How To Reduce Bounce Rate For Your Blog or Website Easily

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How To Reduce Bounce Rate of Blog or Website

Curtailing bounce rate is the very much crucial step in making your digital journey a profitable one but many found this esoteric to comprehend.

It basically provides you with the state of health of your websites and it becomes a tedious task to unravel the mystery behind the bounce rate.

But no worries, after reading this you will attain enlightenment in this field. first of understanding the basic definition of bounce rate.

Definition of bounce rate:

It is defined as the sum total of the visitor who departs from the website just after viewing the first page.

It simply means the number of users who spend only a second or a minute on a particular site and then move away instantly.

The other way of understanding this is when the user left the page without any engagement with the content soars the bounce rate.

The higher rate of bounce rate indicates that the home page of a particular website has some problem or glitches and when this escalates to 80 per cent or more then there is an immediate need to fix this issue.

There may be various reasons for this like users didn’t find the content informative, useful and many more, now looking at the other reason.

Reasons for bounce rate:

  • Slow loading time:

If your page takes more time to load fully or it load partially then it may annoy the users and causes people to depart.

Usually, this time is very much less and varies from 3 to 6 seconds.

Here the point to understand is when the user finds your page consuming there time more than they instantly close it and move on to the other fast loading page with the same content.

Due to this traffic moves to other website and if you want to rectify this you need to employ a decent and trusted web-host.

  • The influx of too many obtrusive ads:

Even though you have a quality content and you have allowed too many ads to show up on your site then it can act as a source of departure from your site.

So you have to carefully choose ads and not too many.

  • Irksome pop-ups:

Many of the users just hate pop-ups and view it as a source of distraction.

When a person is investing its quality time to search informative content and gets exasperating pop-ups they instantly leave the site (not many have par patients).

If you are using pop-ups then it should be relevant and come at ones.

  • Amateurish content:

It is seen that many of the digital warriors often lacks in providing quality and corroborative content.

There is a need to blend the static information with the current affairs so that the audience can relate it in an easy way.

Many of the content in the digital space are just the reiteration of another blog or site and due to this people don’t find it useful.

There is no doubt that genuine content needs time to make but that is the content which can assure the decent interaction with the users.

  • Other:

Well, these were few reasons for the bounce rate and maybe you have figured out the possible reasons for your high bounce rate.

You can check your bounce rate on the internet and see where you stand.

If you stand under 60 per cent then you have okay bounce rate, if it’s between 60 and 80 per cent, then you need to fix it.

And if you are floating above 80 per cent, then you need to fix this issue urgently.

So, how can you reduce bounce rate, read further to demystify this?

Steps to reduce bounce rate:

  • Presentation:

Despite being the high quality of the content you have written but if you have not presented well then you end up in smoke.

It is because of the reason that the principle of aesthetics applies here also, when the page looks well formatted, spacious, and soothes the eyes of a reader then there is a great chance of them parking their interest into your content.

Most of the time, people just skim through the content and if their eyes catch sometimes useful they take a break to extract the information.

But for this to happen, articles should be presented well, for this, you can use various tool that integrates with the platform you write.

  • Using picture:

Well, there is less chance of any user spending time on text only, they want to grab the information instantly and if you have presented the synopsis in one or two pictures then that is great.

Pictures are the source of telling more things than words and they travel faster in terms of understanding.

Nowadays, apart from pictures, people are using infographics (a blend of text and images) which are acting to hold the attention of people.

  • Video:

Apart from providing the content in the form of text and images, you can also present informative content in the form of videos.

This way even if your websites experience more bounce rate, there is a chance to gain the attention of audience back.

  • Sharing options:

People love to share the well-informed content on social media network, so you have to establish an easy way for this.

This way you can increase the possibility of increasing your followers on that social networking platform.

  • Expressible content:

If the content is expressible and it easily conveys the complex things in an easy way then you can gradually increase the base of your patrons.


Apart from implementing above-mentioned points, you can also create curiosity in readers about the explained topics.

This can be done either by providing obscure facts in the form of a question so that they can do some homework and type the answer in the comment sections.

This will boost interaction between you and readers.

Hope you have gained insight into curbing the bounce rate and making an impressive content to mesmerize the audience.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate of Blog or Website
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