3 Method To Create & Get Amazon Affiliate Link: Learn How To Make

amazon affilliate guide

Okay, so you have made your very own Amazon Affiliate account, what do you need to do next?

To make money out of your affiliate account, you need the visitors of your website to click on the links of the products that you are affiliated with, and make their purchases based on the link that you provided.

Amazon Affiliate links are directly linked to your account, this means you will earn a commission for every purchase your site visitors make when they use your link. Unlike just pasting the original link to the product where the only one who benefits is Amazon.

If you do not know yet how to make your own affiliate links, here’s how:

Method 1 – The Hard Way

Find the ASIN of the product that you wish to get the affiliate link to. This is actually pretty easy; just go to the product page of the thing that you want to link to, and then check the address bar for a 10-digit code, that is the product’s ASIN. Copy that number.

Get your Amazon Affiliate Tracking ID. This is also pretty easy to find, it is visible in your Amazon Affiliates main account page, just under the username you’re logged into. Copy that code as well.

To create the link, follow this format:


For instance, if the product has an ASIN of A2C45F789J and your Amazon tracking ID is yourname-65, the link will look like this:

How to Verify if Your Link will Work?

Amazon actually provides its affiliates with a tool to check the validity of their affiliate link so they will not waste their time. Just follow this link:


Paste your affiliate link in the page that pops up, you will then get a message at the bottom if your link was a success or not.

This is one important step that you do not want to skip; countless affiliates have already fallen victim to using the wrong affiliate link, and all of them wasted a ton of earning potential.

Method 2 – The Easy, but Messy Way

There’s actually an easier way to create an affiliate link, and it does not require you to memorize a lot of stuff, you just need your Amazon tracking ID.

Okay, say that you already got your tracking ID (yourname65), you need to turn it into your “tag” by pasting it after “&tag=”; in this case, your tag will be “&tag=yourname-65”.

Now that you have your tag, the only thing that you need to do is find the Amazon product that you want to become affiliated with, copy the link in the address bar and just paste your tag at the end; it’s that simple.

To make things easier, just write your tag on a sticky note application and copy and paste it on the links of the products that you want.

To check the validity of the links that you generated using this method, you can also use the link checker that was provided earlier.

Yes, the link made this way is quite messy to look at, but if you do not want to worry yourself with getting the ASIN and memorizing the shorter link format, this way will be much more convenient.

Unless you’re a serious web developer you will not mind the messy link anyway.

To use the Amazon Affiliate link, just paste it anywhere in your website content where you want to promote it.

The most obvious place to put it is beside a call to action.

For instance, “If you like what you just read, and you want to experience the same, just click on this link here.”

Here is a tip on pasting links, it is much better to hyperlink it to a keyword rather than pasting the entire link in all its glory. It just looks way better this way, especially if you will be using the second way of generating affiliate links.

Method 3 – Using the Amazon SiteStripe

The Amazon SiteStripe is the custom toolbar that appears on the top of the Amazon product page when you are logged into your Affiliate account. This toolbar gives you access to several link building tools, like options to create site banners and such.

To use the SiteStripe, mouse over to it, and under the group “Get Link:” click on the “Text” link. This will prompt a window to appear, copy the short URL link in the window and use it in your website.

This is actually the easiest, and most organized method of creating Amazon Affiliate links.

However, affiliate links are not the only way that you can insert your affiliate products into your website, and that will be the next thing that you will be learning.

  • Using the Custom Options

If you want your affiliate link to be a bit more prominent, you can use the custom options menu. You can find this menu screen at the Amazon Affiliate SiteStripe, located at the top of the webpage when you are logged into your Amazon account. Click on the Custom tab and it will open a new window.

At the bottom of this new window, you will see an embed code. Copy and paste this code into your website and it will cause a more detailed affiliate link to pop up when your page loads.

This link will have a thumbnail of the item, a short description, its price, and a “buy” button. This link will still work the same way as an affiliate link does so you will still get a commission for every purchase made through it.

You can also use this method to create a banner ad that will appear on top of your page, and although this makes it even more visible, it is actually pretty hard to make banner ads look good in any website.

Banner ads, according to most internet users, are obstructive and distracts from the rest of the website’s content. In addition, large moving banner ads make your website load slower.

It is up to you to find that happy medium between ad visibility and site aesthetics.

amazon affilliate guide

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