How & Why to Run Blog Giveaways: Importance of Blog Giveaways

How and Why to Run Blog Giveaways Importance of Blog Giveaways

Organizing a giveaway is one of the most effective techniques in driving more traffic to your blog.

It can easily provide your blog with a much-needed boost in traffic and attention.

You don’t need much to run a blog giveaway. The giveaway could be anything.

It could be a free product, a coupon, a discount card, a book, a piece of software, etc. It’s a powerful way of engaging and rewarding your most loyal readers.

Everybody loves free stuff (i.e. prizes and rewards).

There’s also a big chance that your giveaway will go viral and attract an avalanche of new visitors.

In short, you have a lot to gain and little to lose in running a giveaway in your blog.

Blog Giveaway can increase your Blog’s traffic and social engagement with public. This will boost social media accounts of your blog.

After getting more followers and likes on social networks page of your blog if you share your blog post page link on social networks it’s automatically go viral.

Just imagine if you share your post on social media platforms then your followers also share your post on social networks to their friends or relatives.

It will boost your traffic by getting free traffic from google+, facebook, twitter, etc.

The main profit of high amount of sharing on social media will guaranteed increase you moz domain authority and page authority of your blog.

How to Run a Blog Giveaway

The first thing you should come up with is the item you are going to give away. The general rule is that it should be something that your target readers will be interested in.

It’s best that you offer a high quality product as the freebie. For example, you write a blog about art.

Your blog giveaway could be an art set, a box of high quality oil paints, a book biography about a famous painter, or a painting instructional DVD set.

In short, the giveaway should be something relevant to the interests of your core audience.

After deciding on the item to give away, you then have to think of the way a reader can get the item. The most common strategy by bloggers is to conduct a raffle.

Readers leaving comments or sharing content from your blog can get one raffle entry for each comment or share.

You can also run the contest on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where readers can get raffle entries by commenting, sharing, and retweeting your posts.

It’s best that you set up a specific running period for the contest or giveaway. It could be a day, a week, or a month depending on the nature of your contest.

You should announce the winners of the giveaways at the end of the contest period. It’s up to you if there will be several winners or if there will be just one winner.

You can tell your users to share your article and something more to participate in your giveaway contest.

You will get more shares and go viral for your blog articles.

And Also You will receive higher amount of totally free traffic on your blog.

If you are advertising a certain product for a company on your blog, giving giveaways can help you generate sales for the company and also make people notice your blog. In this case, you need to use slightly different strategies when running the blog giveaway.

Start by using the services of rafflecopter to help you set up and even run the blog giveaways. You can set up an account with them for free, and they can simplify the entire process.

Ensure that you define what the giveaway is clearly to your readers. Make sure that you as the blogger and the company agree on what will be given away as a reward or prize. Both parties should also be on the same page as to who can qualify for the giveaway. Have all the prize-winning details before you set up the giveaway on your blog.

You should also test the product or service before giving out the product for free to your readers. Feel free to capture images of the reward and share a personal story related to the product. When you come up with a sponsored post, you increase your readers’ interest.

Apart from sharing the giveaway post on your social media platforms, you need to share it through your newsletter so that you make your current subscribers aware. Make sure to use hashtags such as #contest or # giveaway for people to see it easily even when they are skimming through your posts.

Once the contest is over, make sure that you select the winner carefully. If you are using rafflecopter, it can help you choose the winner randomly. You, however, have to ascertain that the winner qualifies for the giveaway. For instance, if the entry was for subscribing to the blog, the winner should have done this.

Why Run a Blog Giveaway?

1. It increases attention to your blog:

It’s a lot easier to attract attention towards your blog if you are offering a freebie or a giveaway.

It encourages your readers to talk about your blog and this creates a snowball effect. The more people talking about your blog, the more attention and traffic your blog gets.

2. It is a good way to reward and thank your readers:

In a sense, it’s a way of giving back to them for loyally supporting and reading your blog. Not only are you rewarding your readers, but you are also motivating them to support you even more.

3. It improves your social media presence:

There’s a reason why a lot of brands run social media contests and giveaways on a regular basis. It’s so easy for information to spread in social media.

4. It increases reader engagement:

Reader engagement is very important in blogging. If your readers are active in interacting with your blog, this means they are getting a lot of value from it.

5. It boosts traffic towards your blog:

If your giveaway is a huge success, your traffic can double or even triple during the duration of the giveaway. That’s how powerful freebies are in attracting new visitors.

6. It helps you save money:

Most bloggers tend to think that giveaways are costly. They don’t have to be if you use a cheap marketing channel.

The cost of running such contests can be low if you get help from Rafflecopter which is free. You only need to have a budget for the cost of the reward and find a cost-effective way of marketing it.

7. Giveaways help you gain product exposure:

If you are launching a product through your blog, you can generate buzz fast around your brand. The opportunity also fuels interest in your readers and gets them excited about the product.

8. It can save you time and prevent you from headaches:

People use different types of marketing channels to promote their blogs and generate traffic. Some of these channels are time-consuming and complicated since they need lots of technical knowledge.

If you want a marketing channel that is simple and less complicated, use giveaways to motivate readers and generate traffic.

9. It is fun:

Unlike other marketing channels, you will have fun coordinating a giveaway contest.

Your readers also look forward to winning in the contest; therefore, they also have fun and share this information with other readers as they compete for the giveaway.

Do consider running giveaways in your blog if you want to grow your readership.

As mentioned earlier, it’s not that difficult to organize a giveaway or a contest, so do give it a try.

How and Why to Run Blog Giveaways Importance of Blog Giveaways

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