Every Students Learned This Things About Blogging in School or Collage

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Every Students Learned This Things About Blogging in School or Collage

They say that school hardly prepares you for the world. And, it’s true, for the most part. But, if you are thinking about being a blogger or are already, there are a few things you learned in school, and they will help you meet your targets sooner than you imagined.

A good blog is a combination of great writing that pulls in readers, great SEO optimization strategies that make you look good to Google (and other search engines), and unyielding promotion powers for people to know about your blog and you.

But, for these ingredients to come together well, and for you to reach your goals, there are things you learned in school that you need to incorporate into your blogging.

They are small, but in the grand scheme of blogging, they make or break your brand.

They are form, audience, topics, and your purpose. Sound like things your English and Business teachers mentioned at some point. So, let’s jump right into it:


While a good blog lies in the content created, you can only be a successful blogger if you create content around a specific audience.

So, before you get started on content creation and promotion, think of the people who will read your blog posts, comment on the articles, share the content, and drive traffic, leads, and sales.

Your content should capture the attention of your audience, and every word you use or the lingo used should resonate with your audience.

Keep in mind that when someone searches for information on Google, they are looking for something specific. That is what you should deliver. Just make it easy for them to access the information.

The other thing you should consider while thinking of the audience is your website. How easy is the navigation and are the related topics easy to access?

Note that your audience will change as your blog grows. And the content your audience reads now might not work later.

To track changes in the needs of your audience, you should have a system to analyze and track data, to know the content that appeals to them well and the ones that don’t.  You can also build on your successful posts.

Don’t forget to target the right audience across social media.


This refers to how you write and present your information. It is about writing your blog posts in a particular style that make the content appealing and easy to read.

First, your content should be easy to understand. Also, your content should be scannable. Scannable means someone should check out the article and get its overall view without trying too hard.

Scannability is crucial in the world of blogging today with more people skimming through articles to determine if it’s worth reading and if it has the information they are looking for or not.

To improve the readability of your blogs, you should use text spacing and white spacing often. Keep the paragraphs short and the sentences shorter.

Also, write more tight, relevant, and specific sentences that are on point. While trying to keep your articles interesting, you should avoid fluff.


What are you writing about? Is the content in sync with your content?

When it comes to writing, it’s easy to get carried away.

If you are writing content but end up with many overflowing ideas that are off topic, you should consider ending the article there while informing your readers that you will write more about that other idea in your next blog.

This will not only keep things nice, short and sweet but also keep your audience on their toes and excited about what you have to offer.

Besides keeping things in sync, you also need to create interesting and compelling titles and subheadings that keep your readers hooked at first glance.

Besides using emotion-driven words and phrases, you should use your target keywords, turning your headlines into click magnets.

Web Design

Every student either college or school has learned many times about web design. If you are a student then you definitely learned this thing about how to develop & design a one or more page website.

But that time developing a webpage is very hard for you because you don’t have any knowledge about HTML or PHP.

At this time to develop a blog or website you need to have a better knowledge of PHP rather than HTML.

Some HTML or PHP Knowledge

You definitely learned things about HTML or PHP in your student life or still learning.

You know what is the problem in HTML or PHP?

To develop a blog or website with your own coding you need to have a good knowledge of HTML & PHP also something about MYSQL.

Here HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is very easy to learn.

But learning a PHP is very hard. This is not easy to understand PHP languages. Not every people can learn this easily.

Because PHP codes are very hard to learn for creating a website.

If you start creating a website with PHP then at the output you find many errors in coding.

But don’t worry about coding. Here at BlogBeginner to create a blog or website you don’t need any knowledge of coding. We will use here WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to create a blog or website.

Writing an Article

Every student has given much homework to write from home by teachers in school life.

If you are completed your school life then you have definitely some practice of writing an article.

If you have a practice of writing an article from school or college then you will get the benefit of writing here for your own blog.

English Language

If you are in India then to start blogging you need to have some good knowledge of English. Because of India’s primary language, not English. So many peoples have many problems to speak and understand the English language in India.

Here you can start blogging in Hindi language but you also need English at many points in blogging career.

So here good thing is that you already learned English in your student life.


What is your reason for the blog? Whether your blog aims to create a community, entertain, or educate, you should keep your purpose in mind.

On your toughest days, the purpose of the blog may be the only thing that keeps your head over water. So, for every blog post you write, keep your purpose in mind.

Your purpose will keep you in check. It will guide how far you go with the blog and how much you put into it.

Finally, and to reiterate an important point mentioned above, create content for people.

Every Students Learned This Things About Blogging in School or Collage
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