Effective & Useful Tips and Tricks for New and Old Bloggers

Effective and Useful Tips and Tricks for New and Old Bloggers

Posts, fans, followers, writing, pictures, trends, and a platform of technology, welcome to the world of blogging. What is blogging, who is a blogger and why do people do it?

Initial questions in everyone’s head who is new to blogging or is unaware of the trend of writing on social applications.

However, there are hardly any people today who are not active with social media platforms and blogging.

Blogging is the written form of expression which people use to speak out their minds. It may be formal, informal, knowledgeable, or even a concerning expression for the society and the environment.

If you are a new blogger and have recently started writing, the beginning can be tricky. You might face a few problems and find it difficult to fit in the system. Here are a few tips and tricks you must know.

Start off by the active presence on social media

Very first and important step in blogging is to be active on social platforms. It is essential to be connected with people to let them know about your existence.

By posting on platforms namely twitter, facebook and Instagram, you can interact and update your blog posts and titles.

This will encourage the people and make them know about you, your writing genre and how to get there via links.

The email list is very important

The e-mail list has many contacts in it and update of email list and helps you stay connected to lot many people at the same time.

From followers to publishers and publications, you can reach many internet servers at the same time to broadcast a message or information.

Follow your own conscience

Writing about the stuff which you can relate to, and about the concerns which bother you, or make you happy, or even something as personal as a travelling blog, always listen to your heart, following your conscience is the best way to connect to people and make the blog emotionally binding.

Do not hesitate in raising social issues

It is yet another way to be engaging with your reader’s and creating an influence on your writing.

Literature and writing have been the most crucial factor which has changed, modernized and influenced society in a better way. Be impactful in your work, give your opinion, ask people for their views. Instead of just writing, make your blog efficient enough to transform the world and make it a better place to live.

Therefore, make a wise use of writing a blog by expressing your sorrow and concern for the evil happenings around you.

Interact with your followers

Stay connected with your readers by often asking them questions, responding to their questions; interaction with the audience or readers. This is the tried and tested trick to get more followers.

Basically, people follow celebrities and public figures and a desire to get involved in a personality questionnaire with them.

Knowing well about the people they follow also creates an urge to read about them, and read their work as well. Communication has always been a key to reach more people.

Go with the flow and trends

You just can’t afford to write about things which are not even existent.

To illustrate, writing about the safety of women and women empowerment is justified but writing content on ‘sati pratha’ which is not prevailing is not justified. People read blogs for knowing about what’s currently ongoing, not history or geography.

Stay connected and be well aware with daily updates, news and write about the present situation of the economy, social status or even an environmental concern. It could also be regarding fashion and beauty.

Keep it short

Reading blogs is a hobby, it’s a spare time thing for most readers in today’s, busy and fast running world, lengthy blogs is a big no.

There are websites which show time duration mentioned to let the reader know about the reading time. This clearly shows that readers have no time and interest in reading lengthy blogs because they are time-consuming.

The shorter it is, the more traffic it will attract. The compact is impactful.

Its okay to real

Do not try to fit in a herd if you don’t belong There are many bloggers who are popular and have gained a name for over a period of time.

But it is not necessary to follow them or their writing style and genre to reach a larger reading audience. What gives your name a different individuality!

Always choose to be a personality in a crowd by writing differently, unique and crisp. Follow your heart and write in your personal style to give freshness to the readers.

Font size and styling matters

Good packing always attracts more customers. In other words, what you write matters later; the presentation is the first step in marketing your work.

If a blog is not ideally readable because of either small font size or dramatically cursive writing, the readers won’t be able to read it. Influence is far away thing.

What’s important on the first step is to make your blog readable to people. Therefore, always use a readable font size, say 12, 14 or 16 and bold the heading or important You can use italics as well.

Constant update is the key

People develop a habit of reading your blogs if they like it. Most bloggers constantly update their account and write new blogs for their followers, this is the best way to make them regular readers of your blogs.

Bloggers who are irregular have comparatively fewer If you wish to establish yourself as a known blogger, this tip is for sure guaranteed. Indulge a habit of updating accounts and write about the latest trends on a weekly or twice on a monthly basis.

Following these simple tips can help you in the initial phase of blogging.

Also, try new ways to make your blog interesting by giving gifts, organizing competitions, sharing personal stories and pictures on social media. The more personal it gets, the more followers you will have.

Effective and Useful Tips and Tricks for New and Old Bloggers

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