How to Make Money With Your Blog From First Day of Blogging

How to Make Money With Your Blog From First Day of Blogging

Who doesn’t want to earn some money? Money in addition to what you are earning from your daily job or even earn from doing something while sitting at home.

Though the idea of work from home is catching up and many companies are shifting towards this work culture, it is still a full day job that demands all your attention and focus. And not to forget, you continue to do almost if not the same thing when you were in the office.

What if you wanted to do something different? What if you wanted to give your ideas a voice and let your creativity earn you that money? Blogging is one of the best answers for such requirements. While many do this as a hobby, there are many who take this up as a full-time job and invest a lot of time and effort into it.

Is Blogging Easy Money?

Unlike the popular belief that blogging from home is an easy way to earn some quick money, it is a lot of hard work and every blogger has had their share of failures and disappointments.

Just because we read a blog and realize someone is getting paid for us reading it, does not mean it is easy money for them.

They have come to a position where the number of reads is getting them a good return only after a considerable amount of time. So the answer is no. It is definitely not easy money. Not in the beginning not in the middle and not even after the blog has hit off well with the readers. It is a continuous process like any other job.

Best 5 Ways to Make Immediate Money

However, if you want to start making money from your blogs, without having to wait for an uncertain period of time, it is not completely impossible. Here are some ways in which you can start making from blogging, quickly:

1. Paid Reviews

There are a number of websites and Apps that pay for reviews. Identify those that fit into your niche or area of interest. If it is food, see if you can identify food blogs or restaurant websites and Apps.

When you write a detailed review for them, they pay you. You can negotiate and fix an amount per review and do this as and when required. The requirement would be when competitors increase, a new menu is launched, a renovation is done, etc.

You can do this for various restaurants and make this one of your main streams works. As you get famous and people start giving your reviews more credit, your voice will have a better reach, thus enabling you to demand more. You will also be approached by other such players in the market for reviews.

2. Video Blogging

Sources like YouTube pay per view. Hence the more the number of views your video has the more money you stand to earn. The initial amounts will be very little and almost negligible for the amount of time and effort you put in. however, as you get more viewers and a better crowd following, your returns will increase.

Include such videos in your blog posts to make them more entertaining and interactive. Videos with humor or a process being done step by step, always have a better reach than just words.

Also, in today’s digitally advanced world, people prefer watching a number of videos rather than reading some random text. When they are waiting they might read as it doesn’t make any noise but when they are commuting or at home, they prefer videos.

Tap into this need and you can start making money very quickly. Both on the videos front as well as blog front.

3. Reviews On Websites And Apps

Again, these are paid reviews. These are slightly different from the paid reviews mentioned earlier. Here you can go and post reviews on the websites without actually visiting the place or using the product. Many reviews on mass seller sites like Amazon, etc have such reviews.

You need to do your research on the product, get all the technical details from the client and also study the target audience to know how your review should be. The more thought you put into your review, the better reach it has and the better will be your pay.

Hunt for such sources that require reviews. Random customer reviews help in pushing up the product sales and also the frequency of coming up in searches. This is an important mode of marketing for many companies, and they are ready to spend on it.

4. Links

Your blog can have backlinks to other websites, blogs, web pages etc. the owner of these inks will pay you for this service. Google also ranks a webpage based on the credible links in it.

As a result, these links will help your blog to have a better reach and also help the link owners to have a better reach to the target audience. Linking is also an important SEO activity.

Ensure these links are related to your blog content and niche. When the links don’t match or make sense, the webpage loses its credibility both with readers as well as the search engine ranking. There are many spam links and links that do not work. Ensure you don’t fall prey to such activities and use only verified links to link out from your blog.

Since you are getting these links more traffic, you will be paid by them. Since you have more information linked out from your blog apart from what you write, you will have a number of readers and followers too. This will make your blog famous.

5. Social Media

Social media is a great place to get more fans and followers for your blogs. You can post snippets of your blogs on your social media pages, join similar groups and post there as well. This will have a very wide reach amongst likeminded people and specifically your target audience.

When you create a fan page and have followers, you can start linking your blogs here and have a number of readers. The more the number of followers you have, the better are your chances to get paid for your blog posts, get opportunities for paid reviews, advertisements on your blog, etc.


When it comes to blogging and earning money, the more the reach your blog has, the more will be the money it can earn. Hence in order to start earning from a blog at the earliest, one has to work towards increasing the number of readers and followers.

How to Make Money With Your Blog From First Day of Blogging

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