How to Make Safe Your Blog and Prepare for Different Blogging Emergencies

How to Make Safe Your Blog and Prepare for Different Blogging Emergencies

Blogging is one of the most profitable online businesses to date. As of 2013, the number of active and running blogs has reached over 150 million.

And on top of that, the highest-ranking blogs can earn up to 1 million US dollars per month.

It’s no wonder why many internet users delve into blogging even if they’re not writers by heart.

The idea of monetizing blogs is enough to encourage anyone to start blogging just about anything.

But, since blogging is still a business, not everyone can meet success.

To make a blogging business a success, the blogger should have the mind of a businessman. When you care for your business, you know that writing blog posts on a daily basis aren’t enough to make it grow.

A businessman should be able to plan ahead and prepare for anything unexpected, such as blogging emergencies.

The failure to address blogging emergencies is the main reason why many blogs fail.

If a blogging emergency goes undetected or unrecognized by the blogger, disaster follows. Then the blog will fall.

But how exactly can you prepare for blogging emergencies? And how do you know if it’s an emergency?

Find out below.

Recognizing Different Blogging Emergencies

There are different kinds of blogging emergencies. The only thing common about them is that they threaten your blog’s well-being.

If your blog has a good Page Rank, ignoring an emergency will result in losing that rank.

If your blog has a steady stream of subscribers, you’ll likely lose them if you fail to solve an emergency.

The following are the common blogging emergencies that can cost you your whole blog:

1. Cyber Crimes

Cyber crimes, such as hacking and data theft, are emergencies that you need to guard against.

If a hacker gains access and control over your website and all your data, they can do the following:

  • They can wipe out your whole blog
  • They can steal your subscribers’ data
  • They can use your blog or identity to commit other crimes
  • They can tamper with your account and blog settings
  • They can steal from you by changing your blog’s payment details
  • They can plant malware that could also infect your subscribers

If you don’t guard against any unauthorized access to your blog, you might lose everything in a flash.

2. Delayed Updates

A major attribute of blogs is that new blog posts are added on a regular basis. The frequency of posts is what keeps readers and subscribers hooked on to your blog.

If you fail to create new content in time because of other matters, you’ll disappoint your readers.

When your readers get disappointed, they tend to lose interest in your blog. And when they lose interest, they’ll stop reading your blog and follow another blogger.

That is why delayed updates are emergencies to need to prepare for.

3. Loss of Revenue

The revenue loss is a common effect of losing your subscribers.

Once you notice that your blog revenue is dropping, you’ll know that your blog is already sinking.

This emergency is probably the most extreme, especially if your blog is your main source of income.

Preparing for Emergencies

There are many ways for you to prevent blogging emergencies from sinking your blog.

You only need to prepare and maintain everything in place.

  1. Create back-ups.

There are two things you need to have back-ups for–your whole blog and your blog posts.

Backing up your blog using at least two different back-up sites will help you save your blog from hackers. You only need to make sure that you update your back-ups on a regular basis.

Also, compiling a set of back-up blog posts will help you avoid missing out on your posting schedule. This is crucial especially when you won’t be able to write posts for an extended period of time.

  1. Invite Guest Bloggers

When life gets in the way and you find yourself unable to write, your best ally would be guest bloggers.

By inviting guest bloggers to post on your blog for a set schedule, you can buy yourself some time to work things out.

Also, guest posting fosters a trusting relationship between bloggers and brings fresh ideas to your readers.

  1. Seek Out Partners or Buyers

In business, working with partners makes profiting easier and bigger.

To avoid problems in revenue, you should seek out interested partners or buyers while your blog is still doing well.

Aside from seeking partners and buyers, you should also dedicate time to learn more about managing your blog’s finances.

In case you choose to maintain full control over your blog, you should put more effort into marketing your blog.

You must know that every measure is important. Don’t overlook the small things and make sure to always keep your guard up.

Blogging may be profitable, but it’s also a very sensitive market due to dense competition.

If you’re not careful with how you run your blog and deal with emergencies, all your hard work will go to waste.

  1. DDoS Attacks

The full form of DDoS is Distributed Denial-of-Service. Here we know something more about DDoS Attacks.

  • What is DDoS Attack?

DDoS Attack is something like a cyber-attack. That seek for temporary down the sever of particular blog or website.

This means to down your server the DDoS Attacks are used.

From Where DDoS Attack Comes?

DDoS Attack can be made by anyone to your blog or website. Because it’s not too hard to give DDoS Attacks to someone’s web server.

But you know the main thing?

The main thing is that DDoS Attacks are basically coming from one of your competitors or the people who jealous of your blog or website.

  • For How Many Time DDoS Attack Will Live?

This depends on the person who makes DDoS Attack to down your web server. There is no time limit of this attack.

  • What is Loss of DDoS Attack?

The DDoS Attack will down your blog or website and when your visitors try to visit your site then it will load with an error like “Server Not Found” or something else.

You will lose many of the traffic & trust of your visitors.

One main loss of DDoS Attack is that if you continue getting this attack and your blog down for a long time then you also loss search engine rankings.

Because Google or other search engines do not like slow loading sites that come with the server error.

So, stay alert and be safe from DDoS Attacks on your blog or website.

  • How to Stop DDoS Attack Immediately?

The DDoS Attack will not automatically stop on your web server. But you can stop DDoS Attack immediately.

Want to know How?

You can stop DDoS Attack by using CDN (Content Delivery Network) providers like Cloudflare, MaxCDN, etc.

  1. WordPress CMS, Theme, Plugin Updates

If you are using WordPress CMS for your blog or website then you have to care about things before updating a WordPress version, Themes & Plugins.

I have a very bad experience with these updates. In the year 2011, I lost some of the mine blogs due to updates. At that time, I updated some of my blogs without backup. My all blogs back to normal but it takes a lot of my time.

  • WordPress CMS Update:

This is the update given by WordPress with lots of new features.

But this update can completely destroy your blog or website if you are a beginner.

So make a complete backup of your blog or website before updating it to new WordPress version.

  • Theme Update:

If you are using a child theme of your parent theme then you are safe to update your WordPress theme.

But if not using child theme then you can lose your theme settings like the logo, customize the design, etc.

Many themes come with a child theme so try to use a child theme.

  • Plugin Update:

Updating WordPress plugin is safe. You don’t need to worry about anything while updating your WordPress plugin.

How to Make Safe Your Blog and Prepare for Different Blogging Emergencies

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