Importance Of “About” Page For Your Website Why We need To Add It

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Importance Of About Page For Your Website Why We need To Add It

Be it any website, one of the major objectives of owning one is to expand and attract as many people as possible to one’s business.

It is said that a good first impression obviously brings your customers closer to you.

Now, when you meet new customers in your office or shop, face to face, it is easier to make a good first impression on them by various external methods such as maintaining a conducive ambiance, keeping polite staff and so on.

But when it comes to your website, you only have an opportunity to do the best you can.

There is no hold over what the customer will think of your page and in the larger picture, your company.

For ensuring a good first impression, you need to ace up your game.

This is where the need for an impressive “about me” page comes.

Let’s see what really necessitates a good introductory page.

The Very Face Of Your Company

An ideal, well-designed about me page in a website stands as a general introduction of your company with the customer.

And such a page should contain a few essential information.

  • The “who” of the company. Information about the company’s owner, a slight family background and the duration for which you have been in the field really interests the customer as one gets to know the authenticity of your company. Details of the type of company, whether it is a single-owner company, a corporate company or a family-run company is thus gained, giving the highly inquisitive customer a steady ground.
  • Sharing the journey of your company since its inception really does give a personal touch to the website. It helps create a bond of familiarity with the customer. They feel involved.

Knowing the what, where who and how the company does really impact the way people perceive your company’s value and credibility.

The Expected Effect On The Customers

What really happens when you’re about me page is informative and valid? Well, not all people care about this page in particular when they visit you online.

But the ones that do really are apprehensive about the choices they are making and maybe are so because they are going to place an important task in your hands.

Something that can bring you huge profits.

These customers look for basic information such as the general introduction of the owner, the company’s working till date, the date of establishment and so on.

Such tidbits give them an understanding as to what type of company you are, what makes you stand out from the rest in the market, what core values and principles your firm runs on, what are your ultimate objectives to be achieved through the company, etc.

Along with building a mutual relationship of trust and respect, this can also place your company above others in terms of reliability and closeness.

Customers do feel that knowing the background of your company gives them a feeling that they know you well. This is exactly what you need for good sales.

Yes, indeed, an impressive about me page is as essential as the general contents page of your website.

But this certainly doesn’t mean you can simply exaggerate your success and blow it up to such proportions that it starts seeming fake or flattering.

Modesty is the key here. Even if you and your company has achieved a lot over the years, put forth a humble showcase of it.

Also, make sure this page is updated like the other pages accordingly with every new milestone you pass.

This really does present a timeline of the company’s success.

Last but nevertheless the least, make sure your about page is not just informative but entertaining and creative too.

Isn’t it a window to what people wish to see further?

Let your creativity flow into new ideas that can make your company website distinctive and unique.

It comes to this. This is the page that can make it or break it for you in front of the customers.

So decide wisely when it comes to the things you put up. And play smart rather than play hard.

How you should write the “About” page

Now that you know why this page is vital for your website, we will guide you on how to leave a good impression but writing a killer “About page.”

Follow the steps outlined below and do it like a pro!

1. Find out everything that your website will include

The difference between a quality “About” page and one that is uninspired comes from the plan that website owners use during creation.

To make a quality one that will attract a lot of customers to your site, you need to establish a clear plan.

Working with an outline ensures that you don’t miss out on some of the details or waste time talking about irrelevant things.

Figure out the different sections that your page includes and how you can create captivating graphics.

If you are working with a design team, this may simplify the process of decorating your website.

Interested customers like searching for further details on different topics.

In your “About” page, you should tell them where they can locate more information from your website.

Various experts in your company should be able to give your customers the information they need.

2. Come up with a project checklist

You should never initiate a project without a list. Before you create the “About” page, come up with a checklist as you consider all the necessary factors.

Some of the crucial factors include crafting the on-page copy, research time, proof-reading as well as publishing the “About” page.

Make use of Google sheets to create a simple checklist.

You can also use Evernote, Excel or Task Templates when you want a project checklist that you can re-use.

3. Start the page with a mission statement

Every customer purchases products from a company they have faith in.

Your mission statement can determine how much you can influence potential buyers and convert them into customers.

Before you go ahead and advertise your product upfront, try drawing them in by stating the goal of your company.

Tell them why your company exists in the first place and why your visitors should care.

You can create a mission statement that distinguishes you from your competitors.

For instance, you can state that your company offers products that are not only effective but also safe and free from any side effects.

This can easily compel your potential buyers and give them a reason to look at your site further.

4. Give a further explanation of your product or service

Most companies tend to generalize their service or product when trying to promote their sites.

This strategy is wrong since it leaves customers with questions and they may not understand what they are paying for.

It shows that the company is not confident with their product.

Some customers can also assume that your product may not be good enough for them.

As you create the “About” page, use two sentences to explain what you have to offer customers.

Going straight to the point will keep them interested and make them stick around for long as they anticipate to learn more about your site and product or service.

You can also tell them how your product or service will impact their lives and what solutions it solves.

The point is to focus on helping customers more than you focus on your brand.

5. Give a brief history of your company

Customers are also concerned about brand reputation.

Apart from offering products, you should help your customers understand your company more by outlining its history.

If you have been running the business for a while, mapping out the history of your company reinforces your brand authority.

If you don’t want a long “About” page, you can create a standalone history page for your company the link it to the “About” page.

Use this platform to tell your customers how your company started, how you have developed and the things that have helped your company to grow.

Try to show your readers that your company has evolved with time and moves with the changing times.

6. Include the company’s principles

Every company has some core values that they follow.

Since customers love being treated well, including the values of your team can help your customers feel at home.

Importance Of About Page For Your Website Why We need To Add It
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