How to Rank Blog in Google Top 5 Faster by Guest Blogging

How to Rank Blog in Google Top 5 Faster by Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a popular method to use the internet to share the content of your choice. The content can be anything ranging from personal life experiences like traveling and daily events to business and professional content as well.  It is different from the websites that a blog is updated regularly and allows the involvement of the audience as well. Blogging is an efficient way to keep the customers and clients updated. It lets you gain confidence and address a certain kind of audience with a content that is admired by both the parties. To advance your blogging career and to make links in the industry of blogging, guest blogging is one of the most promising ways to perform better and get more exposure. It is the practice where you can easily build relationships, exposure, authority and links in the blogging business.

What is guest blogging?

Bloggers are required to produce high-quality content with every update of a blog.

To improve the content and deliver quality content guest blogging is done.

It is the kind of blogging which involves a writer who does the blogging which is not for their own.

Also It is an opportunity to showcase your expertise and talent as well as the audience which means traffic of both the parties.

It is also a great opportunity to prove yourself as a figure within the blogging industry and to build efficient contacts with other bloggers to learn new techniques and experiences.

The primary goals for guest blogging should be the following:

  • You should expose the blog to a completely new audience
  • Think of yourself as a thought leader of your field
  • Develop a relationship with other bloggers in the same industry
  • Find guest blogging opportunities
  • Build backlinks to your site and generate traffic to your blog.

Look for relevant sites which favor your industries and fields.

The following points should be considered and focussed on to find good blogging opportunities:

Some of the tips to start a guest blogging are as follows:

  1. If you are an onsite blogger, then open up for submissions and give others the opportunities to show their talent of blogging on your blog.
  2. Start guest posting on other websites and look for influences and professional opportunities which enhances and expose your content for new followers and customers
  3. Take the help of social media to popularise and promote your content and the blog of the person whose blog you are going to be a guest. Such platforms are great to influence and be creative while blogging

Advantages of guest blogging

The following are the benefits that you can avail from guest blogging:

  • It increases the brand exposure in the target market
  • Good quality content development for both the parties
  • You can reach out to potential new followers and customers
  • Guest blogging complements other influencers in making marketing efforts
  • The benefit of SEO from the link building
  • Builds a strong network and relationships
  • You’ll get to learn brand new opportunities of collaborations
  • Takes your writing skills to a completely new level
  • Build your own portfolios
  • It leads to an increase in traffic towards the blog and website

With all the advantages and reasons to start guest blogging,

Here are some of the tips that will help you with guest blogging in a better way:

  1. Create a clear and concise author bio or tagline as that will be the first thing to strike the audience
  2. Try to link your blog post in the guest post that you will be doing to make sure the audience reaches out to your blog as well
  3. Conclude the blog by calling for comments as more the content is shared, it will be in previous searches of SEO
  4. You should run Google Analytics to keep a track of the traffic generated on your blog post. It gives a proper idea and direction for your further blogs

Remember that the main objective of guest blogging is to relay information to a broader audience. You should, therefore, not use this chance to advertise a product or service.

Any information about you should only appear in the author bio section. Let the guest blog post focus on anything else apart from your business so that the audience and the owner of the blog do not have the impression that you may be taking advantage of the platform to advertise your product.

Here is how you can find the right guest blogging opportunities:

Google searches

If you are a newbie in guest blogging, Google searches should come in handy. Take note that not all blogs accept guest posts.

Some of the bloggers like working alone.

Use keyword searches to help you find good bloggers who allow guest posts. Google can help you find the guidelines page of blog’s guest post or even the actual posts done by other writers.

Prolific guest bloggers

For you to be a successful blogger, you need to read and research extensively. When you go through different blogs in your niche, you may come across prolific guest bloggers.

The names of such bloggers are common because such bloggers often write content for other writers.

Make use of Google search for you to find names of some of the prolific guest bloggers in your industry.

You can simplify your search by using phrases such as “guest post by.” This search can reveal most of the sites that prolific guest bloggers have posted their content.

If you happen to know any guest blogger in the field, they can introduce you to owners of different blogs where you can share your content.

Competitor backlinks

Have you ever engaged in backlink analysis while you worked on an SEO campaign?

There is a high chance of your competitors having backlinks from some of the guest posts they may have done.

Make use of a tool such as Open Site Explorer for you to find backlinks of some of your competitors in the field and identify the blogs they may have written.

If you don’t have search access, feel free to search for link: Make sure that you substitute the with the domain of your competitor.

This google search can help you find sites that a certain competitor has written for in the past.

Social searches

One way of generating traffic through guest blogging is by sharing posts on social media platforms.

You should, therefore, conduct social searches when looking for a good blog to leave your guest post. Make sure you run a Twitter search to help you identify the latest tweets regarding guest posts in your niche.

You can quickly follow the links available on such tweets to determine which blogs accept guest posts in your industry.

Guest blogging exposes the bloggers to a totally different audience which in the long run benefits him or her to make more quality content blogs.

How to Rank Blog in Google Top 5 Faster by Guest Blogging

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