a theme.

Whether you are great cook, an exceptional mom or a DIY enthusiast, everyone has something unique about their blog.

When you are passionate about blogging, then you do not care how much time it takes you writing about it.

You may also take extra time to research on the topics of your interest so when you do write about them, you will have plenty of information that you can share with your readers.

For example, if you are mom blogger and have read about a latest theory about soothing kids to sleep, or a new toy with controversies, you may want to research about it thoroughly before you give your own two cents about it.

Not only does it help you grow as a person and become more informed, but when you are passionate about your blog, you spend extra time preparing for your blog rather than simply writing about it.

Money takes a backseat

Nobody denies that money is surely a driving force and a motivating factor for anything.

When you do start out blogging however, many people are not even aware that it can pay you or how much it can pay you.

Those who are truly passionate about blogging take money to be a secondary factor and focus only on those things which they want to do, rather than what they should do.

Blogging helps people to grow as a person, learn new things and concepts and if you are writing while being passionate about it, then money will end up following you, rather than you following the money.

Your aspirations

Most of us have had aspirations to be something which we are not.

When you were growing up, maybe you wanted to be an artist or a writer or a fashion designer.

But then life intervened and you ended up working for in a retail or corporate position.

If you secretly miss your passion, then through your blog you can rediscover your joy in it.

Writing and informing people about things goes a long way and once you have published your blog, it will always be there for the world to see.

When you are passionate about blogging, it shows in your words, in the intensity of your thoughts and eventually it will end up making a difference which you may be trying to achieve through your words.


Another important factor present in the blogs of those who are passionate bloggers is fearlessness.

Their blog is everything to them and they are fearless about it.

They do not care about how many people view or do not view it.

They are concerned about getting their thoughts across and write whatever means to them, without worrying about what will people say or think about it.

You may also be passionate about blogging if you feel you have that spark that makes you fearless about your opinions.

Last words

Blogging is different for everyone. Even though the above factors will give you an idea about what factors which shows the passion for blogging but they may also be different for different people.

One passionate blogger, who may have started out simply as a writer conveying his or her thoughts may have discovered the monetary compensation down the road and realized that it makes them ‘more’ passionate about their blog!

Another might have found the viewership or the audience as their driving force which makes them more passionate about appealing to a large audience.

As such, there is no one way of judging how passionate a blogger is, their thoughts, opinions and their views are enough to explain what blogging means to them!

How To Know You Have Passion Of Blogging Passionate Bloggers Tips
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