Are You Want To Stop Blogging? Do These Things Before Quit

Are You Want to Stop Blogging Do These Things Before Quit Blogging

Blogging is fun and interesting, and it’s that thing you never thought you’d be good at.

But, just like investment banking, it gets to a point where you just have to quit.

If you are no longer posting on the blog and lack the energy to, if you no longer enjoy it, if you are failing and you’ve given it time, it might be time to wrap things up.

And, what if quitting isn’t really what you need?

Well, this article addresses what you could do while contemplating to quit blogging or not. It’s a short guide to what you should do when you are no longer sure.

Take a break

Perhaps you are just overwhelmed, and a break from writing and marketing is all you require?

So, take a break to assess the situation and to regroup.

Go back to the beginning and ask yourself why you are blogging and the amount of time you wish to spend blogging.

Sometimes, our reminding yourself the reason for what you do is all you need to get ahead.

Work on your foundation

If you got into blogging for money, and that hasn’t worked out, evaluate your foundation.

Do you have what you need to make your blog a profitable venture?

When blogging for business, you need a lead magnet that will help build your email list, and you have to offer value.

The only way for you to make money involves making these two elements, and many others work.

While re-evaluating things, you should nail down the details of the niche you wish to target.

The lead magnets you create should be compelling, and there should be a landing page for the lead magnet.

You also need to come up with offers that cannot be turned down, along with compelling landing pages. There should be a two-step funnel with the lead magnet coming first, followed by the landing page.

The next big step involves running traffic(paid) through this funnel.

If you follow these steps, you will see higher conversion rates and higher profits.

Analyze why you are not getting enough traffic

Most people quit blogging not because they are bad at it or they don’t have enough time but because they are doing a lot but it’s not enough – they are not getting traffic.

It happens to all of us. And it is a top issue for bloggers and marketers.

This means it’s a problem we can fix. It’s part of the game, and we have recommendations:

Master organic search and optimize your posts, build a very engaged email list – it’s got the highest conversion rates, and tap into the existing traffic.

Tapping into existing traffic means going where your audience has moved to.

Collaborating with your competition through content co-creation or writing guest articles is a great way for readers to gravitate towards you.

Paying to promote your content is the other thing you might want to do to drive traffic. Use Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Rewrite the playbook to make your content more engaging

You get more readers when you create interesting and premium-quality content. But first, you have to define your target audience.

Next, improve your writing – this is as simple as writing better headlines.

Also, learn to foster engagement. If you are the person that always publishes blogs but fails to comment to or react to comments from fans, your chances of keeping those fans dwindle.

Say Thank You, and ask questions at the end of your articles.

Find ways of growth

People change jobs or take breaks from things they have been doing for years when they stop seeing growth.

It happens everywhere.

But, have you considered this being a problem on your end?

Top bloggers are constantly re-inventing the wheel. Learn from them. Look for opportunities for growth.

Network widely, focus on creating one content-distribution channel at a time and publish content consistently.

Networking and seeking advice from successful bloggers will motivate you when nothing else does.

Those successful bloggers you look up to have been where you are, they know how you can get through, but only if you want to. On this note, it’s important to have mentors.

You’ve come so far and gone through a lot; it won’t hurt to try one more time, with a bigger and smarter approach.

However, according to Neil Patel and other expert bloggers, you should quit blogging if any of these five things happen:

  1. You no longer feel connected to your initial purpose.
  2. You cannot maintain the blog because you lack resources
  3. Blogging fails as the medium for communicating with your audience
  4. You can achieve your goals through other means
  5. You’ve done everything recommended, but your blog remains non-profitable.

Job vs. Blogging

If you want to quit blogging then first think about what to do next. Because every person needs money in their life.

Without money, life is waste of time.

You can’t follow any of your dreams without money. Follow a dream much less even you can’t think about any dream without money.

There is much difference between Job and making money online with blogging. Here we discuss some points about Blogging.

Benefits of Blogging:

Blogging is one of the best and reliable way to make money online. Making money online every month is never been easier like blogging.

In today’s world, many people make a living by just doing blogging as a career.

Do You Know Why Blogging is Best Way to Make Money Online?

This is because earning from blogging is the best & reliable way to make money online.

It’s true that starting a blog is easy but Achieving success in blogging is hard. But also, not too hard to get success with your blog.

You just need to work harder at the beginning. And at any point, if your blog starts ranking then you can make money from it for a very long time.

Below are some key points of blogging.

  • Reliable Income:

First of all, blogging is the best way to make lots of money online. I agree that blogging takes time to grow and this is not easy like eating food.

But at another side also remember that once your blog starts growing then you will start making money from it asap.

Blogging is a reliable way to earn passive income per month online. This is the plus point of blogging.

This is the reason that people show their trust in blogging and you should also.

  • Unlimited Earnings:

This is the only reason why I like to earn money online with blogging. There is no limit of money to earn online.

If your blog starts ranking and gain some small and big success then you will start earning money online more than you expected.

Many successful bloggers are earning more than 1,00,000$ per month just with their blog. But in the beginning, they worked very hard to grow their blog.

So, blogging is the only way to make unlimited money online.

  • Work Anywhere, Anytime

To earn money online you don’t need to work from fix place like a 9to5 job.

You can work from anywhere in the world to earn money online with blogging.

Also, you don’t need to work at fix time to manage your blog & work online.

You can do work for your blog anytime as you want. This is why I love blogging.

  • Many Ways to Make Money Online with Blogging

If you run a blog then you can monetize it by many different ways to earn money from it.

You can monetize your blog with different ways that are below.

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsorships
  4. Paid Reviews
  5. Many Other Ways
Are You Want to Stop Blogging Do These Things Before Quit Blogging

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