How to Write a First Blog Post That Will Rank Quickly In Google

How to Write a First Blog Post That Will Rank Quickly In Google

There was a time when blogging was not considered as a profession, rather it was considered as a hobby only. In a simpler way, we can say that earlier the market for this profession was not on, but now many of us are opting this as a full-time job.

A blogger not only makes a handsome amount of money, but also enjoy a life of comfort. He needs not to go to an office, there is no boss for him, no one is there to give instructions and pass orders.

But, getting such a lifestyle is not easy. One will have to work hard in this field to achieve that height.

Here are certain things you should know if you have just started your blog and writing your first blog post.

Clarify your objectives before you start

The first thing that you need to do before writing your first blog post is that choose a specific topic for it. There must be some objective for your blog. Your first post should be related to that only.

For an example, you have decided to write about fashion in your blog, then your first post should be related to it. Now there are various ideas on writing about fashion, so you can use your creative mind and can write the article.

After these, there are certainly more things you should keep in your mind.  This is your first blog post, so it will certainly affect your readership.

You have to decide and focus upon the type of audience for your blogs. Write the post keeping this thing in your mind. This post will be your first impression on your readers.

Give various references in your post

You should give various references in your post. This is important to make your readers understand your post in a better way.

These references can be in the form of examples, images, videos, etc. Images and videos related to the post have become a mandatory thing to be mentioned in a blog post.

The examples included in the post should be real life. This reality and the personal element will create a greater impact on your readers. The images added in the post should be relatable and of good quality.

This will not only enhance the beauty of your post but will also attract the readers towards it. It makes your post complete and ready to be published.

Focus on the style of your writing

The manner of your writing should be unique yet simple. It should be obviously different from other bloggers, but at the same time understandable to your readers.

The uniqueness and difference are needed because there are many other people out there who have written about the same topic before you. You need to have a different content to stand out from that crowd.

Simplicity is the key to success. By simplicity, we mean that long sentences and heavy words should not be used unnecessarily.

Even if your content is very good, if the readers do not get it, it’s of no use. So, try to make the post as simple as possible.

Social media promotion is important

After your post is ready to be published, there come certain other things in the way.  If you want people to come and read your post, then you will have to promote it. After publishing your first post promote on your various social media handles. Ask your friends and family to share it. This will give you some popularity and people will read your posts.

Tell your readers about yourself

Since you are writing your first post, you need to tell your readers about yourself. Tell them about your experiences. What you used to do before writing this or are doing with this.

If they will come to know that you were doing something in the same field you are the blog, they will take your writings more seriously.

This will build up their trust on you which is a good thing for the growth of your blog.

Tell them about your objectives of being here

If we are discussing the trust build up then this thing is very important. Tell your readers about your objective of blogging. You need to tell every detail in this regard to them.

Also, tell them what all they will get here. Since this is your first post, you have to give them the reasons to come back again here.

Set your target audience

After all this, one of the most important things is to set your target audience. This decision will make your work easier.

When you will have this thing set in your mind you will be focused and will write accordingly. You will be writing about the problems and complaints of your audience.

This will make them feel welcome on your site. Make them believe that you are there for them.

Make your blog open for comments and feedbacks

To make your audience feel more welcomed, there is a very simple step. You need to make your blog open for comments.

These comments come in the form of appreciation, feedbacks and sometimes in the form of disagreements. You should be prepared for all this mentally.

These are the things that will make your website or blog grow. You should take the appreciations wholeheartedly and should not be upset about the negative comments either.

Try to work on the follies that your readers have pointed out. Not only this but try to reply against each and every comment. In this way, the readers will feel more connected to you.

Provide options for sharing your content

Last but not the last step that you should follow while you are posting for the first time on your blog is to provide the maximum options to your readers for sharing the content on various social media platforms.

So, these are a few things that you should consider if you really want to give your blog a good start.

How to Write a First Blog Post That Will Rank Quickly In Google
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