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Benefits of Make Money Online With Blogging

Thinking of starting a blog, you have come across some bloggers who are making it great in the blogging business and are earning handsome amount.

Though it may seem easier on the front but the reality is, it is not easy to make money. So if you are thinking of making it grand by blogging just anything then it would be best if you leave the idea as it is.

Blogging requires a lot of dedication, patience, writing skills and a lot of hard work to achieve the level some of the bloggers are at.

If you are looking at the amount they are earning, also read about the time they have spent on their blog and how much effort they put in each and every blog that they write.

Every business which you start needs hard work same goes for blogging. If you are ready for the hard work it definitely is the best method to earn money online.

What is Blogging process?

Blogging if put in simple process is very easy to start.

  • Start a blog on any site, be it free or paid host.
  • Pick any niche that you are interested in and think can write about it to no ends.
  • Write articles on the same. Quality and detailing of your content should be good.
  • AdSense helps you place Ad codes on your page.
  • When people click on these Ads, you start earning money.

SEO and other advance technical things come later when you have established a little as a blogger and have started to earn some amount.

Why is it considered easy to earn money by blogging rather than any other business?

Blogging is considered easy as compared to other businesses because of various reasons. If we talk about investment almost every business require more or less some investment to start. You will need a workplace, raw material, workers to start your business. But in blogging you are free of all this.

  • Getting a place to work

If you use free networks like BlogSpot, your investment is nil. Even if you use platform like WordPress which are paid, you would be paying a very nominal charge.

  • Raw material

There is no raw material requirement here. It is just you and your brain. How creatively and graspingly you can present your content is all the raw material you require.

  • Advertising your blog

Facebook, Twitter and some other social media platforms are available for free to market your blog. Once you are a professional in this field you can consider spending some amount on marketing your stuff.

After seeing that there is almost nil investment that you would be doing to start a blog, if you are still thinking then quit contemplating and starts blogging. All you need is dedication, patience and hard work to attain success. The amount of money you can earn on blogging is boundless and is directly proportional to your hard work.

Obstacles to overcome:

Though after reading this you will be charged up to start a blog and make money, but let us just go through some obstacles that you will face as a novice in the industry.

  1. If you have started to blog to make big money then it is better to quit now, as you will not be passionate about your topics. You must like what you are writing about, your passion shows. Decide whether your blog will be one niche specific or multi- niche.
  2. Now since you have plunged into the deep waters of blogging, you must be consistent with your posts. You have to post at least once in fifteen days. The principle that when you are out of site, you will be out of mind do apply here. Make a schedule and follow it thoroughly. Setting a pattern which the readers recognise will make them anticipate your next blog, if they like the previous one.
  3. There will come a time when you would be stuck on the topic to write. When you start blogging you think that you have a lot to share, but once you start writing you will find that these were not enough. Keep a note of articles you would want to write. Whenever you see something or get an idea about writing something, jot it down. So that when you are stuck you can use these topics.

There will be many such difficulties that you will face in real time when you start blogging, Just don’t be disheartened and keep trying with patience and deal with each point at a time.

Pointers to follow before you start you blog

If you are going to start a blog, follow these points to have a smooth start in the blogging world:

  • Use BlogSpot to make a free blog. Use it for testing the waters and if you have a little bit of technical know-how go to WordPress and make a blog there. Read the details regarding WordPress and BlogSpot on the internet.
  • Research about SEO basics and read a lot of blogs and articles to know the different writing styles.
  • Read whatever article or blog you can find in your niche and analyse how they started off.
  • Motivate yourself by reading stories or watching videos of other bloggers who have made it big.
  • Ask some of your friends or family members to read your blog before publishing get ideas to improve it.
  • Write continuously to develop a habit of writing.
  • Focus on good content, if your content is high quality with detailing too, people will definitely read it.


The point that you must keep in mind is that blogging is not something where you will be yielding the result from day one. It takes time to establish your brand value here. You will require a lot of patience and consistency for this. Once when readers will relate to your blogs and start adding to your subscription list, you will be earning a handsome amount.

Benefits of Make Money Online With Blogging

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