How to Get High Domain Authority Value to Your Blog With Good Contents

How to Get High Domain Authority Value to Your Blog With Good Contents

How do you Add Value to Your Blog with Layers of Content?

Blogging is an art. The art of delivering important and useful knowledge using the power of the internet and writing style is indeed a great function of the modern world.

Blogging not only imparts great value to the users but also its authors by allowing more traffic to their website and generating a good amount of revenue through the AdSense tool. But in any case, it becomes pretty important for every blogger to know how to weave words and use various methods of adding value to their contents.

The value addition is an utmost strategy to help users build the faith in the content in the first place. Moreover, adding value increases the users or reader base which also enhances the traffic to your blog or website.


each and every blog is focused on providing a greater experience and information through their creative content.

Although it becomes difficult to write creative contents on a regular basis, it must be factually noted that regular updates on the blog can help you project the blog as active to your consumers.

However, as it becomes pretty much difficult to write regularly, there are certainly some tools that you need to implement so that your readers share the same vision as yours and find your blog valuable than others.

Truth is spoken or written otherwise, there are great blogs lurking around the web of the internet and sometimes it becomes highly competitive. The search engine optimization strategy helps your blog to rank among others with definitive keywords.

Similarly, there are other ways as well to add value to your blog which we will be discussing in the following sections. The article encompasses the various ways so that you can add momentum to your blogs and gain some great value.

Create regular contents

Well, it is never an easy task to create contents for your consumers regularly. But, the top players in the blog industry know how to do it. This is how they become the number one in the game.

Any blog which is busy has been able to achieve success through the updates and continuous visiting guests on their websites.

So, there are five basic thumb rules that every superior blog follows to live up to the expectations and adding value to the blogs.

First and foremost of the rules is the Momentum. Any productive blog can be found with a pattern of releasing a new post after a certain period.

Most follow the pattern of three days bandwidth which allows the users a breathing space and succumbing to the routine. The span of three days indicates two articles posted on the blog every week which is a perfect digest.

Secondly, the motivation to write helps a blog to host regular contents. Money cannot be the sole motivator if there are no feedbacks about the piece.

This entitles every post open to public comments, likes, and shares. The more people share it on their social media pages; more is the motivation of the writers. This motivation, in turn, helps the blog to achieve regularity.

Creating Layers of Content

As already mentioned, a blog is an art. It is an art of telling stories and taking your readers through a journey of unraveling folds before reaching to the conclusive end.

The analogy that can be drawn is the summit of a peak. Reaching to the top of the mountain requires many efforts and struggles and the result is the ecstasy.

If you hear a story of any climber, the peak is not the main attraction but the story of the journey is. In a similar fashion, you also need to take your readers through a journey. The interactive format of the blog has made it distinguished from other information and knowledge sharing platforms.

For this purpose, you will need your story to be multifold. This can be done by introducing layers of contents. Initially, you can use the primary and secondary layer.

The primary layer of the blog is basically the blog. It considers the good content and thoughtful penning of an article. There are different styles of different authors.

So it is irrelevant to focus only on one style of writing. The various styles make the difference. Once you have written the articles, you have established your unique writing style.


you must know that not all the readers will be attracted to your style but if you have good content, you will surely find your target audience.

The second layer is the complimentary benefit that is added to your blog which empowers the readers to promote your content without exhausting them.

This is easily done by embedding social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The social media creates an engagement of your blog to the consumers.

There is also a provision of RSS feed and e-mail subscription which notifies the readers on new publish.

There is also a third layer which conforms to your drive and interests. They also act as a valuable resource of reference which gives the readers more idea about you.

Most bloggers tend to use this third layer as the reference point to link other sources of information to provide extra chips to your readers. The internal and external links also help your blog to gain points and rank during the search engine optimization.

What you must avoid?

Although there are various ways of leveraging your blog among the consumers so that they can see the value, you must also be aware of the facts that maintaining the visits is also a major requirement in keeping the value pertinent to what you offer.

Most of the bloggers tend to lose their focus by associating with some other business.

You must keep that in mind that the sole purpose of your blog is not to make money but serve your customers with a good piece of knowledge.

Business association and putting advertisements can actually help you earn money but if the consumers feel that subscribing to your newsletter is not worth anymore due to the increasing spam messages, then they will not find any value in visiting your page.

How to Get High Domain Authority Value to Your Blog With Good Contents

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