How to Make Patience Yourself As Blogger While Blogging

How to Make Patience Yourself As Blogger While Blogging

Most of us have played the classic card game Solitaire at least once in our lives but did you know that the British calls this popular card game the Patience?

Fascinating it is right! While some of us just quit playing Solitaire or Patience as some call it at the first deal itself, others continue to play it forever.

However, this article has nothing to do with a deal of Patience but has a great deal to do with the real-life virtue known as the “patience”. Never has a week passed by when someone has asked us to be patient at something. Thus, it is important to begin this article by defining Patience.

Patience is a person’s ability to overcome difficult or trying circumstances without throwing tantrums or rushing to reach solutions. For instance, patience in a person can be seen as an act of:

  • Perseverance during times of delay
  • Forbearance during strenuous times
  • Tolerance when provoked, or
  • Endurance when undergoing negativity

Therefore, patience is indeed a virtue that must be inculcated in every walk of life including our professional lives, be it an entrepreneur, teacher, manager, worker, or even a full-time blogger.

Thus, there is something to sit back and read patiently if you are a blogger or planning to start your own set of blogs.

Patient Blogging

We all write and post blogs with the sole intention of capturing maximum readers. However, what we write also matters. No one is going to invest his/her energy and time in reading baseless reading material.

Therefore, you need to invest your time and focus on quality while preparing the content for your blog posts.

It does not matter what you think about your blog posts. Rather you should be able to gain the same perspective towards your content from all your readers as well. This, therefore, requires you to be patient while preparing the content that needs to be published online.

“Starting engaging your audiences and be patient. That is the key”, shares a mommy blogger who is more popularly known as “AMomInLove” in the Instagram world. This is most definitely true. According to her, no blogger can acquire the digital space in a single day or week.

The digital world is an expanding place that is growing exponentially. Hence, patience is a virtue and the only key that can help you unlock success out there.

If you, unfortunately, lack this basic quality of endurance, then blogging is most certainly not your cup of drink.

Facts to be Aware of When Blogging

  1. It is not just you but every blogger in town, even the celebrated ones, goes through different difficult phases during his/her blogging profession.
  2. No blogger, let alone anybody among us, have gained anything without sweating it. Every job has a price that you must be willing to contribute first before seeking its rewards.
  3. Always keep learning and improving your blogging skills. Just because your first few blogs have hit the jackpot, it does not mean that your money tree will fend for itself. Just as you need to water, nurture, and take care of it, so must you learn useful tips and tricks of becoming a pro-blogger all the time in order to have a sustainable career in blogging.
  4. Always remember that all our actions are linked to an intangible element called the “Time”. You need time to think, time to plan, time to realize, time to achieve, and time to reap and this measure of time can go beyond our wildest imagination. Hence, be prepared and anticipate time.
  5. Remember that if you or your task is worth it, then success will come to you. Do not be embroiled in ridiculous or manipulative things that make no use of our brains to attain our passions.
  6. Always believe that if your content is liked, it will attract more bees, which in turn will build a bigger chain of trusted readers, and in return bring you both satisfaction and monetary success.
  7. Further, you need to be prepared to receive criticism. If you want success, then you should know how to tackle criticism that comes knocking your door sooner and more often than success comes your way. Something that is out there in front of a crowd is definitely open to scrutiny. Hence, whether you like it or not, criticism is something that comes in free of cost and that you must learn to handle.

What Not to Do When Blogging

  1. Never believe that success will come knocking your door tomorrow or within a month/year of your blogging career.
  2. Do not do what the most successful person is doing just because he/she is earning a lot. Blog about a niche that is very close to your heart and that which you can contribute to the most.
  3. Do not daydream. Daydreaming or being stuck in your dreams is for the non-ambitious souls and not the harvest awaiting bloggers.
  4. Do not start counting your chickens even before you see the cracks in the eggs. This is something that all bloggers must remember. Simply put, you are not going to see any money as soon as you post an article of 1000 words. However, when you are approached for what you post, then that is the time when you can call yourself a celebrity in the blogging world but until then just continue to blog patiently.
  5. Never believe everything you see or hear. For instance, if you find a full-proof formula to successful blogging, then do not blindly believe in it unless you have tried out all possible outcomes before putting everything at stake into it.
  6. Never limit yourself. You might have earned a few dollars in the first few weeks but do not let this cap your potential and block your thinking. Being momentarily rich never lasts. Rather focus on what will bring gentle showers all throughout your life.

Time will ferry you through the roughest tides but until then it is up to you to row your boat steadily, maintaining direction, believing in the best, and patiently waiting to reach your goals.

With that, it is Cheers to Patient Blogging!

How to Make Patience Yourself As Blogger While Blogging

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