How To Get More Direct Advertisers To Your Blog: Attract Advertisers

How To Get More Direct Advertisers To Your Blog

If you like to write, create content, and have a strong online presence, you can make blogging your career.

Bloggers, especially those who work with major brands, earn pretty well.

In general, advertisers search for blogs that have interesting content, attractive designs, regular updates, and loyal readership.

So, if you want to attract advertisers to your blog, you need to focus on these elements. What’s more, you have to work on the following:

Cross-Media Integration

Although daily visitors, page views, average time online, and other metrics matter, your social media pages may have greatest significance.

Advertisers often look at how many followers bloggers have on their blogs and on their social media channels. So, you should not only be active on your blogging platform, but on your social media channels as well.

You need to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. See to it that you post updates regularly to maintain your online presence.

You should also engage with your followers by answering their questions and replying to their comments.

Advertisers actually consider the way you communicate with your followers. They want to see if they can become topics of your conversations.

The more often they are talked about, the more prospective customers and earnings they can have.

Their brand becomes more lucrative through sponsored social media content.

Advertiser Involvement

To attract advertisers, you should have product spotlights, polls, and banner ads on your blog. This would give them more opportunities to promote their business.

There are also advertisers who prefer guest posts and giveaways. They use guest posts to entice readers into making a purchase as well as create web traffic.

They also include links and bylines to increase their web statistics.

Giveaways are excellent for attracting more followers. When people learn about free items, they usually become excited to get involved.

Nonetheless, if you want your followers to continue patronizing your blog, you should always be transparent. You have to tell them about sponsored posts.

You can say that a campaign is successful when readers start to interact with advertisers.

For example, you can review a particular product and then ask your readers what they think of it. Encourage them to voice out their opinions.

Ask them if they plan to purchase the product or if they already have it. Ask them how they think the product can improve their lives.

Keep in mind that word of mouth is a very powerful marketing method. Advertisers want people to interact with their brand. Thus, they prefer blogs that feature surveys and reviews.

Alexa and Google Ranking


  • Advertisers typically measure the performance of a blog by checking out its ranking on Alexa and Google.
  • Google uses an algorithm that ranks websites based on their backlinks.
  • If you want to rank highly on this search engine, you have to make sure that all your backlinks are working properly.
  • Alexa is an online directory that evaluates the daily visitors of websites.
  • It also measures other search analytics and traffic metrics.
  • To stay on top of your game, you should keep your blog updated.
  • Do not forget to use current and relevant keywords for your blog entries and URLs.
  • Keep in mind that proper search engine optimization is crucial for Internet survival.

Additional Tips on How to Attract Advertisers

Here are more tips on how you can work with brands and be a successful blogger and social media influencer:

1. Sign up for blog-specific ad programs

Take note of the types of ads your followers find valuable.

For instance, you can sign up with Google AdSense, which is a context-based program. It automatically generates ads that you can place all over your blog.

Likewise, you can put Amazon Associates ads on your blog. Make sure that you only endorse products and/or services that you actually like and use for yourself.

This way, your followers will continue to trust your recommendations.

You can also use call-to-action links to attract advertisers and encourage them to discuss collaboration opportunities with you.

Moreover, you can sign up with advertiser-publisher connection programs such as BlogAds and AdBrite to be listed on directories.

2. Promote affiliate products on your blog

You can gain more traffic for your blog if you work with an online merchant and become an affiliate marketer.

This is great because you will earn a commission or fixed amount for every sale or referral you make.

What’s more, you will be able to attract the attention of advertisers when you become popular online and gain a massive following.

3. Publish a media kit

Advertisers want to know if your blog is worth their investment. So, you should create and publish a media kit to prove that you have the right metrics.

See to it that you have the following statistics on your blog: Google page rank, Moz rank, number of visitors per month, average time on site, daily unique page views, number of social media followers for different platforms, and bounce rate.

Do not forget to include any other information that might be appealing to advertisers.

For example, you may also include websites that you are affiliated with. You may also indicate if you contribute content to other popular blogs or websites.

4. Connect with companies and brands

If you are interested in working with a specific company or brand, you have to make them notice you.

Follow their social media pages and subscribe to their channels.

Tag them in your posts and photos. Contact them by sending professional e-mails and making business calls. Let them know about your blog and how you can help them boost their sales.

The life of a blogger may seem glamorous to many.

However, it is not that easy. Just like with any other venture, hard work is necessary to achieve success.

If you want to make a name for yourself as well as earn a lot of money, you need to do your best. Form and maintain good relationships with companies and with your followers.

Follow the above given strategies to increase your chances of being chosen by advertisers.

How To Get More Direct Advertisers To Your Blog

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