How to Make Money With Hostgator Affiliate Program From Your Blog

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make money with hostgator affiliate

The HostGator affiliate program involves selling hosting services online through your website or blog on HostGator’s behalf.

You redirect your site visitors to the HostGator website. Once there, they can register and buy a suitable hosting plan good for 1 year.

You get paid through your PayPal account for every valid sign up your trigger.

Who Is the HostGator Affiliate Program for?

The program can be lucrative. But, to be blunt about it, it is not for everyone. It is for you if you are willing to work hard to sell hosting plans.

To be successful, you need to have prior experience in affiliate marketing and blogging. You must have a decent traffic to your blog or website on a daily basis.

How to Join the HostGator Affiliate Program

The best way to sign up for the program is to go directly to the HostGator site. The affiliate program is available via Impact Radius.

After signing up via Impact Radius, you need to wait for 3 to 4 days for the approval.

Other ways to sign up include other affiliate networks such as Share a Sale, and Commission Junction, among others.

The sign-up process itself is easy.

It is available to anyone, regardless of the country of origin. Also, having a HostGator hosting account is not necessary to sign up.

HostGator Commission Rates for Affiliates

Sure, you want to know what you can expect from being an affiliate. Well, it is something that will put the rates of other similar companies to shame!

If you get 1 to 5 sign-ups, you earn a commission of $50/sign-up, $75/sign-up for 6 to 10 sign-ups, $100/sign-up for 11 to 20, and $125/sign-up if you are able to bring at least 21 more new HostGator subscribers in a month.

Steps to Earn Money from HostGator’s Affiliate Program

Making money being a HostGator affiliate takes only 3 simple steps:

  1. Get affiliate links.

After completing the sign-up process, you need to get banner ads and affiliate links that you will promote. Login to your affiliate dashboard at the HostGator website to get your promotional materials.

From your dashboard, you can get various kinds of links that HostGator uses to track your qualified referrals, as well as to pay your commissions.

This process helps the company monitor all of its affiliate partners.

  1. Create a blog or website.

Creating your own website or blog is by far the best way to promote affiliate products and services. This way, you can add the banner ads and affiliate links to each of your posts. Your success as an affiliate will depend on the blog or website you come up with.

Thus, it is important that the content you post must be powerful enough to convince at least 1/10 of your visitors to buy a hosting service plan from HostGator.

It is also important that your niche is related to what you are trying to sell.

For instance, you can come up with a blog that helps budding bloggers on starting their own blogs. You can share your blogging experience to inspire others to follow your lead.

You can say that when putting up a blog, it is important that you sign up for a hosting service.

This is where you can recommend the different HostGator hosting service plans. This is a good way to nudge your readers into signing up for a plan on their own.

  1. Promote the HostGator Affiliate Program, and start to make money.

To drive traffic to your blog, you need to promote it using different platforms. One of the most important avenues is through search engines.

Thus you need to have enough knowledge in SEO basics. This is one way to beat your competitors. It is also necessary to explore other media such as email marketing and social media.

Put affiliate links to a strategic location in your blog. To cite an example, you can add the affiliate links in the body of your blog post, then put the banner ads along the sidebar, somewhere below and above your post.

How to Report, Track Sales, and Get Paid

The Reporting Section can provide you with details such as device, Client ID, Invoice ID, and domain, among others.

It also allows you to track your affiliate links and coupon codes. You will get your commissions from Impact Radius via your PayPal account.

If preferred, you can also get your money through checks. You can get your money any day or once you get to a threshold.

Tips to Keep in Mind for New HostGator Affiliates

  1. To get quality traffic, pay attention to your niche and the quality of your blog contents.
  2. Try to drive traffic from English-speaking nations like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada, among others. This is because visitors from these parts of the world are more likely to sign up for hosting plans.
  3. Never mislead your readers. You may be able to get them to sign up now, but once they learn of the deception, they may cancel. HostGator will then consider it as an invalid sale. Do not resort to using dirty tactics just to get site visitors.
  4. Have patience. It may take time before you are able to generate legit sales. But, if you devote enough time and effort to it, you will reap great dividends.

Frequently Asked Questions about HostGator’s Affiliate Program

  1. What is Impact or Impact Radius?

HostGator uses the payment processing platform and technology called Impact for hosting their affiliate program.

Impact Radius allows you to view your earnings, reports, links, and banners. You can also receive important program announcement via the platform.

  1. Do I need to have a HostGator hosting account to join the Affiliate Program?

No. Having an account is not really necessary. But, it would help if you are familiar with what you are selling, right?

  1. When will I receive my earnings?

The standard payment turnaround time is 2 months and 10 days. This is necessary to cover HostGator’s 45-day money back guarantee, making the hosting service risk-free for customers to try.

  1. I’m having login problems. What do I do?

First, make sure you are registered in the platform you are logging in. In case you forgot your username or password, just use the prompts to help your reset or retrieve your information.

  1. Do I get only $50 for sales of 6 or more units?

No, with HostGator’s performance tiers, you can earn $125 or more for each sale.

  1. How can I create a promo code?

You can make custom promo codes by joining the program through Impact. You will then gain access to the Resource Links from your dashboard.

You will find a “Request Custom Promo Code” link. Just click the link, and follow the easy-to-follow instructions with screencaps.

  1. My application was rejected for lack of traffic. Can they do that?

Yes. This is because applicants must submit a working URL with decent traffic and relevant content. This will guarantee that the partnership will be beneficial both for HostGator and the prospective affiliate.

  1. How long does it take for my application to be approved?

The entire application process is fast and free. HostGator decides on affiliate applications within 48 hours on working days.

Final Words

The HostGator Affiliate Program is a legitimate way to make money online – especially if you are willing to work hard to sell HostGator hosting plans.

Always be honest to your readers. Resorting to underhanded tactics may only get your referrals rejected. You will not get paid this way.

The best way to earn real money from being an affiliate is to promote the product through a high quality blog or website. This way, you will be able to get high quality traffic on a daily basis.

The HostGator affiliate program is legit. It is not a scam. But, you need to provide the right amount of effort and time. High quality content almost always translates to a high conversion rate.

make money with hostgator affiliate
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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