7 Bad Habits That Can Destroy Your Blogging Career: Be Aware

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Bad Habits That Can Destroy Your Blogging Career

In this world of competition, everyone wants to be more successful than the other person.

There is a lot of competition in the blogging world.

Either you are promoting your brand, blog, business or anything else, you have to make sure that what you are serving is better than what your competitors are serving.

If you are someone who is passionate for blogging, then don’t just sit back and relax.

Do not give up or waste your time. Even expert level and professional bloggers face difficulties while blogging sometimes and at times these problems start due to the habits of the blogger.

However, like there is a solution to every problem, you can also fix your habits that are having a negative effect on your blogging career.

Below mentioned are some habits that will destroy your blogging career:

1. You are not prolific

The key to successful blogging is writing a lot.

Your writing and your style keeps getting better as much as you write.

If you want to get more juice from search engines, you need to add more content to your blog.

More content implies more visits to perceive what’s new.

If you not have a variety of content on your blog, chances are that readers will find your blog boring and they won’t have many reasons to revisit your blog.

Becoming prolific requires time and hard work, there is no other way.

You need to think different than other bloggers to compose interesting content on your blog.

The effort you put into researching, writing and editing posts shows up on your blog, so make sure you post frequently, and that your content is attention catching.

2. You are not analytical

If you are working or living in a bubble, you are destroying your blogging career.

It is important that you pay proper attention to the information about you readers.

Observing carefully what your readers find interesting and respond to is essential for blogging.

Study the statistics of your blog, see where most of your readers come from, what search terms they use, what web search tools and even what nations.

If you want to be successful at blogging get to know when you get most traffic on your blog, what kind of posts your audience is interested in and what sorts of features get tweeted frequently.

3. You lack self confidence

To implement new ideas and try new things it is important that you are self-confident.

You should have confidence in your capacities and pick approachable objectives.

If you feel that your thoughts and ideas are crazy and have been tried by a lot of other people who failed in the end, then you should try to find the reason why the idea failed and look for ways to change the idea into an achievement.

It is important that you believe in yourself and write what you believe is right.

Do not be afraid to retry ideas if they have failed in the past but only after learning from your mistakes.

4. You keep procrastinating

The worst habit that you can have as a blogger is procrastination. It hinders success and kills productivity.

A lot of careers are ruined by the ‘I will do it later’ syndrome.

At times the ‘later’ never comes at all.

Hence, it is important that you turn your idle time into something productive.

Force yourself to kickstart your work, separating your tasks into easy parts, writing and composing even when you don’t feel like it – try your utmost best to not let procrastination affect you.

5. You are not persistent

A lot of times, people who are very passionate about blogging create a blog and start blogging.

After a two month or so a lot of them quit as they are not receiving enough views and audience.

It is important for bloggers to understand that you cannot achieve success overnight.

It is very rare for people to become successful quickly without putting in any effort.

Getting to the top requires consistency, serious research and study, hard work and persistence.

Give your blogging career time to flourish.

Try to advertise and promote your blog as much as you can as it helps increase your audience.

6. You don’t take criticism seriously

Everyone wants their writings to be praised. Nobody likes criticism regarding their work.

For bloggers it is important that you accept criticism in a positive manner.

Instead of disheartening you, it should inspire you to work harder and do better.

Try to figure out of whether the feedback is constructive or simply said to pull you down.

If you believe the feedback could be useful, listen closely and try to learn from it instead of getting defensive.

Keep in mind that the criticism speaks about one individual’s perspective.

Know what your qualities are and don’t let the opinions of other individuals stop you from reaching your goals.

7. Overindulging in social media networks

Unless you are an Instagram or Facebook blogger, spending a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking websites can have a negative impact on your career, whether it is blogging or any other field.

Managing social media can be important for bloggers but if this is distracting you from your duties then chances are that you are behind your work.

To avoid getting distracted by your social media it is better that you log out of your account, so you can pay proper attention to your tasks.

For proper time management you can set a time only dedicated to social media tasks.


If you are a blogger and you feel like you are developing the above-mentioned habits, then it’s better that you clear your mind and start changing them today.

Remember that there is always room for improvement and it’s never too late to start over.

Keep learning and researching if you want to stay ahead in blogging.

Know what attracts more readers and write accordingly.

Take criticism positively and make sure you are consistent with your work, and you will be rewarded with success.

Bad Habits That Can Destroy Your Blogging Career
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