Blog Income Reports: Why Bloggers Share & Why You Can Share?

Blog Income Reports Why Bloggers Share and Why You Can Share

In current scenarios when online privacy is considered as the biggest issue, many people who write blog posts are quite willingly shared their most personal details: income they earn by blogging.

Every month the bloggers share a complete breakdown of their income with everyone. These breakdowns of the earnings are called the income report.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardener, a personal finance blogger was happy to share the monthly income she earns through affiliate marketing and blogging in her interview. She’s proud to announce it as it’s solely through her hard work and her talent of writing she’s been able to earn so much.

But why would one publish the income reports?

When people are so protective about their life and privacy, many bloggers are coming forward to publish their income.

Below mentioned are various reasons why people publish their income reports and the benefits that come with it.

Reasons for publishing

1. Credibility

Sharing the income report will definitely improve your credibility. No one is going to read a blog if the blogger is making zero money as earnings.

People are going to trust a blogger who makes good earnings every month. If people notice that you are successful, then most likely they will visit your blog and go through them.

It will increase the readership and will add more money to your monthly income. More people visit and become your subscriber, more money you could easily make.

2. Inspiration

To earn one’s living through an online job is tough. It might feel like quite a struggle at the various point of time, especially when the effort has to bear fruit.

These income reports will show the readers that there would be light at end of the dark tunnel and there is a good amount of money one can earn if you put in the effort and hard work. Also, the income reports will show the entire journey, not only the good times.

It could be a huge motivation for you that your favorite successful bloggers also went through the same struggle and overcame it. It would inspire many people to start blogging.

3. Relatable

Publishing the income report will make you more relatable as it documents both your success and failures. When people know that you are an ordinary and real person who can commit mistakes, you could develop a strong personal bond with the audience.

The readers will come back to read your blog and they value your opinions and viewpoints. Once they are able to establish the bond, through word of mouth they will help in increasing your readers.

They will urge others who are the like-minded person to go through your blog.

4. Lessons

Some of the bloggers claim that they write the income reports for their use first and secondly for the reads. It is like noting down in a personal journal.

The income reports help in documenting those things which worked for you and also those things which went wrong for you. One could learn from this and can avoid the similar pitfalls in the future.

During tough times, these reports can be used as inspiration for yourself and can remind you about the progress you made so far. It acts as a great motivation.

5. Opportunities

The income reports could offer great value if your intention is to help other bloggers to earn money from writing in their blog. These reports will help other bloggers to identify different ways to monetize their website.

For instance, if the income reports break down the entire income and show the earnings from various individual affiliate schemes, the readers would be able to easily identify the biggest opportunities.

6. Accountability

Most of the bloggers publish their income report just to be accountable. If you publicize your next month plans, then chances are you will most likely honor the plans.

If you somehow fail to meet the target you could expect a few unfavorable comments from the readers in the blog site. As the blogger wishes to avoid the same, he/she would put in their effort to stick to their commitment.

It will help you to continue your work without making any delay.

7. Feedback

The bloggers share their plans for future in the income reports which gives the readers or visitors the opportunity to add in their suggestions and opinions through the comments section.

These comments could help you invalidating the plan and also helps you to approach it in a new way.

8. Traffic

The most important advantage of them all is the people would love to read through others income report and it makes way for a good source of traffic.

If a reader goes through the income report for one month, then it is most likely he will drop in the next month to check how much you earned the second month.  It could easily turn a casual reader to a fan of yours for a lifetime.

9. Decisions are yours

Even though there are so many benefits associated with publishing the income reports there are some bloggers who tend to stop publishing the same. The main reason being it becomes a boring mundane task.

At some point in time, the bloggers would feel writing the income report is taking so much of their time. Instead of writing the informational content which is close to their heart and that can help others; they are sitting around and filling out the income reports.

Some bloggers feel the income reports are too much about bragging about their earnings. Actually, it is fun to read when someone just started off blogging and to see how their journey of writing is shaping up.

But when one starts making around 5 figure amount every month, it might seem like showboating.

Also, it might make one uncomfortable to publish their income as all your friends and family members will come to know how much exactly you are earning, especially if you are a private person in general.

Hence the decision to publish the report is entirely yours.  Whatever you do, you should enjoy doing the same and it should not feel like a task.

Blog Income Reports Why Bloggers Share and Why You Can Share

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