Technology Niche Blog Still Good Niche or Not For Blogging?

Technology Niche Blog Still Good Niche or Not For Blogging

Blogging is something that has been in the limelight for several years now. And the one thing that it feeds off is the freedom of being able to talk about any topics.

You don’t have to be worried about anyone over your head telling you what to write.

But at the same time, you do have to careful of what kind of topics are trending and popular.

After all, it’s this kind of tactic that will bring in your traffic in and make your blog gain a little rank.

There are a ton of blogs out there that cater to different niches like fashion, lifestyle, food, fitness, product reviews, etc.

But perhaps one of the most popular niches since the beginning of time has been the technology niche.

It’s been popular ever since internet blogging first stood on its own legs.

The most talked about question among new and old bloggers alike is whether the tech niche still holds the same credence that it once did.

We’re going to dive in here and do just that by exploring the tech niche and see if it’s no longer a good enough niche to blog about.

Understanding the Tech Niche

A lot of people throw the word tech around when talking about blogs.

But understanding what the tech niche exactly is and what it entails is a bit more complex.

The easiest way to explain the tech niche would be to say it’s the niche that concerns itself with anything related to technology.

However, this doesn’t fully explain the situation.

There are a lot of aspects concerning the tech niche, here are some of the major ones.

Type of Posts

There are different kinds of posts even within tech blogs.

Mainly the content is split into different categories such as tech news, tech tutorials, and tech reviews.

These types will have different content and will focus on different target audiences.

  • Tech News

In these types of blogs, the posts are concerned with covering news related to tech.

This can include things like new and upcoming tech, deals on tech products, and news on tech being developed.

This type of blog requires you to be constantly up to date with your knowledge and quick with your posting.

  • Tech Tutorials

Tech tutorials are the types of blogs that focus on instructions and helpful tips related to tech.

This can be anything like explaining how to operate certain tech, accessing new features on your devices, or how to fix and upgrade your tech products.

This requires a lot of technical knowledge and expertise on the matter.

  • Tech Reviews

Tech review blogs are all about reviewing tech and tech related products.

This includes things like reviewing new tech and gadgets, comparing similar types of products, and listing the best products and the best deals out there.

Running this kind of blog requires you to have knowledge about how tech products work along with a good idea of the market of tech product and current prices.

The Tech Niche Today

It’s easy to talk about something that was popular a couple of years back.

But the real question is if the technology niche as popular today as it was just a few years back.

The answer isn’t as simple as you would expect but by looking at the statistics we can make somewhat of an educated guess.

Trending Keywords

According to Google Analytics, some of the most popular keyword search results come back to tech products like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and Nintendo Switch.

This means that people are interested in searching for tech products and gathering information or opinions on them.

A lot of the search results that come up when you search these products are tech blogs.

So it’s safe to say that tech blogs would be fairly popular.

Monthly Traffic

It’s a bit hard to assess traffic with so many variables and blog out there. But for the most part, the average monthly traffic for a lot of tech blogs seem to be on par with other niches.

The tech niche sits comfortably at the top with other popular niches like lifestyle, fashion, and beauty.

It even manages to beat a lot of other fairly popular niches that trend from time to time.

This seems to imply that a lot of people are interested in visiting tech blogs regularly.


It’s near impossible to assess the earnings of tech blogs since such little data exists on the topic.

But if you ask most tech bloggers, they’ll tell you that they make enough to hammer out a comfortable living.

Once you take a look at most tech blogs, you’ll find out why.

Generally, it’s easy to get advertisers for tech blogs since a lot of products that need to be advertised are generally tech or tech related products.

Another great advantage is that new tech products generate a lot of hype so if you post informational posts, you’re expected to get a lot of decent traffic.

If you do product reviews, you can benefit from having affiliate links and referrals at the end of your articles for a small commission.

Is the Technology Niche No Longer a Good Niche?

Based on the data and the statistics we’ve seen, it’s hard to negate the prospect of tech blogging’s popularity.

The technology niche is stronger than ever and continues to grow exponentially.

If you want to get into blogging and have the right experience and knowledge, the tech niche is a great niche to get into.

Not only will you be able to bring in regular traffic, but you also won’t have any issues with making decent revenue off your blogging.


As technology continues to advance, so does our general interest in technology and all it’s capable of doing.

This all extends to tech blogging as well.

If there is interest in tech, you can expect that people will be looking at blogs as well.

It is and will continue to be one of the strongest niches out there.

Technology Niche Blog Still Good Niche or Not For Blogging

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