17 Tips To Boost Motivation for Blogging – Become Successful Blogger

Tips To Boost Motivation for Blogging Become Successful Blogger

Blogging is basically making an identity in the electronic space where the blogger’s opinion matters to certain audience segment.

It’s the canvas to give wings to your thoughts.

Blogging is an activity which requires self-motivation the most. There are days when you as a blogger may feel up to it to write a post.

Unless you motivate your own self, you will not be able to translate thoughts into words.

1. Sincerity in Blogging

If blogging is a passion for you, it means you are doing something that pleases you.

You are writing something that appeals to you. Honest opinions are what makes blogging an instant hit.

So writing about something close to your heart in your own sweet style is a big motivator.

2. Revisit your Blogging Goals

If you already have set some goals before commencing on goals, then at frequent intervals you need to revisit them and check whether you are on track.

If needed, revise your goals accordingly.

3. Set up a Blogging Schedule

Long hours and odd hours of blogging will affect your health in the long run.

Also, it will have an adverse effect on your work life balance. This indirectly will reduce your creativity and productivity.

So plan your blogging time and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

4. Go step by step

A blog is a continual communication. And what best way other than having building blocks – one post leading to the other.

There should be a flow that makes the reader want to repeatedly visit your blog.

5. Shield yourself from negativity

For a beginner, blogging could be a commercial activity or a hobby activity. The comments of readers will give you a feel of the connection or impact that your post has had on the reader.

Positive feedback from the readers automatically will boost your self-confidence.

Of course, blogging is not going to be always a bed of roses. There would be readers who disagree with you.

Hostile comments, negative comments are bound to erupt as thorns on this path.

But if there is sincerity in your blog, you should be able to garner more positive comments.

Negative comments should not distract you from your passion. Take criticisms at face value.

6. Reduce checking others social media updates

Constantly monitoring your blog to look for feedbacks may not be a good idea.

Adopt a healthy practice of checking at some specific periods in a day.

Following social media updates of fellow bloggers can give you an inferiority complex when it comes to the frequency of posting updates.

Let this not distract you from your core strength that is blogging with feeling.

7. Change your Blogging Environment

Blogging at the same location always sometimes may be the culprit behind your lack of enthusiasm.

A change of location may work wonders on your creativity.

Keep changing your blogging environment from time to time and see the difference.

8. Devise an Improvement Plan

Maybe you could chalk out an improvement plan. Define clear targets to be achieved.

Technological improvements may be needed to invest some time in developing skills needed to achieve the same. Maybe learn techniques to promote your blog.

This improvement plan needs to be time bound so that its effectiveness can be measured.

9. Fellow bloggers can be a source of inspiration

You can learn a lot from other bloggers.

Occasionally read through their blogs and try to see what new things you can learn. You may be able to spot improvement areas for yourself.

Make some friends who are also bloggers so that they can motivate you to work harder.

Having a support system creates a sense of accountability.

Try to make friends within your niche because they can understand your struggles and help you solve problems.

You can find other bloggers in your field through social media groups such as Twitter or Facebook.

10. Take some time to reflect

Blogging is a journey and reflecting back as you think about your progress can motivate you to achieve your goals.

Whether you have been posting articles for a month or a year, it is always good to reflect on your progress. Since it is a learning process, you may have grown intellectually and improved your writing skills.

By reflecting, it helps you imagine what the future holds for your blogging activity.

This should boost your motivation as a blogger as you anticipate for better days in the future.

11. Promote your blog

Many bloggers lack the motivation to move forward because of not seeing any progress in their work. The lack of promoting their work can cause this.

Blogging should be a platform to engage your readers and encourage participation in different conversations.

You can do this by promoting your work on different platforms through the use of online tools.

Share content regularly and encourage readers to leave their comments, like and subscribe.

Such engagement can help you know what is working and what is not.

12. Avoid focusing on material gain

People blog for different reasons and sometimes, the reason could be to gain revenue from your content.

In as much as this a motivation, blogging for material gain can make you lose focus.

Instead of looking to gain a large following or money, blog because it makes you happy.

Use the platform as your space to write on topics that you are passionate about.

With time, people who share the same mind-set will start following you as long as you continue delivering high-quality content.

Let your passion guide you to make content without thinking about what you can gain from it.

13. Remain consistent

If you are consistent in your blogging, you can easily boost motivation and make blogging fun.

It takes discipline for you to be a successful blogger.

You need to set precise periods to perform different activities.

For instance, decide which days you are going to publish new posts and which days you will use to conduct more research on different topics.

Be consistent in your writing style so that readers can easily distinguish you from the rest of the bloggers in your niche.

14. Work on your content

In as much as words have an impact on readers, sometimes, breaking the monotony can motivate you as a blogger.

Once in a while, include video or images in your blog in place of words.

Such adjustments are good for both you and your audience.

15. Take a break

Most bloggers spend a lot of time on their laptops brainstorming ideas and creating content and forget about other aspects of their lives.

This is wrong since it can lead to demotivation.

In as much as you are working hard to be the best blogger in your niche, you need a break once in a while.

Take a vacation if you have to and leave your working environment for some time.

Being away helps you see things from a different perspective since you have enough time to rest and interact with people outside of work.

You can get a lot of ideas out there which can help you improve your blog posts.

16. Survey your readers

Sometimes, bloggers lack ideas, and surveying readers can boost your motivation.

Don’t be afraid to survey your readers since this can help you gain a better understanding of your audience.

When you know the needs of your people, you can easily create content that fulfils their needs and solves their problems.

You can do this by asking your readers’ questions directly.

17. Attend events and blog conferences

Do not spend a whole year without attending a blog conference.

Such opportunities can help you interact with experts in your field and other bloggers on a personal level.

You can gain a lot of ideas from events through sharing information with others.


Everything takes time to grow. Treat your blog as a plant which needs all the nutrients for healthy growth.

Like a good gardener watch your blog grow.

Occasionally prune it and make the environment favorable. The nutrients are your thoughts which need to be cultivated carefully.

In case your blog growth is getting hindered, implement corrective solutions. There are no quick fixes for instant success. This can happen when there is constant learning.

Learning not in the literal sense always.

Observing your environment will help you identify whether there is something in it for you write about.

All you need to remember is that patience, consistent hard work, and dedication shown by you will help you reap dividends later.

Tips To Boost Motivation for Blogging Become Successful Blogger

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