Why You are Not Getting Any Traffic on Your Blog? How to Solve It!

Why You are Not Getting Any Traffic on Your Blog How to Solve It!

Starting a blog is easy but to keep it going is the strenuous task.

Questions that haunts the blogger day in and day out are what should be my next topic, will people like it, how do I make more people read my blog and last but definitely not the least why is no one reading my blog?

It could be really frustrating when you see that even after you have tried everything, no one is interested to read your blog. You are not able to gather traffic on your blog.

Let’s work on solving this issue and not give up, you have been surviving quite long and want to give up, just hold on and keep trying, you may be just one blog post away from success.

Things that are affecting your blog traffic and how to solve it

Here let’s see and analyse some pointers which may be able to tell what things are affecting your blog traffic and how you can solve it. These pointers are:

First Mistake:

First mistake that most of does when we start a blog is to treat it like a journal or diary. You start writing about yourself and your life experiences, though it should be the opposite. Being a blogger means adding value to the life of others or audience through your content. So before you are about to publish your blog do think will you share this post, will this add value to the reader?

Lifestyle Blogger:

Being a lifestyle blogger does add an array of feathers in your blog. You can write about anything or everything if you are lifestyle blogger, but maintaining the flow is not easy. Audience that connects to you may also feel that some topics are useful to them while others are waste of time, due to which they may look out for other options which has their dedicated niche in it. So keep yourself dedicated to one niche and focus on expanding on the same.

Post New Articles:

Consistency of your posts may be the thing due to which your traffic is low. Think of this as a friend who you know but then he disappears for long durations in between, eventually you will get tired and lose contact with the person. Same rule applies to blog posts. If your blog is not consistent you will be losing quite a lot of traffic. So remain in minds of audience by continuously and consistently posting new content on your blog.

Design & Page Loading Speed:

Look into your website design, load time and analyse it from the view point of an audience. If it doesn’t appeal to you it will be unappealing to the audience as well. Design should be organised and ads that you put should be relevant to your blog. Make your blogs load time is not more than 2 seconds as people will go away to other websites without even giving time to your website content to load.

Engage With Audience:

One of the reasons could be that your content is not engaging enough. It is not able to grab the attention of the audience. Since you are new to the blogging world, you are still in learning phase, But just because someone says that your content is not good don’t give up rather keep trying as the more you write, more your skills will hone.

Targeted Keywords:

Keywords are the drivers which will take your blog across into the traffic. Keyword research is must, before writing on any topic. This can help in search engine optimisation of your blog. Search around the topic you want to write about in the search engine, and look at all the possible questions that can arise on the same.

Headlines should be catchy:

Most of the people will only click through your blog post if your headline makes them want to read your article. It should be providing information on what the blog is about and should be able to raise your curiosity. It should be related to topic, and you should not lie, whatever is in the headline should be the content as well so that there are no bounce backs.

Create backlinks:

How does one do this? You have to socialise with some other bloggers out there, promote their work and ask if you could write a guest blog for them, most of them would welcome this gesture. This way you get access to their audience as well, post a back link on their site. This will help in giving you exposure and gaining new audience.

Formatting cannot be overlooked:

Follow similar formatting in all your blogs to maintain consistency and give people feel of familiarity. Follow the headers on the Google which will give you the flow that your blog should follow. Formatting makes your blog post look clean and organised, not just haphazardly written things.

Promote on social media:

Don’t overdo this by going on each and every platform and promoting your blog there. It could cause inconvenience to people. Use up to two to three platforms to promote your content, this is the most effective way of marketing your blog.

How do you make people read your blog?

Blogging is a full time job, where you have to dedicate hours and time to get result, if someone says that it is easily done, just make him see the reality. Initially there is a lot of struggle to establish.

Start enjoying writing. When you have fun writing, you will be able to produce quality content which will be able to gather traffic for you.

If you enjoy your blog, others will as well. You can increase your traffic by great bounds just by following these pointers.

Blogging is not easy and requires a lot of patience and time to see desired results, but the only factor that matters is that you don’t give up, even if you feel you cannot do this you have to still keep trying and posting regularly so that you can succeed.

Why You are Not Getting Any Traffic on Your Blog How to Solve It!

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