Get Unlimited Traffic By Run Free Giveaway or Contest On Your Blog

Get Unlimited Traffic By Run Free Giveaway or Contest On Your Blog

With whatever reason you start a blog, the end goal always is to generate higher organic traffic through the write-ups and posts, while eventually connecting with the readers on a much personal and intimate level.

As the various online marketing techniques are eventually transforming and getting high on the peak, there is a great requirement for every blogger to understand the need of the hour.

And what’s better than giveaways and contests?

Of course nothing!

The reason behind the same is that today mass media or digital platforms are not just meant for communication, but they represent interaction on a bigger level.

People love to get engaged in activities and respond positively to your blog or website.

Whether it’s a successful blog or the one that has just entered the league, free contests and quizzes generally attract more of the people’s attention and help you build a huge customer base.

These contests eventually generate backlinks, provide free advertising and bring in a lot of new subscribers to your platform; so, what are the basic advantages of the same?

Read further and discover more!

Availing free backlink benefits

Running a giveaway on your blog gives you many benefits and one most important that your post gets shared by other users so you definitely get a free backlink for your website.

While you plan to run any sort of contest upon your blog or website, related to mobile phones, mobile accessories, free recharge, electronics items, cash prizes, movie tickets, flight tickets, ebooks or anything similar, you will generally seek a lot of attention and further, the readers will discuss and refer your contest to other people, giving you a backlink indirectly.

With the help of one such activity, the visitors are not just providing you with high organic traffic, but they eventually enhance your reputation, authority, and position within the whole digital world.

With such contests, you can keep the readers attached to your platform, while always gaining additional attention from potential followers.

Getting free of cost social media traffic and attention

Social Media is growing now days very fast day by day. So social media is one of the best ways to get your post viral.

On one side where you can gather huge customer attention through backlinking, another way is to find the right kind of traffic with the help of social media platforms.

Today, the use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp is one of the most rigorous practices and thus, marketers generally target such platforms to get instant customer attention.

You can also do the same by sharing your blog along with your friend list.

Just start with posting your blog and then add a critical condition such as – “your participation will only be valid if you post this up on your Facebook timeline, or share with Whatsapp friends”.

As soon as the readers will get through this, some of them would surely share the post or details of the contest, bringing in more participants and ultimately more traffic.

As the people will come directly attracted through social platforms, there are high chances of getting only the targeted users, who have a keen desire to participate in your contest and stay engaged with your blog’s niche.

So definitely, without much of a stress, you can easily cater to a large group of people.

Get free advertising

Finally, the utmost goal of promotion and all these activities is advertising your brand, website or the blog.

A contest is one of the best ways to get enough attention and convert this into a useful advertising strategy.

As your contest will be shared on social media and through backlinks, it will already reach a wider group of people.

Moreover, the blog will get exposed to other blogs and their readers too, giving you a cutting-edge benefit of getting advertised freely without even paying any extra sum for it.

You may likely generate a lot of new subscribers for free with the help of such an engaging giveaway or contest.

So, as a whole new bunch of readers will enter into your platform, they will become your avid readers and help you in getting more coverage and attention.

And of course, you never know when any advertiser will start loving your blog post and strategy, and plan to become the sponsor of your next blog contest!

So, in every way, contests are definitely one of the most amazing things for UGC.

They do not just keep the active users engaged, but they also make you an interactive blogger in their eyes, who loves to connect with the readers and serve them in the best possible manner.

Blog Becomes Popular Brand

Blog giveaway one of the popular ways to get free promotion for your blog.

The more people know about your blog the more popularity you gain. The more popularity you gain your blog becomes more famous,

And after some time, you name convert into a popular brand name like other popular blogs.

Get Free Unlimited Traffic

The free giveaway for your blog is one of the best methods to increase your blog traffic.

And another benefit that this is totally free traffic you receive from users that sharing your blog to each other.

Many top bloggers are using the giveaway method to increase blog traffic & to gain more popularity.

Increase Social Media Subscribers

Running a giveaway for your blog will give you more benefit other than free traffic.

After running a giveaway, you will see many increasements in your social media pages. It will automatically grow.

Social media pages are very important for each and every blog. Social media pages related to your blog content and name.

You will get many benefits from the social media pages of your blog.

The main benefit of having a social media page will give you improvement in your Domain Authority an Page Authority.

And second important benefit of social media pages that it will generate backlinks for your blog.

So, if you still don’t have social media pages of your blog then I strongly recommend you create social media pages for your blog.

Get Unlimited Traffic By Run Free Giveaway or Contest On Your Blog

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