How to Find New Topics & New Ideas for Your Blog Posts

How to Find New Topics New Ideas for Your Blog Posts

Content writing is all about penning down the ideas and thoughts about the topics you relate to. If you have taken up writing as your profession then you should always be ready with the topics you wish to write about.

But there are times you would be staring at the screen blankly not knowing what to write about.

John O’ Nolan a professional and successful blogger has shared in one of his blog post that every blogger experiences being in a dilemma of what to write now and wonders will the content be worth publishing?

Below mentioned are few quick fixes or ways one can easily generate the blogging ideas whenever you feel you are tired, unmotivated or stuck.

Ways to come up with the blogging ideas

1. Get inspired by social media

After the digital revolution, an average person holds at least 5 social media accounts. He spends more than one hour browsing the internet feeds.

If you turn to social media for generating ideas, then it just likes digging in a gold mine.  Most people are constantly discussing, debating and sharing their viewpoints and opinions about their passions and interest.

It is best if you could join a group in any of the social media which is based on your liking or interest. There you would meet like-minded people and it would help in generating ideas for your next topic through discussion.

And if you are able to join a group which is aimed only at bloggers or writers, then you will get a source for creative inspiration and could improve the online presence by participating actively in the posts that are shared by the fellow members in your group.

2. Choose a topic to write which you are comfortable with

If you believe that you could gain industry respect and followers only by writing the trending topic, then you are wrong. You would not be able to offer sound advice unless you are sure or knowledgeable about what you are writing about. Also, you will get stuck with the research.

You should try to write about things that would spark your interest naturally as that will only get you maximum shares and clicks.

For instance, the latest technological concepts would be trending and if you are not an expert in the field, you will hardly find something informative and new to write about it.

Unless you are got a passion for a particular topic, you will not know about it in detail. It is very much unlikely that you would be able to contribute anything much to the noise created on the internet.

It would be just a waste of time and your creative energy which could have been used elsewhere.

3. Make use of the web tools to conduct brainstorming

Whenever you are stuck there are various tools that are available online which could help you out. For instance, if you wish to write about social marketing, then there are various sites from which you could find what is trending related to the same and what others are sharing.

Once you get an idea about what you would like to write, you can check out other web tools which will help in generating potential titles.

You can generate 4 to 5 titles and then decide later on which topic would resonate with you more.  You don’t have to be ashamed of using the web tools to generate ideas; in fact, it would give you the right prompt you require in uninspired, dire times.

4. Follow the people who influence the industry

Following the industry expert, thought leaders and influencers long with daily news sites will help greatly in generating blog ideas and inspire your writing.

There are many writers who have claimed that it has inspired them to explore their productivity and mindfulness. You will get many ideas and could use these ideas separately or else combine a few ideas together.

5. Format the blog posts as a list

It is better to use the list format for your writing when you feel you don’t have any new fresh ideas to write about.  Listing means choosing the topics like “8 best ways” or “Top 10 tips” about various topics.

It attracts many readers to go through your articles and also the thematic structure helps in making the whole process of writing easier.

Hence whenever you get stuck while writing, you could just contemplate and see whether the content could be formed into a list of items.  But you need to take care that while you list down the content, you should be more specific.

6. Don’t be ashamed to ask queries and raise your concerns

You should take advantage of the various sites online that could help you in clearing your doubts and queries. It will help in exploring the topics in depth and you could easily pick up a few inspirational and interesting facts.

Begin your search by choosing the basic keyword or term and looking through those conversation threads to find what you are looking for.

The natural interest you got in a specific idea will help in identifying the appropriate topic which you could write on. Then you could ask any question you have on them in the different online site.

7. Contemplate on your own

Last but most importantly you need to set some time aside to contemplate on your own. You have to stop searching outside and take some time out to think about your personal experiences and insights and how you could share them.

One could share personal experiences and insights through different forms like success stories, learning lessons, failure admissions and so on.

Blogging is not quite easy as everyone believes. It might look easy when you think it is just a formation of words but it becomes a daunting task when you want these words to mean something and there are ideas behind them.

By following the above-mentioned ways one can kick-start their writing easily and once you begin writing the creative flow will come naturally.

How to Find New Topics New Ideas for Your Blog Posts

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