Is Someone Stealing Your Blog Content? Complete Content Theft Guide

Is Someone Stealing Your Blog Content Complete Content Theft Guide

Anyone who is a blogger or an article writer for their content website or if they are the manager of an online magazine then they must have face content theft at least once in their life.

Content theft is not only a crime of stealing someone’s work but is also shameful to other websites.

When a content is stolen the entire work is reposted on any other blog or article websites and in some cases some few modifications are done on your work and then it is posted.

Even after the modification, the entire work remains the same. This content is taken without taking your permission and with a proper attribution.

Though it will not harm your website in any way if you are not finding this situation to be worth ignoring then you should concentrate on removing the duplicate content from the website.

After worrying about content theft for many years, the content writer is now not much worried and they are actually finding it more helpful when some other people are taking their content.

They are adding some links to the content so that they can get some backlinks. There are several softwares that have been introduced in order to find the plagiarism, which one can use to find out whether their content is matching with any other writers knowingly or unknowingly.

So if you still concerned regarding the content theft then you can definitely use certain tools which will help you to find out the plagiarized article and how to stop it.

Google Alerts:

In order to find out whether your content is getting used by any other person without taking your permission, one of the simplest tool that you can use it the Google alerts.

All you have to do is visit the website of Google alert and then you will have to put your article in there and choose the type of the website where you want to look for this content and send your email address.

So whenever someone is copying your article, Google will send you with an alert for notifying you and it will notify you on a daily or weekly basis depending on your settings.


Copyscape is another option which one can use for looking into the plagiarized article. You will have to post your content and search for the websites where similar articles are getting published. It is one of the best ways of catching the content thieves.

So if you don’t want to stay worried about your content theft then you should surely continue reading this article to find out what are the benefits that you are websites are going to have if your content is being copied by any other website.

Google will know if it is a duplicate content:

Google, which is the most popular search engine, is continuously improving itself and even before 5 years, it can effectively find out which article was the original one and which was having plagiarism in it.

It views every factor in order to determine the person who should be credited for the content and is the true owner of the content.

It will then remove all the scrapped versions from the index and will drop them below so that it will have a very last name among the rankings.

So, according to many bloggers, it has been found that there is no such scrapped version of content that is having a better ranking than the original ones and due to this continuous modification of Google, the chances of content theft is also getting thinner.

Get the backlinks:

There are many bloggers who like it when their contents get scrapped as most of the time the person who is copying it blindly copies it without any modification.

So the owner of the content tries to include some links that will lead people to the original blog’s homepage.

So the person copying it will also copy the backlink which will thereby make the readers view the original writer of the content?

This internal link is so powerful in making the content get better ranking and it is definitely a great way of promoting your blog without investing anything.

The content thieves will try to remove these links, but most of the time they use robots for auto-scraping which thereby fails to remove the links present in the content.

A lot of traffic:

Since people are getting the backlinks that are leading them to the original owner’s blog so in this way, the blogger is getting a lot of traffic.

This genuine traffic will look into the forte on which the writer is writing and now they will try to follow the person who is actually behind all the content.

This is one of the most effective ways of generating traffic out of content theft. So you didn’t think how this negative thing can be so beneficial for you, right?

At Last:

You should concentrate on how to use content theft as a way of promoting your blog rather than worrying about it. If you are the original owner of the content that no one can make your rank lower than that of the copied one.

The copied one will always remain in the bottom and that is how Google ranking works. This is the reason why most of the bloggers don’t even care whether their contents are getting published somewhere else or not.

So when you are writing articles make sure you are providing some backlinks to your website so that if it is getting copied in the near future you are getting the most benefit out of it.

You are getting that right traffic and right attention for your article. And try to hide the links very skillfully in the article and try to put it in the middle so most of the content thieves will overlook it.

So this overview is certainly going to help you get over the tension of content theft.

Is Someone Stealing Your Blog Content Complete Content Theft Guide

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