How to Start Making Real Money as Full Time Blogging Career

How to Start Making Real Money as Full Time Blogging Career

Do you like to pen down your thoughts? Do you enjoy reading other people’s blogs on topics of your interest and wondered how nice it would be if you could write like that too?

Or do you have a flair for writing but are not too sure what to do with it?

Blogs are a way to express oneself, free of any restrictions what so ever. Be it the language, the topic or the style of writing, blogs give the writer the freedom to express their personal views in their own style.

Blogs Can Earn You Money

Many people are earning a decent amount of money from their blogs. Wondering how? It all depends on what you write and how you write.

Here are a few ways in which your blog can actually help you earn some money:


The more the number of people reading your blogs, the more money you can get if you are registered with such a service.

This happens only in cases where the service provider gains from the traffic to your blog. He may have some links leading out to other pages from your blogs, advertisements placed on your page, etc.

External Advertisements

If you can convince companies to advertise on your blog, you can get some money in return. Again for this purpose, the company should feel there is a good reach or their advertisement. For this purpose, the company you approach must be related to the theme of your blog.

If you are a fitness blogger, approaching a fitness club or a company that sells supplements will make sense. However, if you are going to approach a food-based company (one that is not into healthy eating), it will not work out.

You should be in a position to convince this company that your blog has a sufficient amount of traffic that can be converted to customers for the company. This will take a lot of time and effort from your end.


If you can get other websites or WebPages to link out from your page, they will be ready to pay you some amount. Again for this, the link must be related to what you are writing about in your blog.

For a fitness blog, linking to a website that deals with diets and nutrition or a website about various exercises will be suitable.


If you are reviewing certain products or places on your blogs, you can try to earn from it. Many companies pay reviews to give it a good review, in order to attract more customers.

If you are a successful blogger and have a loud voice when it comes to likeminded people, your reviews tend to have an influence in the minds of your readers. Companies are ready to pay for such reviews as they stand to gain from a good review.

A Viable Business?

So is blogging a viable business plan, that can help you not only earn some decent money but also grow like a regular business?

Yes, you can turn your passion for blogging into a full-time business, provided you are ready to do the following:

Invest Time

You need to invest a considerable amount of time, not just initially but throughout. Probably once the blog has kicked off well and has a good audience, your time consumption will come down, but initially, you need to put in the time.

It is not easy to just come up with an interesting topic and write about it. It is not a journal entry where you can write the way you like and leave. The way you write needs to appeal to an audience for you to have an audience and that requires time.


Have a fixed theme for your blog. If it is going to be about food, it has to be only about food, places to eat at, recipes, nutrition, etc.

If it is going to be about fitness, it has to be only about that. A blog that has a variety of things is never a sure success.


You need to spend time and effort perusing through other blogs featured by the same service provider and outside as well.

You can focus on other similar themed blogs to know and understand what they are writing about and what attracts readers. This way you can avoid writing about topics that are not received well, and save your time.


A blogger will have to promote their blog on suitable platforms. You can resort to social media and share snippets of your blog posts with links leading to it.

The comments by friends and followers will bring it up on other’s feeds and hence get you the attention the blog needs. Once you have a good number of followers and comments, you can even go ahead and set up a fan page on social media.

Review/ Comment

One will have to spend time on not only reading other blogs but also comment on it. This will get you the attention of that particular blogger and their readers.

When you post reviews and comments on a blog, over time, the blogger will reciprocate and read or comment on your too. This will get you more attention and traffic to make your blog a success.

Should You Consider It?

If you have a flair for writing, can come up with topics that can grab the interest of your target audience, you can definitely make this a full-time business.

For those who enjoy expressing themselves and have a view or take on everything, blogging is a great way to reach out to the world. When this passion and flair for writing is done full time and converted into a business, it will not be rewarding monetarily but will be emotionally and mentally satisfying as well.

This can be a better business than something you do every day to just earn some money to support your financial needs. Anything that keeps you happy and satisfied from within is a great business and one will be ready to put in the extra efforts to get things to the next level as well.

How to Start Making Real Money as Full Time Blogging Career

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