What To Do & What Not in Google AdSense: Complete Guide & Tips

what to do and what not in google adsense

Are you looking for a simple and easy way to earn money online? Then you might want to try the Google AdSense program.

What is good about this program is that the whole money earning process is simple. In addition, it does not require a huge investment.

However, you need to follow the strict rules enforced by Google to earn profit from it and prevent them from banning your account.

Google enforces rules to ensure that the program’s authenticity is protected while saving the interest of its advertisers. In line with that, here are some of the things that you should and should not do to prevent the sudden termination of your Google AdSense account:

1. Read the policies and terms of AdSense

Just like any other program, Google also requires its AdSense publishers to follow their policies and terms, so it is necessary to go through them prior to signing up for an account.

Avoid committing the mistake of other webmasters who don’t read the program’s policies. Knowing the terms and policies here will prevent you from violating any rule that may lead to the termination of your account.

2. Do not click your own ads

You should also avoid asking anyone, such as your family and friends, to click on your Google ads.

In case you would like to gather information about an advertiser who appeared on your site, it would be best to type the ad’s URL directly into the browser’s address bar.

Also, take note that encouraging other users to click on your ads is a violation to Google AdSense terms and policies.

This rule is applicable whether they click the ad directly or indirectly or via email, third party sites, or your own website.

Each click on your ad should be from users who are interested in your advertised services. It should not be for the purpose of raising money for a cause or to gain some form of reward.

3. Exercise caution when choosing the perfect location for your ads

You have to select the location for all your ads carefully. It is not advisable to use deceptive practices or tricks to prompt accidental clicks.

With that in mind, your ads should be well-placed in your website. They should be away from interactive items or elements. The ads should not mimic the content surrounding them, too. In addition, you should avoid placing them under deceptive or misleading headings.

4. Dedicate enough space in between the page controls and your ads

For instance, if your website has games, then do not put your ads in a spot that is very close to the controls used for the game.

The recommended distance is at least 150 pixels between your ad and flash player.

5. Gather information about how to optimize your site

Knowing exactly how you can optimize your site can help you have the most profitable and enjoyable experience while on the Google AdSense program.

Also, be prepared to exert some effort on the program. Note that it takes time, patience, and hard work to get your desired results.

With that in mind, make it a point to be part of AdSense based on what you want and care about. This can motivate you to exert more effort in the program because you love what you are doing.

6. Visit other websites that benefit from AdSense

You should also click on certain ads only if you have a genuine interest on the advertised product or service.

Another thing that you should do is to read the blogs of other people and write comments. Make sure that your comments are sincere, though.

7. Do not participate in any AdSense exchange click groups

While this will let you earn some money at first, it is still a violation of the program’s terms. Once Google detects your activity, which it can actually easily do, it is greatly possible for your AdSense account to be blocked instantly.

8. Ensure that your site is legal

Apply for an AdSense account only if you have an original and legal website. Do not apply in this program if you are planning to use it for an illegal site.

Among the websites that are not allowed in the program are those that promote adult content, child pornography, gambling, hacking, violence, sharing unauthorized information, alcohol, and other illegal stuff, such as drugs.

9. Do not steal content

Ensure that your content is original. Avoid using any copyrighted content in your website. If you use copyrighted content then you have a lower chance of getting approved.

What is good about having original content is that it can also increase the number of your followers. It will also prevent Google from banning your site just because you stole the content of others.

10. Get secure and organic backlinks

To get such secure backlinks, make it a point to post your comments on real blogs. It is also advisable to submit blogs on authorized directory.

Avoid buying backlinks from spam resources as this might only cause your account to get terminated.

11. Do not beg for clicks

Avoid holding ad-click contests, begging for clicks, or giving people hints that they should click your ads.

Google might ban you once you get caught asking for clicks in any place on the web, such as those pages that are not related to your AdSense pages.

Google does not also allow you to label your ad with any language, which is stronger than the terms “sponsored links”.

12. Do not use robots to get clicks

Avoid using any automated tool as a means of inflating your page views.

You should not also use any robot to click on your own ads. Google deems this act as fraudulent, causing you to get banned in case they catch you doing it.

Avoid using human-powered schemes with an aim of paying for clicks, too. This means that certain activities that involve trading clicks with other users and holding pay-for-clicking schemes should be avoided.

At Last:

Google AdSense allows anyone to generate profits but you have to be careful once you start placing AdSense ads on your site.

Make sure that you follow the rules of the program. Note that your site is more visible to Google once you begin putting ads, so it is greatly possible for them to catch you right away if you break their rules.

what to do and what not in google adsense

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