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How to Create SEO Optimized Images

We all are well versed with the significance of successful digital marketing campaign and marketers would agree the fact that SEO has lots to do to make a digital marketing campaign successful.

Apart from link building, there are several crucial things which can be done to make the digital marketing camping a sure hit without burning a hole in the pocket.

One such important aspect that needs to be considered while doing SEO is image optimization.

The successful SEO campaigns always include the tactical plan for using the images that reverberate with the target audience while staying relevant to the content of the website.

Major search engines like Google also acknowledge the significance of images in SEO and hence to support you here is the list of helpful tips to optimize your images for successful SEO campaign.

Using of Right Images That Are Relevant to Websites and Content

Readers and visitors usually prefer reacting on images first prior to reading the post or content available on the webpage.

This is something called human nature and hence they focus more on the images rather than the content.

So, with a captivating image which is relevant to your topic can easily inspire the readers or visitors to share the content and this will definitely leave an impression in the mind of the readers.

Ensure to use the images in novel way.

You need to take time in order to source out the images which can fully exemplify the subject matter of the content with drama, humour or romance so as to attract the audience on the emotional ground.

This will also help them to engage in the content more than a sleek commercial shot of your product. If possible add your own original image which is better in SEO perspective.

It is always better to use original images if you are discussing a subject matter that tells about your products and services you offer.

Ensure not to use the age-old royalty images which people have already seen earlier.

So, take time to snap a photo that is specific to your business.

Using High Grade Format for Images

Google and other search engines usually prefer considering the high resolution images combined with higher quality content.

The webpage with high resolution images that are formatted correctly is likely to attract the attention of the online users and search engines alike.

You must not sell the content by using poor quality images which are formatted incorrectly which can appear distorted on smaller screens.

For ecommerce situations it is necessary that you make use of JPEGs images as it provides better view ability on smaller screen as well.

You must avoid using the GIFs for larger products; instead you must use it for decorative images and thumbnails.

PNG images can also be a good option, but ensure to make use of PNG-8 and PNG-24 and excel it at simple decorative images it of its extremely small file size.

Reducing the Image File Size

Google is quite focused on mobile users and hence it is extending its wings to create the mobile first indexing. So, digital marketers are also required to account for mobile with their images.

Simply reducing the size of large image file, you can enhance the page speed and this is important mobile viewing.

The webpage which takes longer time for uploading usually experience higher bounce rate and visitors of those sites prefer going to other sites that are faster.

So, ensure to make use of smaller and higher resolution images so as to offer the visitors with the option to view enlarged images.

You will find many great tools to optimize the images and this includes: Trimage, JPEG Optimizer, Optimizilla, ImageOptim, Compressnow and

It is essential that you optimize the images because it will benefit both the technical SEO on your website and user experience.

Using of Short Caption with the Images

Captions are like URLs which are actually crawled by all major search engines.

Digital marketers usually make use of the keywords that are associated with the caption because it helps their page to rank higher on the search results.

The key to success is to maintain both the image relevance and page relevance.

The images with deceptive captions are likely to increase the bounce rate rapidly and also send negative signals to the search engines telling them that the content in the webpage is not suitable and relevant.

Using of right and concise caption is necessary with images which make the content not only engaging, but also make it easier for readers to understand it.

The captions under images are actually read 300 times more than the caption in the body copy itself.

So, leaving the captions blank is like missing the opportunity for optimizing the user experience and SEO.

Using Alt Text to Enhance Accessibility

This is the method which is often overlooked by the digital marketers. The alternative text field actually offers the users the opportunity to access the image as the description of the content.

Moreover, offering the images in the text facilitates use by the interpreters of the blind people and physically challenged people.

Precisely using the alt text offers optimal way to support the users digest and understand the content actually.

These are the description which also serves as to enhance the relevance of the content and it can also increase the profile with the search engines simply by enabling the web crawlers to understand the images in better way possible.

Just like the captions, the alternative text also offers you with the opportunity to enhance the content in terms of Search Engine Optimization and user experience.

Climbing the ladder of success in search results can be challenging task for many, but well worth the effort when you begin to notice the returns in regards to influx of organic traffic.

So, to become successful in image optimization and rank higher ensure to make use of these techniques which can be an extra spark for your site that needs to be outrank in the cut throat competition.

How to Create SEO Optimized Images
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