What Is DoFollow & Nofollow Link In SEO: Complete Guide & Trick

What Is DoFollow & Nofollow Link In SEO

As soon as you start your own website or blog, you desire to gain the top ranking in the search engine results.

But, you need to understand that this doesn’t happen overnight. You are required to build certain quality links before you start seeing effective results of your efforts.

Linking, whether your site is being linked to or you are linking to another site, is the important SEO tool. How a website treats the links is crucial fact because it can be determined how the search engines treat those links.

You must be aware that not all links are equal because of the back links can give more value in Google Search Engine, while some don’t.

These links are divided into two parts – DoFollow and NoFollow Links.

Below you will come across with a comprehensive guide on these two types of links used in SEO.

What is the Difference Between DoFollow and NoFollow Links?

DoFollow Links:

DoFollow Links are the HTML attributes that are used by search engine bots to follow the links. This is the link that helps the search engines to follow it and reach the website.

The DoFollow Links are considered to be crucial both for webmasters and bloggers as it gives their sites more link juice.

Whenever the search engine bots or crawlers come to your webpage for the purpose of crawling they find the DoFollow Links and this helps them to open the exact page that comprises the DoFollow Back Links.

This is the reason why it is suggested to boost the DoFollow Links gradually so as to enhance the traffic of the website.

It allows the search engine bots and people to follow you and this enhances the link juice which benefits the website to get higher ranking on SERPs.

Search Engines usually take a note of these DoFollow Links and find out how many people are linking to the page and this helps them to know how good the page is.

So, the more DoFollow Links you page have, the more points you get. The ultimate way to make use of the follow link is by using the keywords as anchor text.

This means when you are linking your site to any website or webpage, ensure to use the target keyword as anchor text.

NoFollow Links:

NoFollow Links are the types of links which don’t allow the search engine bots to follow the links.

Actually the links having NoFollow attributes or NoFollow Back Links are mainly available in the comment section so as to protect it from bad links.

When the crawlers of search engines crawls through the webpage it will come across all the links available and try to identify whether it is DoFollow or NoFollow link and work accordingly.

If they recognize it as NoFollow Back link, the crawler simply ignores it and continues with the crawling of the other links available there.

It is only visible to human, but not the search engine bots.

Few years back, Google has made it clear that they don’t consider NoFollow Links while crawling and hence the value of such links is very less in SEO.

However, it is a good practice to make use of NoFollow link attribute to links where you don’t want to pass the link juice.

How to Use DoFollow and NoFollow Back Links?

Now you are well versed with both NoFollow and DoFollow Links and know when and how to make use of both these back links in SEO.

You need to ensure that the links that you are using is within your blog or website and if it goes outside the blog then you need to use only the NoFollow Back Links.

NoFollow Back Links need to be used when you don’t want you website or blog to be crawled by the search engine bots.

However, if you want to build quality links for your website or blog you are required to use the DoFollow back link attributes.

This will help the crawlers to crawl your website and pass on link juice.

DoFollow Link SEO Value

As mentioned, DoFollow Links are HTML attributes and they are actually used by the search engine clawers to follow the links.

It helps the search engines and humans to find and follow you. DoFollow Links pass on the link juice and offer you multiple benefits to your website and support it to get higher ranking.

Google also takes note of these links and determine how many users are linking to your webpage and this enables them to know the true value of the website which is helpful for indexing.

You need to make sure that you get DoFollow back links from reputed website and not from anywhere.

DoFollow Links actually enhance the page rank and give your website more SEO points and also improvises the link juice that helps the sites to rank higher in SERPs. DoFollow Links work as the real vote of credibility by the Google Search Engine.

SEO Value Without NoFollow Links

NoFollow Links actually prevent the search engine bots from following your links. It doesn’t pass on the link juice and only humans can follow these links.

These links are not at all helpful in boosting the page rank and ranking of the website and have no SEO value. This acts as a notice for search engine bots not to count them as a link.

However, the NoFollow Links are not counted and never pass on link juice, but it has the ability to increase the web traffic.

If you use the NoFollow Links as HTML Tags, it won’t harm the website; instead search engines appreciate such tags.

The NoFollow Tags are very helpful for SEO and it is used by many webmasters to avoid following the un-trusted content.

Google is currently counting the NoFollow links so as to enhance the PR for the webpage, but it greatly depends on the where the link is located and its overall quality.

If the NoFollow Links are placed on top of the content it will offer more impact than if it is placed at bottom.

What Is DoFollow & Nofollow Link In SEO

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