How to Get Backlinks From High DA PA Websites to Increase Domain Authority

How to Get Backlinks From High DA PA Websites

If you have been in the SEO world for a while now, then you might have either heard a lot about backlinks or are quite familiar with them.

Backlinks are crucial for SEO, and they are also the backbone of a website. The more quality backlinks we’ve got, the better are the chances for our site to have a high ranking.

The crux of the matter is that backlinks are incoming links to our webpage. When our webpage is linked somewhere, link juices are released, which eventually leads to a better ranking and high Domain Authority (DA).

When a high DA website provides backlinks to our webpage, that’s our ‘Eureka’ moment, and so is the case when a webpage with a high Page Authority (PA) includes our page’s link.

However, the question remains—how can we get quick backlinks from high DA and PA websites?

1. Infographics

Nobody can turn away from appealing visual content, and that’s exactly why the best of informative pages have the right things to say, visually.

Therefore, we ought to create impressive content with a few words, highlighting only the points that the readers need to know.

We can hire a visual content creator and turn that content into infographic material. Since infographics are the easiest way to learn and share any information, it’ll eventually go viral, but only when we do it right.

How to create Infographics that sell

  • Follow the current trends
  • Include statistical data
  • Create and use your own embed code with Siege Media Generator
  • Publish
  • Submit it to infographic directories
  • Email your infographics to those who may seem interested in the niche to ask for their feedback.

2. Resource Pages

There are many sites online that publish their references and sources. This helps their readers go through them to obtain more information. But it can come in handy for us as website owners too.

We can simply use an advanced search string with the keyword of our interest and scroll through the results.

That way, we’ll find the sites with the highest DA using MozBar (usually the results that appear on the first page have a high DA).

Once that’s done, we can open the resource page and check if the backlinks they offer are ‘followed’ (using MozBar).

If we find do-follow backlinks, then we’ve found a pretty good deal for ourselves.

We can then email these sites to feature our website. Provided that our content is related to their niche and that it sounds great, they’re most likely to reply positively.

3. Forums

A lot of forums offer the perfect space for do-follow backlinks. Some of the most common and useful forums are Joomla Forum, Digital Point Forum, MySQL Forum, CNET Forum, etc.

But we must keep in mind that one-size-fits-all game does not work with all the forums. It is crucial to follow certain guidelines and rules that are specific for each one of them.

The solution is to find a forum that is on par with our niche and get quick backlinks from those.

4. Broken Link Notification

One of the smartest ways to get quick and effective backlinks is by notifying a site about a broken link. This is one of the best ways to do it for many reasons—one of them being that we can slip into ready-made opportunities.

Many websites have loads of links that don’t work anymore. To find such content, we can type our keyword in the search engine.

Most likely, the sites that appear on the first page will have a high DA. However, we have to check the DA on MozBar anyway.

Once we select the site/sites with a high DA, we can find the dead links on that site using Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool.

When we find the dead links, we can check the content these contain. We can see what’s in them just by looking at the URL, but if we can’t, we can always check them by using

Now that we have access to the content, we can get in touch with the company and let them know that they’ve got a broken link on their site.

This can put them out of business, which is why they’d care and respond to our email.

However, we should construct this email by offering an advantageous position for ourselves. If we’ve got content that suits their dead link’s content, we can let them know that they can replace their broken link with our article link.

Another idea is to create content according to it, then email them. This would work better in terms of precision, and they are most likely to respond.

Remember, these high DA sites are on the first page, and that means that their content is merely a tad bit shy from being perfect. So our content should be nothing short of perfect either.


Our site may be considered to be great if it gets cited on a news article or any renowned page. Therefore, we ought to be the source that provides high-quality information to the readers.

Once we get that part sorted, then people will trust us. But that does not happen very easily if our site doesn’t manage to rank on the first page or if our site doesn’t have a high DA or PA.

Provided that we’ve got credible information, we can let people know that we are a trusted source that has got its facts set straight. We can do this by joining Help a Reporter (HARO).

Journalists are constantly looking for information, and unlike in the past, they can get factual information online through HARO.

Thus, we can specify our area of expertise to get to know the journalists who are looking for a reliable source in our niche.

We should get in touch with these journalists so that they can cite us as a source. In addition, while we are at it, there’s no harm in engaging in a bit of PR.

If we have accomplished something great as a company, a press release there would be a good way of letting everyone know that we’re performing well in our niche.

How to Get Backlinks From High DA PA Websites

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