15 Ways To Get More Followers on Pinterest Fast: Complete Guide

Ways To Get More Followers on Pinterest Fast

Pinterest is probably social media’s most underrated platform.

Pinterest may not be as big, loud, or controversial like social media titans Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Pinterest might just be the underdog that saves your social marketing campaign.

One of the most amazing things about social media marketing is that you won’t really know what to expect.

In an industry where keeping up with the trends is crucial to success, you need to make sure that your social media game is always on point.


Because social media is the most effective way to easily and quickly interact with your target audience.

Instead of simply keeping up with the trends, why not make it your goal to thrive in the digital media landscape?

When you know your way around different digital marketing avenues, it won’t just help you build your credibility in your niche; it can also lead to more revenue.

And the only way that you will thrive is to constantly reach out to new followers using different platforms.

As of early 2019, Pinterest has over 250 million people logging on the platform every month.

If that doesn’t convince you to exert more effort improving your Pinterest presence, I don’t know what will.

So, how do you get more followers on Pinterest?

Here are 15 surefire ways to help you reach more people.

1. Sign up for a Pinterest business account

In order to grow your business on any platform, you need to have the right account for it.

While the differences between the two in terms of function may be subtle, setting up a business account is definitely worth it.

This is because a business account gives you access to your account’s analytics.

With this feature, you can easily see who has seen your profile and pins and stats of your most popular pins.

This way, you can optimize your profile for your audience.

2. Think of Pinterest as a search engine

One thing that sets Pinterest apart from other social media platforms is that people don’t really use it to connect with other people.

Instead, they use it as a search engine to look for ideas, products, and all types of inspiration.

This is the reason why keywords matter on Pinterest.

You need to make sure that your profile description, board titles, and pin descriptions are optimized with keywords if you want them to be found.

3. Optimize your brand name with keywords

With that said, you also need to optimize your brand name with keywords.

To do this, simply use the spaces left after your brand name and fill with quality keywords.

Depending on how long your brand name is, you can fit up to 3 keywords in that space.

This ensures whoever is searching for one of your keywords will also discover your profile.

4. Work on your branding

Pinterest is all about gorgeous visuals.

If you don’t have an eye-catching aesthetic, then you’ll have a hard time attracting new followers to your boards.

This is why it’s important that you devote time and effort into creating the perfect branding materials.

Start off with a professional looking profile photo that represents your brand.

Then, create pinterest graphics that will captivate viewers.

For example, use tall vertical images instead of horizontal ones.

Choose 2-3 fonts that work well together and use only those for all your text overlay.

Lastly, don’t forget to include your logo and website URL in all your branded images.

Make sure that all your board covers are cohesive and you’re good to go!

5. Follow the competition (and their followers)

You don’t have to sit around and wait for followers to find you.

You can go find them first to get the ball rolling.

A powerful strategy to get more followers is to follow who your competitors follow.

Chances are, your competitors did this same strategy when they were starting out so whoever follows them back are in the same league as your target audience.

6. Pin regularly

Just like working on other social media platforms, consistent effort is key to steady growth of followers.

You can’t sign up just for the sake of it and leave it all to chance.

Every pin counts if you want to get a slice of the Pinterest pie, which is worth 250 million people every month by the way.

7. Use a tool to schedule your pins

One of the tools you can use to make your time on Pinterest easier is a pin scheduler called Tailwind.

Scheduling your pins doesn’t just give you an overview of what your activity and boards look like, it also saves you a lot of time.

You can focus on more important tasks because you can leave it to Tailwind to do the pinning for you.

8. Promote your pins

The good thing about choosing a business account is having the option to run ads on Pinterest.

You can choose your most engaging pins and pay to have them seen by people who haven’t seen them yet.

While it will cost you extra, promoting your pins is one of the fastest ways to grow your numbers.

9. Include hashtags in your pins

In the past, Pinterest didn’t seem it was interested in making use of hashtags, but recently, things have changed.

You’ll find hashtags everywhere, primarily because it makes finding specific themes of images easier.

Just like using keywords to find content, using hashtags is another way to make your brand and content more visible to a new audience.

10. Start your first group board

Another way to get your brand in front of new audiences on Pinterest is to start your brand’s group boards.

Group boards can help significantly increase traffic to your website, as long as you use them properly.

While it might be tempting to add just about anyone to your group board, you need to make sure that you choose contributors who can bring value to the table.

State your pinning rules in the board description and make suggestions for the type of content that they could add to the group board.

11. Focus on what your target audience wants to see

To win the social media game, you need to focus on what your target audience wants.

It’s not always about keeping up with an aesthetic.

You need to be helpful, relevant, and tuned in to your audience.

First impressions count in this industry so if you fail to make a connection with your target audience, don’t expect them to stick around.

For starters, work on producing content that addresses their pain points.

If your target audience get this sense that you’re there to help them out, they wouldn’t want to look anywhere else.

12. Invest in high-quality infographics

And since we’re on the subject of high-quality content, Pinterest is a good place to promote your branded infographics.

Yes, people still love a good infographic, so if you have information or data that you think would be useful to your target audience, then it’s time to look for a graphics design team that will turn it into a work of art.

By delivering technical information or hard data in a much more visually appealing medium, they’re thirty times more likely to be notices than plain old text.

You see, people in general respond better to what they see than to what they read.

13. Pin your blog posts to relevant boards

Pinning your new blog posts, especially if already have a reputation for producing great content that people love, can be a good way to direct traffic to your website.

But you can’t just pin it anywhere and expect to see results.

There’s a correct way of pinning it that will gain you more followers.

To help Pinterest categorize your blog post correctly, you need to first pin it to a relevant board.

Then, make sure to optimize the pin description with keywords that will help Pinterest understand its context.

Once your blog posts are in the right category, it’s more likely to appear in the search results when people look for something related to it.

The more people see it, the more chances of getting more followers.

14. Get rid of pins that aren’t performing well

Quality always outranks quantity when winning new followers.

While pinning with no end may get you a lot of views, there’s a risk that Pinterest might penalize you for posting subpar content.

If you duplicate copies of the same pin or if you have pins from the past that aren’t relevant to your brand, it would be better to just get rid of them.

It’s never too late to clean up your act and curate better boards for your potential followers.

15. Keep old pins alive

It’s easy to get carried away with new content, that you sometimes forget to keep your old content alive.

If you have evergreen pins that have proven their value in the past, then you can simply work on keeping them alive.

A pin’s lifespan can last for more than a week so don’t be alarmed if your pins only start to gain traction a couple of weeks or months after.

How do you keep your best pins alive?

Just re-pin them on your own boards.

Ways To Get More Followers on Pinterest Fast

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