The Importance Of About Us Page! Why We Need It On Blog/Website

The Importance Of About Us Page Why We Need It On Blog Website

About us, the page is the most important page after the homepage of your website. It will help you to introduce your company in front of your visitor and will tell them about your job and why people should trust the website.

So the about us page is regarded as the speed dating with your potential customer.

Every website visitor is prowling for getting the perfect business and you are having few moments to convince them. It is not at all easy and hence one should write the about us page properly because it can definitely attract the potential customers.

The significance of about us page on a website

  • About us, the page is the first page where all the visitor is going to land. Nobody wants to invest in a place that lacks information. So the visitor wants to learn a lot about the company from the about us page.
  • People mostly concentrates on making their website look more colourful and real. But a visitor who wants to invest on the page will definitely land themselves on the about us to know what the company is all about and how confident you are about your service or product. Starting from your experience to your field of specialization, everything will be mentioned in the about us page so it is very important for building a strong business.
  • Different kinds of visitors will be get interest in various types of information. So the basic information that they will be looking for is what your company does, who is behind this company and what is the origin of this company. So the about us page will help the visitors to communicate with the potential visitors. It is the perfect place for convincing the people that your business is having the proper experience and skill for catering to their needs.
  • The basic set of question that your about us page should have and those are: what is your company about, why one should opt for your company, the field of specialization, experience, and services.

Things to include in your about us page

  1. In the about us page, you should always include some images so that the people can know about the staff members of a company and it should have information regarding the work experience in this forte. This kind of information is very helpful for the people who are on the fence and deciding whether to opt for a product and service or not.
  2. The about us page should have a detailed description of the business like what you do. It must include the mission statement that will help the customer to understand what is your motive and your way of providing customers with proper service. You should provide information about the business team.
  3. Basically, about us, the page should have all the important information related to the business. Just making the about us page look pretty won’t help your business to grow. You should always concentrate on making the business about us page has important images.
  4. Do not put the about us page under any other link. Make sure it is very easy to spot the about us page from the website and it has a direct link.
  5. About us, the page must have all the way of contacting. Make sure the page has the phone numbers along with the email id or any other number which a person can use for communicating with your staff. Most of the people try to hide this information on the other page which makes the customer think that the website is shady and trying to hide information for fraudulent activity.
  6. Always ensure that the about us page is having the language which can make the user trust the company and try to use stiff, formal, starchy type of corporate speech. Make sure you are not making the writing very tough to understand as it will actually be a backfiring and can make the reader find it very difficult to understand what you do. The user will just want to ensure that your company is a real and has a viable business and they can invest in it.

Things not to do in the about us page

  1. About us, the page is not about storytelling so do not keep on writing things instead of communicating with the customer. Nobody wants to listen to stories so make sure you are providing information that is much to the point so that the customer can easily understand what you are dealing with a single reading.
  2. About us, the page is definitely not about you but is for clearing the query which the person who has clicked on the link has. You should mostly focus on what are the problems that you can solve and how they can avail for help if they want to.
  3. Videos can be a great way of communicating with your visitors, but not everyone will be interested in viewing a video of more than 5 minutes. If your about us page is only having video then the people will need to watch the entire video to get the target query answered. So make sure you are also keeping some writings there.
  4. Try to make the writing engaging in order to lock the attention of the reader. Most of the people when they are writing the about us page all their creativity suddenly flushes out and they write something really boring which drives away the potential customers. Always try to use your own writing voice and try to be a little funny so that people can easily trust your company.

So this overview will definitely help you to know why about us page of a website is so important. You should definitely maintain what to do and what not to do when you are designing the about us page.

So just like your introduction page your about us page is equally important so do not forget that.

Make sure that you’re about us page is clearly visible on the homepage so that one can easily navigate themselves to that page.

The Importance Of About Us Page Why We Need It On Blog Website

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