How to Get Your Blog or Website Certified On Alexa: The Complete Guide

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How to Get Your Blog or Website Certified On Alexa

Although Alexa retired its Claim Your Site feature, you can still avail of its Certified Site Metric feature.

You will be provided with traffic metrics, uptime metrics, social metrics, engagement metrics, mobile metrics, location metrics, and top content metrics.

You can view this information on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to see how your site performs over time.

So, why should you avail of this paid service?

Why You Should Get Alexa Certified Metrics:

1. A Complete Measurement and Report of Your Website’s Traffic

Alexa directly measures and reports real traffic going through your website. It excludes web crawlers and other non-human traffic.

2. An Accurate Alexa Ranking

Having Alexa Certified Metrics directly measures your site’s traffic. Without it, Alexa only gives an estimate on your website’s traffic.

3. A Comprehensive Report on Your Website’s Analytics

Alexa breaks down the different sources of traffic into your site. You can determine the contribution search, social, link, and direct source to your total traffic.

4. Easy Monitoring of Website Performance

You can monitor your website’s uptime and isolate the possible causes for downtrends in your traffic.

5. Third-Party Proof of Your Site’s Metrics

You can publish your website’s Alexa-certified traffic statistics on the site overview page. This is helpful since potential advertisers, investors, and partners can determine if your website is a good choice for their investment.

The Alexa Certified Metrics only measures the traffic going to your website. Having it does not affect your website’s search engine ranking, and Alexa traffic rank.

How to Get Your Website Metrics Certified

To get your metrics certified, you would need to install your unique Alexa Certify Code. This code would enable Alexa to directly analyze and measure the traffic on your website. You can choose to display these metrics on your site.

Here’s how you get your own Alexa Certify Code:

  1. You must first know how much page views your website gets in a month. You can easily get this data if you have Google Analytics installed in your website.

This is a free service. It only requires a Google account, signing up for Google Analytics, and installing a code in your website.

  1. Once you have determined your average monthly page views, you have to choose which Alexa Certified plan level best suits your website.

Basic Plan

  • Certified Site Metric feature
  • 10 million page views per month

Insight Plan

  • Certified Site Metric feature
  • Website analysis tools
    • Monthly unique visitors
    • Website overview
    • Website comparisons
    • Organic website keywords
    • Website screener
    • Top sites
  • 50 million page views per month

Advanced Plan

  • Certified Site Metric feature
  • Website analysis tools
  • SEO Tools
    • Two monthly website audits
    • Organic keyword research
    • Paid keyword research
    • Competitor backlink checker
    • Competitor keyword matrix
    • Keyword difficulty tool
    • On-page SEO checker
    • Keyword share of voice
  • Audience Analysis
    • Audience overlap
    • Audience interest
  • 200 million page views per month

Agency Plan (Advanced High Traffic)

  • Has same features as the Advanced Plan but is available for 35 sites and 20 users
  • 1 billion page views per month

You can upgrade your plan anytime, so do not worry about choosing a plan that might not keep up with your future website traffic.

  1. After you have signed up, you can now get your Alexa Certify Code.

  • For Basic, Insight, Advanced, and Advanced High Traffic plans:

You can get your code by going to the “Site Settings” page. Click on the “Certification Status” link found under your website URL to display the Certify Code.

  • For Agency project accounts:

You can get your code by going to the “Project Hub.” Click the Dashboard button found on a project’s lower-right hand corner. This would show the “Metrics for Your Site” card. Click the dropdown item “Manage” and then click “Get Certified.”

  1. You can now add the certified code to your site. The code can be added in any hosted site that allows JavaScript to be added.

  • For WordPress Users:

The Certify Code can be added by installing the Alexa Plugin on your site. Once you have done this, you can enter your Certify Code in the plugin. Note that the code can only be added to self-hosted WordPress websites.

  • For Joomla Users:

You would have to enter the Alexa Certify code right above the closing tag in your site’s “index.php” file. Then, you would have to edit the “component.php” found in your site’s templates root folder and insert the the Certify Code in the print view and mailto pages.

  • For Wix Users:

Go to your site’s settings. Under Advanced Settings, Click on “Tracking & Analytics.” Click on “+New Tool” and choose “Custom” from the choices. Enter your code for the applicable domain then add the code to “All Pages” with the default option. Once you have done this, contact Alexa for assistance on running your site’s first Certification scan.

  1. Check the installation of your code by clicking the “Scan My Site” button in your Alexa profile.

  2. Wait for at least three hours for the result. Data would start coming in if you have installed the code correctly.

  3. If there are any errors or issues, contact Alexa for support.

If you’re serious about growing an audience for your blog, the Alexa Certified Metrics is a crucial component of your website.

It will provide you the feedback you need to adjust your SEO efforts and content creation.

If you are looking to monetize your blog, the certified metrics would prove your website’s viability as an investment for investors, advertisers, or partners.

How to Get Your Blog or Website Certified On Alexa
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