CPA vs Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Huge Money With CPA [Method]

cpa vs affiliate marketing

Looking for refreshing ways to increase your blog’s profitability?

We’ve got you. In this comprehensive article on CPA marketing, we’ll also look at how you can earn from affiliate marketing briefly.

But first, can we all agree that gone are the days when blogs were mere creative spaces for writers to pour their feelings/ emotions?

We See It Everywhere

The once expressive blogs have been infused with ads and ad links. And, it makes complete sense.

At a time when businesses are taking over the internet because consumers spend most of their time there, bloggers are looking for ways of earning a piece of the pie.

It is, therefore, common to see bloggers promoting products and earning a commission from the sales arising directly from clicks on links to the products they promote (affiliate links).

CPA marketing (Cost Per Action), on the other hand, refers to an affiliate marketing model where you earn a commission every time a visitor takes a particular action.

And CPA actions are as simple as online users filling out forms, signing up for a product trial, requesting a quote, or when they make a purchase.

CPA is, therefore, different from affiliate marketing in that you get paid whenever a user acts – CPA is not as restrictive as affiliate marketing because you only earn a commission from affiliate marketing if a user buys the affiliate product.

So, if you are searching for the most profitable marketing option, you might want to try CPA marketing.

Besides being non-restrictive, CPA marketing has other advantages like:

It’s high on the value chain which means that you will earn more income. The other ad networks like Google AdSense, CPC marketing, banner ads, and CPM marketing are at the bottom of the value chain.

CPA is a form of integrated advertising in that you don’t have to configure/ disfigure your site with banner ads or AdSense blocks.

CPA is easily integrated into your website.

With these benefits waiting to be reaped, how do you get started with CPA marketing?

CPA Marketing Guide

It’s worth mentioning that CPA is also called Pay Per Lead marketing or PPL, and it is a simpler strategy than selling products. With users required to perform simple and free tasks like submitting their emails, CPA promises higher returns – people are more likely to pick free products with few individuals actually buying said product.

How does CPA Marketing Work?

In some CPA networks, the entire marketing process is highly controlled with vendors submitting products/ jobs to the networks and the network will, in turn, promote the product/ through CPA marketers. Marketers get paid a fixed amount of money for particular offers, depending on the vendor’s investment.

The main players in the CPA marketing model are advertisers, affiliates and online users.

How to Find the best CPA Marketing job

Finding offers

First, you need to find the offer you will promote. Fortunately, there are several sites with offers for you to choose from like oDigger, MaxBounty, CPAWay, Peerfly, Clickdealer, and CPALead, among others.

You could narrow down your search by basing your search on a specific price, keyword, network, or even offer categories.

With the filters in place, pick the best offer you can find then check its particulars. Since the offer listings always carry details like what is expected of you or the kind of traffic allowed, you could pick the job or leave it.

If you’d like to take on the offer, hit on the Full Landing Page Preview button. This preview is an illustration of what your users will see whenever they click on your CPA affiliate link.

What to look for in the landing page?

Access to the landing page doesn’t mean you are committing to taking the job. The preview will help you decide to either proceed with the job or not,

Before you make up your mind, ensure that the landing page is clean and professionally done. Also, check the fields present to ensure that it results in higher conversions. Keep in mind that in some cases, landing pages with many fields mean earning a higher commission – if traffic is motivating enough.

When there aren’t any offers

In some cases, you might not find any offers which means that you should look for the CPA offers that your demographic finds appealing.

Joining Networks

You join a network when you find a great offer.  For this, you should click on the Join Network tab present on the offer page.

Clicking the link sends you to an affiliate signup page where you have to enter your details like name, phone number, and email address.

After submitting your details, wait for approval.

Follow these steps to get approved:

  • Be honest in your application
  • Call before they call you –they will
  • Check the Whois because some networks are known to check your Whois address to ensure that it matches your mailing address.

Website Design

If your application is approved, you’ll have to design your blog/ website around the CPA. The best bit is that you could redesign your website to look like a million bucks even if you are running your first CPA campaign. One thing though – don’t make the site too sales-y.

To be on the safe side and to boost your conversion rate, integrate CPA into your content.

Boost traffic to your site

With your site ready and the affiliate link integrated, the next thing to do is to attract people into your blog. The only way CPA becomes profitable is if traffic is directed to the site.

So, employ the best SEO strategies starting with keyword research, use PPC ads, and leverage the power of social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube).

Doing these will help you earn more from CPA marketing. You could, however, boost you CPA marketing earnings by maintaining a positive relationship with your affiliate manager and steer clear of the shady networks.

If you are a beginner, choose your niche carefully and don’t be afraid or ashamed of saying if you are inexperienced. And while at it, be confident during the phone interview.

Note that you receive your unique CPA affiliate link once your application is approved. The link will be used in tracking all your actions in the future.

cpa vs affiliate marketing

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