7 Ways to Stay Safe & Avoid Google Penguin or Other Penalty

How to Stay Safe and Avoid Google Penalty

Undeniably, you have already heard about all the Google Algorithm Updates, of which the popular is the Google Penguin.

After the launch of this Algorithm update many high ranking websites have experienced a downfall in their search engine ranking.

The first official launch of Google Penguin was in April 24, 2012 and since then Google is regularly updating and making changes in this Algorithm Update so to give priority and higher ranking t the legitimate websites which are having related topics and content at hand.

The prime aim of this update is to down rank the websites which are manipulating Google deliberately to achieve higher ranking on SERPs.

Many changes in the algorithm has been made which negatively impact the websites that are using methods to gain higher ranking like creating doorway pages, excessive back links, using too many ads, thin content and more.

Since you have understood the significance of Google Penguin Update and the changes, here are some helpful SEO tips to help prove Google that your website is legitimate and ensure your website’s safety against the next Google Penguin update.

1. How to Avoid Next Google Penguin Updates?

Below you will come across with few tips that can help you website to stay safe and prevent the penalties that next Google Penguin update has to offer.

The Google Penguin algorithm is all about links and the anchor text including the incoming link quality, external links from your sites and anchor text variation.

There are many other reasons, but links are the major factors for which your site may be penalized by next Google Penguin update.

So, considering this fact below are some tips which can prevent your website from getting penalized by next Google Penguin update.

2. Avoid Paid Links

Paid links are considered to be the easiest way to monetize your website, but Google is strictly against this type of link selling.

So, if you have sold any of the paid post earlier with SEO optimized back links, ensure that you remove the link or make changes in the link to make it look real and natural.

There is the option to make the link nofollow link, especially if you have linked it out excessively.

Next thing which you may do is to add few quality links as well as inter links which will help dilute all the paid links and restore it to normal link.

3. Important Tips for Bloggers that are Allowing Guest Posting

There are many popular bloggers and blogs that allow guest posting and these blogs are likely to be penalized because they offer back links along with anchor text.

In many cases, these blogs are likely to offer links which are irrelevant to their niche. Just image how a wedding website link would look like in a pet shop.

Besides if the links are anchor text optimized it would definitely have negative effect on the SEO of the website. So, for bloggers it is necessary to check all the guest posts that were published on their website and start making necessary changes to the links.

Ensure to keep links natural, remove the anchor text optimized back links and ensure that the links pointing out are relevant to your niche.

4. Free Links or Products for Anchor Text Links

Several times many webmasters make a mistake to release plugins or themes in a bid to get many anchor text back links.

There is a problem with this process and that is you may end up receiving numerous anchor text links and this may penalize your website due to Google Penguin update.

There are many blogs which were initially penalized because of different types of anchor text spamming.

So, it is necessary that you update the free theme and plugins and add nofollow tags to those links.

It is also helpful for webmasters to make changes in their keyword variation.

5. Anchor Text Variation

Anchor text variation is very important for SEO.

Anchor text helps the website to enhance their search engine ranking and also supports the search engine bots to understand what exactly the keywords are not any specific website or content.

The mistake made by many webmasters here is that they abuse the system simply by purchasing paid links and by providing guest posting services by using several similar anchor text links which increase the website’s likelihood to get penalized by Google Penguin algorithm.

So, make use of online tools to check the anchor text variation specific to your niche.

If your SEO professional is creating anchor text back links to your website, then it is the right time to work on this issue to avoid the penalty of latest Google Penguin updates.

You need to make a list of pages from where you get increased number of SEO optimized links, drop the email to webmaster of these links to make changes in the anchor text and make sure to use variations like brand names, plurals, and non money links.

If you still find similar anchor text links pointing to your site, then ensure to create new link building campaign. Create new links with the anchor text variations through blog commenting, guest posting and other techniques.

6. Keyword Density

On-Page optimization is the crucial thing for SEO and you may use different plugins to optimize.

But, overdoing the SEO optimization with keywords density and stuffing can prove to be a reason for getting penalized by next Google Penguin update.

So, ensure to maintain a decent keyword density of 1-2 percent and insert related keywords. But, ensure not over optimize the site.

7. Include Popular Google Signals

Google has announced some of the popular signals which they consider as reliable factor for indexing and ranking the websites.

So, it is necessary that you search for such signals and implement it into your website which will help your website to stay safe and avoid all the upcoming updates of Google Penguin.

This will also help your website to achieve higher ranking as it would be considered as legitimate by Google algorithm.

How to Stay Safe and Avoid Google Penalty

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