How To Maintain Your Blog If You Don’t Have Enough Time

How To Maintain Your Blog If You Dont Have Enough Time

Every blogger has their own journey and it takes a lot to grow your blog as a successful one and to get a higher rank and the appropriate potential traffic.

Once you achieve a good level and then you become too busy then it might be hard for you to maintain the rank of the blog.

So nobody wants to give up on the good ranking, loyal readers, high traffic because of the fact that they are too busy to post in their blogs. So during this time, they try to adopt certain things that will help them in maintaining their ranking.

How to grow your blog even if you are a busy person?

Try to post at least one write up every week. It will help you to maintain the frequency of blog publishing on the website.

If you are very busy then try to take out some time for writing at least one post for your blog.

If you are unable to think of any other idea then you can also write about certain experiences that you are going through in that particular week. In this way, you can easily connect to many readers and they can get a glimpse of your life and will know how much effort you are putting into the blog even after having such a busy week.

1. Checking comments:

Once everyone reaches the zenith, most of the people think that it is the ultimate goal and give up on working more. This is a very wrong idea when you are doing blogging.

You need to continuously post articles otherwise the blog will turn into the dead blog. Try to spend at least 15 minutes every day for checking the comments on your blog and try to reply to them in order to interact with your readers.

If you are a blogger then you definitely get much application on your mobile phone which will enable you to access your blog anytime anywhere. The blogging platforms like Blogspot or WordPress will provide you with the mobile application.

2. Accept guest post:

In the beginning, you might hesitate on welcoming an outsider to write for your blog, but it is definitely a great idea if you want to make your page rank higher and invite a lot of high traffic.

There are several bloggers who love guest posting for increasing the relationship with other bloggers and for driving more traffic as well as for building good quality backlinks.

You can easily hire editors who will edit the guest post or you can edit it yourself by taking out sometime.

Make sure you are trusting a very reputed blogger for doing the guest post otherwise you will have to face several situations like plagiarism to poorly constructed articles that can surely make your website have a huge downfall.

3. Coming back:

If you have decided that you want to be a blogger in the future then you should set up a time when you want to come back. Content is the king and without it your blog is empty.

Whenever you are finding the time you must write articles so that you can publish it whenever you are getting busy. The amount of content that you will write will completely depend on what are the topics you are writing on.

You can also publish a blog where you can write about your busy life and when you are thinking of coming back with a new set of articles. In this way, you can make people know about your presence.

When you are busy, you should also try to see whether your blog is still influencing people and it is still grabbing the attention of the potential readers.

If not then your blog is going to become a dead blog any time. Creating a blog is a very easy task to do, but maintaining it and growing it is one of the toughest things and bloggers spend day and night for establishing it.

For achieving your goals, you should be very consistent regarding your write-up. The readers will only go to the bloggers who are posting on a daily basis, unlike the ones who just post once in a month.

How to check whether you are blocked is still growing:

For measuring the growth of your blog you should use the statistics. If your blog is standing still without any traffic then spending your time on such a blog is not worth it.

So the statistics will show you the count of the unique visitors who are visiting your blog on an everyday basis and number of visitors for returning back for the future post. You have to consider everything in order to check whether your blog is growing or not.

If your content is good then if you are off from your blog for a few weeks then it still wouldn’t stop its growth but if your content is not so much up to the mark then taking an off is not a good idea.

You should also check whether your contents are getting proper shares, followers and likes. If not, then you should definitely promote it in your social networking sites and get a backlink there.


So this is an overview of why it is important for the blogs to grow on an everyday basis and what to do if you are having a busy schedule.

Make sure you are considering the idea of the guest post as it will also keep motivating aspiring writers as well as help in your growth.

You can also stock up your writings so that you can publish them when you are busy. All you have to do is keep your blog running otherwise there are thousands of competitors who are ready to replace you anytime.

No one wants unnecessary subscription on a blog that is inefficient. Create content that can easily drag the attention of the potential readers even if you are off for a few days.

How To Maintain Your Blog If You Dont Have Enough Time

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