Why You Are Not A Successful Blogger Who Makes Monthly Income

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Why You Are Not A Successful Blogger Who Makes Monthly Income

Most people begin their blogging journey by being fascinated and inspired by other bloggers or some other medium that triggers a change.

But there is always a doubt in mind as to how to go forward and make it a full time passion for income.

Perhaps it isn’t necessary to be a technical expert or any special ability, but just be patient and focus on growing your blog both content wise and also audience wise to be made more creative.

Initially when you begin your journey, it isn’t going to fetch you instant financial return as most bloggers don’t even make money in their first couple of years.

The first incomes can just range between a few dollars a week but as the time goes and your audience grows, you will be able to earn more from a part time income to actually getting a full time professional income.

Why you can’t become a blogger who makes money and how to make it has certain basic steps towards reaching this stage are:

Guidelines for a Successful Blog:

Now the foremost step of setting up a blog can be a stumbling block for many pre-bloggers who come with little or no technical skills in hand.

But don’t worry as it’s the story with most of the bloggers around and it can be overwhelming process. The content and its presentation is perhaps the crux of the blog.

So focus a lot on it and be able to deliver content that is not only informative but also qualitative in nature with graphical representation too.

Write on topics that are relevant to people around you and what value most to them depending upon the niche of your blog.

Try to analyze why you can’t become a blogger who makes money and hence one thing you shall never miss put is seek advice from other bloggers and their podcasts to understand the depth of each subject.

Now with your content being in action and you get insular with your focus and would like to spend more time on building the network of your blog.

It is important to understand the type of audience readers that you are targeting and want to appeal to. List down all the possible characteristics of the ideal reader and understand the psyche of the reader and compare it to whether you have been addressing it or not.

Ask yourself such questions and build a more comprehensive character sketch. Next, build a relationship with your reader and engage with then by offering them some quality time and seek their reviews and critics.

Always make an effort to reply to comments and reach out even more.

Monetization of Your Blog:

One of the biggest misconceptions that bloggers nay carry is that there are only certain certified monotonous ways of monetizing your blog which is utterly false and the reality check shoes that there are numerous ways of making money from your blog.

  • Advertising Income:

Now this where many bloggers begin and its model is similar to ones of how a magazine or a newspaper sells ads.

Now as your brand groups and traffic increases, the advertisers will be willing to pay you to get exposure among your audience.

One such platform that can help is Google AdSense that acts a middleman and helps small publishers to run ads on their blogs.

  • Affiliate Income:

Multiple surveys have listed affiliate promotions to be among tip monetizing strategy.

How it works is by basically linking the product that you desire and is on sale on another site and whenever people click that link and purchase the product, a small commission is given for the sale.

Also they are easy to sign up for and with an engaged audience, it can definitely be handful.

Innovative Methods:

  • Recurring Income:

If you keep questioning why you can’t become a blogger who makes money, then you shall try this evolving method where bloggers can charge their readers a premium for accessing the content usually on annual or monthly basis for access to community area, a forum, an exclusive service, tool or any kind of tutorial they are offering.

It is also referred as continuity programs or membership programs. Many bloggers are currently experimenting with this idea and are reaping rewards.

  • Business Promotions:

Companies and bloggers who aim to reach out to more people and want their blog to grow faster indirectly make money by reaching out to large audiences in terms of sheer numbers.

  • Events and Gatherings:

This is not only a great idea of making money but also a platform for extensive marketing for organic growth. This is not something that man bloggers do but it is gaining popularity in recent times.

They may range from organizing big conferences to small events like a meet up right down to the string and invite bloggers and readers from all around the niche.

Here the money is made by either charging the readers for attending or by arranging a sponsor for the event. Also online events and summits are becoming mainstream.

  • Customized Products:

Now another great way of earning money is by selling your own offerings such as e-books and courses on your blog, offering consulting services or may just develop a template as a guide software to access.

Perhaps, you can sell your own personalized merchandise.

Understanding and Managing Strategies:

Now most of the professional bloggers have more than one source of earning streams. By diversifying your options, you can have the flexibility and back up to sustain not so profitable methods too.

Also one distinction has to be made is the direct and indirect source of income.

While direct forms are simple with just you and the reader having an interaction, the indirect income is bit different. It can be being associated with a publisher in a contract to co-author, guest write.

Also getting opportunities to give services as a speaker or a consultant is a great way.

Hence the income generated here hasn’t come directly but by the virtue of your blog and its influencer vibes.

Why You Are Not A Successful Blogger Who Makes Monthly Income
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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