What Are The Phases Of Every Bloggers? How You Can Improve It

What Are The Phases Of Every Bloggers How You Can Improve It

Starting a blog can be a crucially life-changing decision for almost anyone. It teaches you to be responsible, be active, be forthcoming, be up-to-date, be decisive, and be informative and helpful.

While there might be several reasons why you wanted to be a blogger in the first place, the reason you continue blogging will be very different than those.

For most of the blogger out there, blogging isn’t just a way of earning a livelihood; it’s a part of their life, it’s their passion. If you’re a blogger reading this, you’ll know the feeling while reading this.

If you’re about to be one, you’ll relate soon enough. Blogging very drastically changes who you are, and teaches you to focus on the essential aspects of life.

Despite being from different origins and of various topics/subjects, the path that each blogger chooses is more or less the same, especially the more well-known blogs as there are no shortcuts to success.

It is a cycle that needs to be completed, and only once you’ve overcome the hardships, difficulties, and irregularities that you’ll understand the true essence of posting content regularly on your blog.

Nonetheless, experiencing these few stages in a blogger’s life decide if he/she is going to be successful or not. A dedicated soul, irrespective of age and maturity, can do wonders is it has the will to succeed.

To make it easier for the people who’re about to start blogging, let’s elaborate more upon the few phases of blogging.

The Phases

The starting action

This is the phase or the part where you decide to start your very own blog. This is the start of an underappreciated journey in your life which is necessarily going to teach you a lot.

The reasons for starting one might be different. You might be interested in the money, in the fame, it might be your passion, or it might be something else, something personal.

But the sole fact that you started a blog deals a very positive impact on the brain. It keeps you motivated to take on the other problems. The way to create a blog is to either use online services or use code to create one.

The facilities are WordPress, Blogger, etc. The system used to create a blog are HTML, JavaScript, Swift, Python, etc.


In this part, you decide and design the entire experience and outlook of your website. You will handle everything that requires a personal touch.

The colors, the designs, the templates, the widgets, the add-on software, the style, etc. Creating a very visually pleasing website is essential as the site can then work as its marketing tool and attract a lot of readers.

There’s no direct interaction with the readers or the sponsors; these are your efforts to make the website more interesting.

Interaction and Posting

Now that the entire outlook and tools are ready to deliver and monitor your services, it is time to make your website to go online.

Now, if you haven’t already, you’ll need an underlying theme of the entire blog. Like technology blogs, hobby blogs, lifestyle blogs, etc.

Unless and until you don’t have a decent and workable enough field to write on, your readers will not feel captivated and your entire venture goes down.

This phase usually involves assessing what your main reader-base wants to read, an essential demographic study.

Emotion and Expression

This phase usually consists of you deciding what you want to write about. You could write about anything that intrigues you – tech, lifestyle, personal life, writings, cars, etc.

Getting readers in this phase isn’t a huge deal as you’re trying to create a more of a dangerous environment for your blog, establishing that you’ll be posting.

And while working on such topics, the only reason for the reader to read is to get a unique and intuitive experience from reading your written articles and segment. You’re free to portray your beliefs, understandings, reviews, etc.


The way you’re posting, uploading, and updating certain articles and write-ups is a bit unprofessional.

To be in this for a longer time, you need a more systematic and timed posting system which helps you maintain your reader’s percentage while also adding new segments to your entire blog.

The more you expand your horizons, the more you’ll realize that more readers show up

Finding that right balance in this posting and editing separately can help you in increasing your reader numbers, while also being able to incorporate new topics into your mainstream blog, slowly and steadily.

The more organized you’ll be the better you’ll be able to respond to your consistent reader’s doubts and comments.


This primarily relates to you maintaining that organized setup and striving to enter the big boy market of the industry. You need to be able to connect to your reader’s perspective.

You need to access the qualities you’d like in your posts and updates which currently seems missing. The day you do this, is the day your numbers will genuinely skyrocket past every milestone you thought impossible to achieve.

To better put your points in the world out there, you first need to win the trust of your regular readers. These are the ones who support you till the end.


This phase constitutes of you foreseeing yourself in the next coming years.

Are you able to continue seizing specific market opportunities and work accordingly?

Or do you see yourself quitting your blog after a couple of years despite all the hard work and dedication you portrayed?

As said earlier, all this depends upon your performance and your will to achieve your goals. It is about focusing on the right things to ensure your outreach on certain levels of the strata that right now seem achievable to you.

All these phases aren’t necessarily experienced by all, as some bloggers skip a few, some don’t. Bu the last few that matter happen to everybody.

What Are The Phases Of Every Bloggers How You Can Improve It

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