Buying Backlinks? Check This Before Purchase Any Paid Links

Buying Backlinks Check This Before Purchase paid Links

What are backlinks, and why are they so in demand right now?

In a nutshell, backlinks are web links that are in other websites that point towards your own website.

The reason why backlinks are so important is because they give a huge boost in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

Basically, the more backlinks that your website has, the higher up in the Search Engine Results Pages it will be.

Now, why do many people buy backlinks?

Simple, because it is easier than the alternative.

Consider the steps of legitimate backlink generation:

  1. Creating high-quality content that is related to your website’s niche.
  2. Searching for opportunities for you to create backlinks.
  3. Double-checking the opportunities to ensure their legitimacy.
  4. Networking with other website owners.
  5. Ask your network of acquaintances if they could feature your content.
  6. Test your outreach, and then test it again.
  7. If you are accepted, actually writing the content.
  8. If you are not accepted, finding a talented writer to create the content for you.
  9. Waiting for your writer to finish the content.
  10. Submitting the content to the website owner and waiting for approval.
  11. Rinse and repeat.

To say that the entire process is quite tedious is an understatement, and do take note that the list of tasks is just for one backlink only. If you want to create lots of backlinks then you need to subject yourself to an almost endless grind. However, not all people have the energy or patience to go through the legitimate backlink creation process, which is why many of them just purchase backlinks in bulk.

Is Buying Backlinks Bad?

It is Against Google’s Rules

Many SEO agencies actually teach you how and where to buy backlinks, and they do admit that they have done so at some point, so what’s the deal about buying pre-made backlinks?

Well, purchasing backlinks to increase your website’s SERP ranking is actually against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, which is essentially the rulebook that all of Google lives by.

Suffice to say, buying backlinks is a serious offense.

Just in case you do decide, against your better judgment, that you want to buy SEO backlinks, be forewarned, for you will be dealing with forces that are beyond your human comprehension.

If Google catches your website using purchased backlinks, and it will, all those months (or years) of work that you pored into making your website and making it rank in the SERPs will all be gone just like that.

First, Google will impose manual action against your website, this means that even your precious organic search traffic, the ones that you legitimately get, will be butchered.

If you do not have enough SEO savvy, and without doing a whole lot more work than what you did before, there is no way you can claw yourself out of the deep hole that you put yourself into.

You are essentially perpetually in the blacklist of Google.

Backlinks are Expensive AF

Now, if you fancy yourself as an online maverick of sorts, you live for the now, you are willing to take risks, and you have no problem breaking a couple of rules on the way, then you should at least have plenty of cash to burn.

Yeah, backlinks are hella expensive, and this not only applies to the black hat links that you can find online, even the white hat backlinks can cost a ton of money.

If you do not know what you are doing, you might get coaxed into spending $1,500 or more for a NoFollow link placement, which essentially means that you just tossed a lot of money into the air and you did not even catch a single bill back.

Actually, $1,500 is a pittance compared to the mountains of dough that other people got scammed away from them just because they want a couple of backlinks for their website.

Think about how much more you could have done with all that money instead of wasting it on non-effective backlinks. For $1,500, your ads could have reached over 200,000 people by using the money to boost your posts.

You could also use the money to pay a top rank copywriter to create at least four high-quality pieces of content for your website; and those could have made you high-quality, and more importantly, legitimate backlinks.

Not All Backlinks are Risky

Although I did say that buying backlinks in general is a bad idea, there are actually different levels of risk involved depending on the kind of backlinks that you buy.

Some might not even land you in that much trouble; you will still be in trouble, but not as serious as with the other violations.

For instance, when you buy backlinks in real websites that have genuine and regularly updated content, is a whole lot less risky compared to submitting dozens of fake content into fake websites.

This means that you can still buy backlinks with only a little risk of getting caught by the Google algorithm, but the risk is still there nonetheless.

Things get worse when you buy backlinks in bulk because you do not have the faintest idea on where your backlinks are actually placed; for all you know, your backlinks might be placed in racist, hate speech filled, and overall derogatory websites.

Final Thoughts

If you still cannot believe that buying backlinks is bad, just don’t, you will thank yourself later. Yes, life is too short for you not to take risks, but this situation is different.

Buying backlinks may seem as a convenient and easy way to improve your website’s SERP ranking, it is not worth getting caught and flushing all of the money and hardwork that you pored into your business get flushed down the drain. Buying backlinks is probably the biggest SEO mistake that you can make.

Just stay on the safe side. Legitimately creating backlinks one at a time might seem time tedious and repetitive, but at least you are sure of where all your work went to.

Buying Backlinks Check This Before Purchase paid Links

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