What Advertisers Check Before Purchase Ad Slots In A Blog

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What Advertisers Check Before Purchase Ad Slots In A Blog

Blogging could mean many things.

Blogging has been a popular concept ever since the year 1999. Blogs were once seen as chronicles of personal experiences and platforms to share information.

Today, however, there are many who blog for leisure and many others who blog to earn money online.

And for people looking for a part-time gig, like mothers who like to do something while also managing to be at home with their kids, blogging works as a wonderful work from home opportunity.

Whether it is to build a community or to market a product or idea, there are plenty of ways in which blogs are used.

Affiliate marketing, AdSense, Influencer marketing are some of the most popular ways in which bloggers can earn money. But for all of this, you as a blogger should also equip yourself with the best strategies that would make your blogs influential.

This influence would draw more viewers for your blog and in turn, also draw advertisers and thus better revenue.

Blogs that are straightforward

Covering a whole lot of content, having posts from various niches might make your blog interesting.

But it would also make the blog overwhelming to comprehend as a viewer as well as for the advertisers. So stick with a niche and make it your strong point.

When the blogs are simple straightforward and when they belong to a particular niche then it makes it easy for the advertisers to know whether advertising in your blog would be relevant for their business.

Also when you have a particular niche you would also have a clearly defined target audience and this further makes it easy for the advertisers to reach their target audience segment.

And so they would also know that every single click they get from your blog would be relevant clicks with the best conversion rates.

For attracting the very first advertisements you should also be explicit in your blog site about welcoming ads. This would catch the attention of the advertisers who are looking for spots to place their ads.

The type of ad created

There are many ways in which advertisers can showcase their products or services through blogs. So there are some that pay the blogger to cover a particular product or service or use the blogger as an influencer.

There could also be polls conducted through blogs. The blog site could be used to present a detailed review or even talk about an upcoming product or service or even a sale that is planned.

For all such flexible ways in which advertising could be done through blogging sites besides placement of banner ads the work gets simpler and more effective when the blogger and the advertiser collaborate well.

Even if it is just banner ads the placement should be planned at a relevant junction where the ad would have its impact without affecting the reach of the blog itself.

Guest posts are increasingly common these days and placement of banner ads or even direct product page links while grazing upon relevant content would make the post more effective for the advertiser.

The better the traffic the post yields for the advertiser, the better would be the pay for the blogger.

Work on the improvement of traffic

Bloggers strive to continuously improve their blog views. The traffic depends on the keyword density and other similar factors.

In a scenario where the search trends keep changing where people use more informal language and even images or voice to search for things, integration of the relevant keywords and the associated keywords would make the blog more visible in the internet crowd.

There are various analytics tools that you can use as a blogger to understand the statistics of the traffic on your blog. You would be able to gather information about the places from which your blog earns traffic and the posts that garner the most attention.

Advertisers look for blogs that have a high amount of traffic.

These are the kind of blogs from which they can earn better leads and also reach a larger pool of internet users. In fact, this acts as one of the major deciding factors for advertisers looking for blogs on which they can place their ads.

Content quality matters more than the quantity

Advertisers do not really prefer blogs with the largest number of blog posts. If you have just a handful of blogs but each happens to have caught the attention of a huge group of the audience then advertisers would definitely notice your blog.

They look for blogs with great quality content. They would obviously hesitate to associate their business with poor quality content.

Also, the trust that the blogger has gained among the audience is another crucial factor. Advertisers would feel more confident in talking to the consumers through bloggers who are trusted by the customers.

This would give their business a strong voice. This trust can be very important for the new businesses who have still not created a strong credibility in the field. Using the blogger’s reputation for advertising is the crux of influencer marketing.

Social media influence

Blogging cannot survive on its own in today’s pace if the blogger doesn’t integrate the blog actively with the other social media channels.

The popularity of the blog on social media channels is also very important for the advertising company’s effective campaigning for its products and services.

This can be achieved if you continue to keep sharing your blogs on your social media page.

Also, the social media pages are very useful today when it comes to garnering attention through the concepts like giveaways where people are rewarded for sharing the post and helping in increasing the traffic and popularity.

This concept can also be extrapolated on to the success of the advertisements. So advertisers would be able to quickly achieve the momentum they wish to earn through the blog site.

If you look at the strategies that draw advertisers to your blog and what they are finding on your blog?

They are  very same measures that can give a long-term improvement in the popularity of your blog.

What Advertisers Check Before Purchase Ad Slots In A Blog
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