Awesome Tips For New Bloggers To Become Successful

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Awesome Tips For New Bloggers To Become Successful

There is a mantra which new and enthusiastic bloggers starting out on their blogging adventures can emulate- stand in but also stand out.

Confusing? Surely it is.

But before we discuss that, let us tell you that we know that being a new blogger can be overwhelming and things get even more important as you get serious regarding it.

Each and every day hundreds of blogs pop up regarding any different topic. What it means is that you should try to find the niche genre which attracts you and embed yourself in it, while also making sure that your content and presentations rule differs from what is generally available out there.

For this there are some tips which new bloggers can follow to make a splashing new impression in the market:

Don’t make your blog look like others:

Make sure that your blog looks unique and has personal touches which reflect your personality and taste.

Always remember that the first impression is the last impression so while choosing the colors, front and other stuff; ensure that they all compliment each other to create something aesthetically pleasing as well.

Any blog which will have a pleasing effect on the eyes will ensure that people will want to know more about it and it will make them want to stick around to explore the blog.

Having a particular distinguished brand will in turn build trust with your audiences and in turn will get you more sales over time.

Don’t be a rare poster:

Make sure that your post often and as much as you can. Posting rarely will make your potential audience think that you are not serious about this and they will leave.

To ensure that you have a steady flow of posts, make sure to make a posting strategy where you perhaps post at least one per day.

Many bloggers lack a coherent and integrated posting strategy so you can make yourself stand apart just by doing this.

Don’t avoid the influencers in your niche:

Reach out to the popular blogger’s people in your niche who and get to know them and learn from. See what they are doing with their blog, social media, and promotion strategies.

Never shy away from learning as this will help you improve- they all have been once in your place and are now successfully professionally blogging.

But do think of a strategy on how to approach them like subscribing to their blog and newsletter, regularly reblogging their tweets or commenting on their posts to put yourself in their radar.

If it all works out and they too start interacting with you in the comment section then you can message them.

Don’t ignore emails

I am sure the title made you go- huh! Why should I do this? Let us tell you that building an email list is important too.

So once you begin receiving emails then send out newsletters to your subscribers.

This action will establish you as a leader and will tell your subscribers and let other people know what you are always talking about.

Don’t fall back on networking:

Don’t just limit yourself to bloggers who are present in your circles, go over to popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

There try to connect with like-minded people and join FB groups and Twitter chats. Have a pro tip: Don’t think of this as just a form of looking for a client or to get more subscribers.

Just enjoy making friends and be yourself. This will eventually lead to friendships and perhaps a customer in the future as well.

Don’t take shortcuts:

I said in the opening paragraph- ‘stand in and yet stand out’ and now it is time that I explain it. It basically means that you must create content which will help others and will be useful.

There are blogs galore which either don’t provide enough information regarding the topic they are talking about or they don’t fact check or just plain provide wrong information.

A good way to build credibility and stand out in a field of hoaxes and speculation is by building your reputation on authenticity.

Don’t be conventional:

Don’t fall into the mainstream too much, as said- do stand in but also be unconventional and blog about things which people are less likely to know about in your niche.

Of course, doing such posts every day or even every week may be problematic so just figure out a day where you will particularly focus on this kind of topics. Since these are special events so make sure your readers know to tune in.

Advertise such things as much as you can since you will have to invest more time and research to get it done.

Don’t copy anyone else:

This is something which you are probably tired of hearing but you have a distinct personality and that is something which is original.

Remember that success comes with originality so try to mix in your quirks and style in your writing. Make not just your blog look but your posts distinct.

Don’t be dishonest:

You will be surprised to know about what bloggers do in order to get views and clicks, but nothing can beat honesty and hard work.

Being a credible source will help in building a fan base which will trust you and your news. This, in turn, will bring in more viewers over time.

Remember that it’s not linear:

In the end, always remember that blogging is not a recipe where you will mix all the ingredients together and get a perfect cake.

It depends on a lot of things which include the popularity of the genre you are talking about, the style, design and more. So what might be popular for one might not be for another and vice versa.

So it is important to not narrow your vision and instead keep an open worldview while also making sure that you are aware of all the statistics going on.

Once you start blogging with authenticity, knowledge, and honesty; your work will speak for itself and you will carve out a niche for yourself which will make people see you as something different.

Of course, don’t just work hard but also believe in doing smart work to minimize effort and maximize results, always have a plan.

Awesome Tips For New Bloggers To Become Successful
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