11 Useful Method & Ideas To Get Unlimited Traffic From Google Search

Useful Method and Ideas To Get Traffic From Google

Whether you write for passion and want to share your thoughts and views with the world, or you own a business and aim to market and sell products through a blog site, the fact remains that unless you have traffic on your blog, chances are slim that anyone will get to know you through your blog.

The best way is to follow these tried and tested tips to get more traffic or else you might be waiting around a long time for an audience to start showing up!

1. Write more

The more you write, the more recent your posts will be.

According to studies, Google updates search results with the latest and freshest content.

Priority is given to the latest posts.

So if you want to get more attention, you should update your blogs more often or at least twice weekly.

2. Write better content

Writing better does not necessarily mean that you improve your vocabulary, it means that you need to be strategic with the content of your blog for marketing purposes.

You should consider whether or not your content is able to meet a specific need.

Most of the content falls into two categories, either it is funny and cool, or it is educational and useful.

Choose either of these and you will be off to good start to write about what your audience loves! You should think about what people would want to read and share.

3. Write timeless or evergreen content

Write content that will be relevant if somebody reads it even a few months down the line.

For example, writing about the Oscar nominations or the winners will simply get obsolete in a few weeks time and nobody would be interested in reading about it.

If you however, write about things like classic movies it will stay informative and relevant for years to come.

4. Have an interesting headline

As a blogger you must pay attention to your headline as much as you pay attention to the content of your blog.

The headline of your blog is what captures the interest of your readers and sparks their interest. In fact, some people even suggest that the headline is more important than the post itself.

5. Create viral content

All bloggers want to create viral content and when they do, the traffic to their site skyrockets!

Majority of the people however, fail at creating viral content and those who do succeed have something viral day in and day out.

The first secret of creating a viral content is to have a great headline and most people would be tempted to click on a link if they find the headline interesting. It should be able to grab the attention of people.

6. Understand your niche

So you may be interested in a variety of things, you may like playing soccer, video games, travelling as well as shopping.

If you however, end up writing about all of these things, you may end confusing the reader.

They will not know what your blog is about.

As such, you must choose a theme or a topic for your blog which you should write about every time.

You should keep a target audience in mind when you write and this way you will only have specific messages to convey through your blog.

7. Make your content more visual

It is quite important to give your content a bit of a visual effect as well, or else it will simply be boring and may not be catchy for the readers.

This applies especially if you have a travel related blog or even for food.

Most readers want to see the pictures, whether you are describing a great skiing trip or a day spent at the beach resort or sharing a tried and tested recipe of your favorite dish – unless the readers can see it, they will lose interest.

It ultimately generates more traffic to your blog as well and it helps you to earn more likes.

8. Delete unnecessary distractions

You should see whether or not there is anything on your blog which does not add value to it.

Take a close look at your site.

Are there any unnecessary elements there?

For example, blog directory badges may not be useful and may just add ‘clutter’ to your blog, so you may want to consider getting rid of them.

9. Incorporate Keywords

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) keywords are essential.

One of the important ways to generate more traffic to your blog is to make sure that every page of your blog site has a keyword strategy.

This means, for every blog that you publish, make sure there is a keyword present in that post, which you think the readers may look up for to find that post.

Then you can also incorporate that keyword into the title or the headline of your post and then make sure it is repeated at least two or three times in your blog.

This way, it will create a keyword concentration that would help Google to understand what your page is all about and this will eventually help to bring about more traffic to your site through the search engines.

10 Add links for sharing

Having links where people can easily share your post can help you tremendously.

When most people read something they really like, they may want to share it further on Facebook, Twitter or on Whatsapp.

So shortcuts should be easily available for sharing on social media, rather than having people copy and paste your link to share.

11. Add videos

The more visual your blog is, the better it will be for catching the attention for the readers or the viewers.

Many people simply like to watch videos and as such, depending on the topic of your blog, you can even add videos alongside the photo to share your experiences.

Finally, do not forget to have fun with your blog.

At the end of the day, it’s something that should make you feel happy and proud.

If you feel it’s a chore, it will be reflected in your words and in your tone.

So in order to make sure the readers are also having fun with your blog – make sure you have fun too!

Useful Method and Ideas To Get Traffic From Google

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