What is Blog? Difference Between Blog & Website: Which One Best

What is Blog Difference Between Blog and Website

Use of a website or a blog can be a debatable topic in these times of social media marketing.

The ease of using social media for marketing your business is the reason it is one of the most popular and fastest ways of marketing.

But even after this, the importance of a website or blog cannot be denied.

A blog or a website is often known as face of your business, it can be used to provide information about the products, services your business offers or can be a simple register of information on various topics, collection of pictures and so on.

As Bill Gates say “If you show people the problems and you show people the solutions, they will be moved to act”, people won’t your products because the website as a beautiful logo, but they will buy it because they have a problem and your products will solve it, and website or a blog is the best way to convince the customers.

For many a website or blog is one and the same, but in reality they both are much different than each other.

Whether you choose to have a website or a blog, it is important to understand its working and how you can use them for your business. This article focuses on what websites and blogs are and how they are different from each.

What is a Blog?

A short form of “Weblog”, Blog is a website, yes a blog is always a website but, a website may not always be a blog.

A blog’s content is presented in a reverse chronological order that means the newest posts always come on the top. Blog can be owned by a single person or a small group of people who come together to present information.

Blog is updated by writing new “Blog Posts”, which can be in informal style for content like travel or food blogs, or management style for educational, political or finance blogs.

A blog can have many different sections and also a space for users to add comments, here what a blog structure looks like:

  • A Header with a navigation bar or menu option.
  • Latest blog posts area.
  • Sidebar with links to various topics, old blog posts or most popular content.
  • Footer which disclaimers, contact information, a link to main menu or other relevant information.

What is a Website?

A website is an associated group of pages that usually represent a single entity or business.

While blog is updated frequently, a website is usually static and may not be updated very frequently.

A blog may show you different content every time you visit the link; on the other hand a website can provides information that doesn’t change very often, like the contact information, services and products, business locations, the business team etc.

However there can be websites which are updated very frequently, like the E-commerce websites that display new ranges of products and offers every day.

A blog can be also part of a website where the business can choose to write about customer reviews, new projects going on, latest products, or even charity or social welfare functions the business is conducting.

Websites can be static websites that store the pages on the server side and sent to the client browser, whereas a dynamic website customizes itself on the fly based on the selection of the pages.

How a Blog is different than a Website?

Now that we have a fair idea about what a blog and a website is, let’s see how they are different than each other.

1) Updates:

A blog is no doubt updated more frequently than a website, except for a few exceptions like the E-commerce websites.

Consider a food blog that is updated frequently with newest recipes and pictures, compared to a University website, which may be updated usually for latest events and functions only.

Though a website can be updated using a blog too, the business can choose to keep some pages static with information that does not change frequently and use the blog for posting frequent changes.

2) Style and Structure:

A website usually has multiple pages that are connected using the menus; a header menu can have various sub-menus that have pages with the pertinent information.

For example, website of a University will usually have a menu of Home, About the University, Departments, Admissions, and Alumni so on with sub-menu for each of the header menus.

Whereas, a blog is displayed in a reverse chronological order with the latest blog posts on the top, users accessing the blog will have to scroll through the blog or use the search option to look for older posts.

3) Accessibility:

Users may prefer blog or websites based on their requirements.

A website is well organized with easy access to each and every page, whereas the blog posts may not be arranged in a particular order and are usually sorted on the tags.

A website is easy to access for static information like the contact details which will get lost in the huge blog posts on a blog.

A Website or a Blog, What should you choose and its importance:

Answer to this question actually depends on your requirements, but to be honest, why not choose both if it is simple?

A user can make use for a website for his static data and use the blog for frequently changing data, thus putting both the platforms to use.

A Blog can be used to bring back the user traffic to your website, use the blog on your social media platforms as it is one of the fastest way to reach a huge client base in a single go.

Post important visual messages, links to the blog on your social media platforms that will provide the users a way to reach your website.

Fresh content is important for every business website to stay on top of the search engine optimization results and a blog is the best way to stay updated.

Keeping the blog updated, using the related keywords will increase your websites chances to be shown on top.

Your website and the blog is in a way a representation of your business, so writing well structured, informative articles on your blog will increase your businesses brand value promoting your business as the industry leader.

Blog is a way to express your thoughts, talk about your current and upcoming projects, where the clients get to know more about you and the business.


Whether you choose a Blog or a Website, it is important to keep it structured, well managed so that it can provide a way for clients to know more about you and the business.

What is Blog Difference Between Blog and Website

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