Making Monthly Income From Your Blog: Is Blog Earning Relible?

Making Monthly Income From Your Blog Is Blog Earning Relible

Blogging has become a trend today. Gone are the days when people were shy to express their views and always wanted to be one among the crowd, just agreeing to everything being said and done.

As people started expressing themselves more, especially through writing, blogging became the way of expressing.

As people warmed up to this idea, more and more people started expressing their thoughts and ideas through creative writing too. Some blogs will be plain, simple and straightforward while some will be very funny and outright witty.

Do These Blogs Get You Money?

So, why are people blogging more often now than before? Is it because it makes the blogger famous?

Is it because it helps you earn money? We would say it is a bit of both, in addition to the free will of expressing one’s views and ideas without being offensive or bearing a backlash from the general public.

So how do these bloggers make money out of writing whatever they feel like?

1. Advertisements

When blogs are reaching a number of people, companies are ready to tap into this market and advertise. If it is their target audience, they would pay the blogger to post advertisements on their blog at strategic places.

2. Reviews

Some people have a flair for reviewing. Such people can sell their reviews or write for companies that are ready to pay them. Companies do this with people whose reviews are well received and respected.

This is done because when such an influential person reviews a certain product or service, people tend to go with it and this is free marketing for the client.

3. Traffic

One can never forget the traffic. The more the number of people reading your posts or viewing your videos, the more money you can earn. When you become popular and have a good pull in the market, companies are ready to tap into this source.

Are These Income Reliable

How reliable are these earnings exactly? Yes, there are people ready to pay for advertising, reviews, links, etc. But how reliable are they? What is the risk you are facing as a blogger when it comes to money?

  • Delay In Payments

Be it for the traffic to your blog or the number of reviews you post on a particular website, the amount is most probably fixed. There are chances of you not getting your payments on time. If you have committed yourself based on these payments, it can be a sticky situation to get out of.

  • Less Or No Traffic

You may have received a good response to your posts on social media. This might have inspired you to become a professional blogger. However, you may not receive the same response on your blog.

This is because many people are good on social media and feel the need to comment on or share things that come up on their wall. However, if they have to go to a blog and read it exclusively, they may not be too keen on spending the time and effort on it.

  • Last Minute Back-outs

You may have agreed to deliver a certain number of blog posts or reviews or even videos within a given time period. You might have started or even finished most of the work when the client comes back telling they don’t want it anymore.

Many times a client may take your work and say they can’t use it and refuse to pay you but would actually be using it under a different name. As a result, all the time and money invested in this project might be a waste for you.

Protect Yourself

Since the world is not such a good place after all and we run into all sorts of people, it is always better to be careful than sorry. Here are a few ways in which you can protect yourself from being duped or cheated of the money you rightfully deserve as a blogger:

  • Take Advance

Always take an advance from the advertising company or the link owner who will be benefitting by you posting their links on your blog.

Many people will strike a deal and not pay the money due to you but enjoy the fruits of your labor. When you take an advance from them, you are at least partially covering your loss if any were to occur.

  • Immediate Payment

Be clear with your terms and conditions when it comes to your payments. If you have agreed upon paying the amount at a particular time, ensure you get it by that time.

A slight delay can be accepted as this will only show you are considerate, but ensure this does not become a habit. If you feel the person is just buying time, do not hesitate to pull down their link or advertisement from your blog.

  • Be Patient

For those payments that you are to receive from service providers, due to the traffic to your blog or video views, you need to be patient.

One should understand they do not have much of a bargaining power here as you need this service provider to grow as a blogger. Since these providers are well established and have a set method to do things, they will not try to cheat you off your money.

  • Do Not Over Commit

If you are agreeing to publish a certain number of blog posts or reviews, ensure you are well within your limits. Over committing to a client will only make it hard for you to grow as a reliable blogger.

For example, if you are taking up an assignment where you need to post a set number of reviews for a website or a company, ensure you can write so many in the given time.

You may think it is easy money but one can never be too sure of what complications will crop up or how many times the client will insist on changes. Always have a buffer.

  • Background Check

If a particular person or entity has struck a deal with you and agreed to pay you a certain amount for a certain post or review, ask around about the client. Ensure they will keep up their end of the bargain.

Social media is a great place to get such information from. If someone has been duped, they would be able to warn you and you can tread accordingly.

Making Monthly Income From Your Blog Is Blog Earning Relible

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