Very High DA PA Blog Directories Websites to Submit Your Blog

High DA PA Blog Directories Websites to Submit Your Blog

There are millions of blogs available today on the internet. Nearly every website commercial or personal now has a separate Blog section.

This is a space that is being used by different people in different ways. To some blogging is about sharing personal views on various topics.

And to others blogging is about talking to the customers or even the potential leads so as to create a strong relationship with them which can benefit the business.

If you love to pen down your thoughts if you love to give life to your views with your words then blogging is your easy way, a digital way of becoming an ‘author’.

To many, getting a blog published, earning plenty of views and seeing the blog being shared and applauded by many gives the close satisfaction as a book’s author would on seeing that his books are sold from the bookshelves within a short span after being launched.

Blogging is being used widely in education. And blogs are also used to create online communities where people with something in common come together and talk their thoughts.

No matter what blogging means to you, remember that you would need the right platform, to begin with.

Even the most impressive content, the kind that would sweep any reader off his feet would need a good stage to actually reach the readers who would value the content.

Then comes the task of making your blog popular. For this, you would have to look for ways that would enhance the ranking of your blog and make it appear among the first few hits in the search pages.

Why should you submit your blogs on directories?

When you are running a business getting it listed in the local directories or ‘yellow pages’ as we fondly used to call them was the first way to ‘get the business on the map’ or in other words, to let people know that such a business exists.

The same applies to blogs as well. How will people get to know about your blogs if the directories, in which the popular search engines rummage through while looking for search results, do not contain your blog’s URL?

There are directories like Submission Web Directory, TopSites directory and WorldWebDirectory that most people use to submit their websites.

And for blogs, there are specific blog submission directories like Blogville directory, BlogsCollection, BlogHub, blogs will and lots more.

Where do you submit your blog?

There are many directories that now accept blog submissions. This is one of the straightforward effective ways recommended by most bloggers to get decent traffic to your blogs right from the time you create them.

Only when you have created a flow of traffic would you be able to work on enhancing the traffic at later stages.

1. Bing Webmaster

create and access your Webmaster account before you try to submit a blog. This is a tool that can be used even to submit your website.

2. Google Webmaster

helps you with more than just submission of your website or blog. There are also tools that allow you to track the performance of your site and the traffic pattern. And with Google Analytics you can take your analysis of your blog to the next level.

3. Pinterest

Pinning the blogs, the images on Pinterest is one of the most commonly used methods that gets bloggers their audience. And for this, if you have unique and impressive images then you are sure to get a good amount of traffic.

4. Blogarama

this is the oldest directory for blogs. And the best part is that the submission of your blogs on this directory is absolutely free. If you would like to work on the traffic you also get to choose from the Business and Premium packages in this directory.

5. Blogflux

Blogflux is another popular name in the blogosphere. There are the options to get the stats of your blog, or even conduct polls.

6. Spillbean

Spillbean can be used to submit blogs as well as website URLs. There is also a Popular Blogs section that gets a lot of visibility to the blogs. The easy categorization of the blogs and domains makes it easy for the visitors to find the blogs they are looking for.

7. BlogSearchEngine

BlogSearchEngine has a variety of packages based on the type of blog you would like to submit and the features you might require. You can also get a comprehensive review of your blog.

8. EatonWeb

EatonWeb is another old blog directory where you can also evaluate your blog ranking and work on improving the performance of your blog.

9. BestoftheWebBlogs

For those looking for quality blogs, this is the place. So if you get your blogs listed here then you are sure to get quality traffic on your blog site.

Besides the above-mentioned directories, there are also websites where your blogs can gain traction and actually get to people who might be ready to share them.

Facebook, for example, can be cited as one of the most popular platforms for those looking for content. There are people who rely on Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages for first-hand information about various topics.

And on a single Facebook app, they can open the window to plenty of blogs, YouTube channels and even Instagram feeds. So for the users as well as for the bloggers and content creators social media pages are very useful.

What do you get from submitting your blogs in directories?

  1. The exposure you get from the submission in these directories is pretty good. Especially for the new bloggers still building an audience, for those looking to establish a stable blog this can be great.
  2. If you are looking for backlinks for your blogs, ones that actually fetch a good traffic then these directories offer those.
  3. There could be businesses looking for bloggers and blogs for advertising or even to write specific content like reviews for a fee. Such businesses might look for leads from these popular blog directories and thus your chances of getting noticed increases with blog submission.
High DA PA Blog Directories Websites to Submit Your Blog

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