How To Improve Alexa Rank of Your Website Quickly

How To Improve Alexa Rank of Your Website Quickly

Every blogger and website owner in today’s time wants to come under the Alexa ranking as it the best ranking on a global level that could be given to a blog or website.

Alexa ranking is one way many important investors, advertisers, media and the common public assess your website’s business generating credibility and make decisions of contacting for deals.

This makes improvement in Alexa ranking a very important task which could lead to an increase in income manifolds.

For people who are new here and are not familiar with the terms and the process of website ranking, Alexa is a metric which provides a brief summary or synopsis for a website and opens provisions for people to judge the website better so that important decisions could be made quicker.

A better Alexa ranking can increase your visibility in the market and draw much more traffic towards your website than otherwise.

This would help you a great deal in your business and let you earn big sums.

How does the Alexa ranking collect data?

Before going for the steps to improve our ranking, there are some things we should know about that would help us with the issue.

Alexa uses the basic principle of visitors on every website it is evaluating and collects samples that would help them make the final ranking.

Alexa makes sure no illegal practices are included in the ranking process and only authentic traffic is included in the calculation.

The calculation gets very tricky, especially while focusing on getting rid of the fake and spam traffic and counting the real ones only.

Every conclusion made by Alexa is well researched by specially hired scientists to make sure everything is done correctly.

Calculations of rankings:

Alexa calculates the number of visitors on the basis of regular visits and produces a record for it.

The first position is given to the website with the most number of visitors of the day and the website with the least number of visitors gets a ranking much below, somewhere around 2-3 billion.

The website which hasn’t gotten any visitor for three months straight gets no ranking from Alexa.

Steps to improve your website’s ranking on Alexa: 

Now since we have learned how it works, we can easily understand how can we improve our ranking and earn good profits online.

Produce unique content:

Running a successful website starts with producing one hundred percent unique content.

You need to engage the audience in the content you choose to upload and make them come back again the next time.

The interface must be appealing and the information you put should be regularly updated to portray your website as an aware one.

The content should be well- researched and informative to an extent.

Try to make the content interesting and informative at the same time.

This would serve the purpose of the audience to visit your site and they would spread a good word for you through shares, etc. and increase traffic to your website.

Connect your website through links to other websites:

This works a lot to drive traffic from other websites from the same niche to yours.

This also helps you get recognition through search engines which will work great for bringing traffic on your website.

But to serve the purpose of it, you need to publish original content that could appeal to the customers or else it will all go waste.

Through this trick, the audience would definitely come to your site but would refuse to stay because of a lack of interest in your content.

Try to boost your domain authority by getting backlinks from participating in guest blogging.

Leaving a blog post on another person’s blog can quickly drive your traffic and improve your Alexa Rank. Inbound links from a reputable site can help you increase visibility to you site.

Use keywords to drive traffic:

This helps the audience to lead to your website and increase the number of visitors per day.

For this to work, you need to look for keywords which will direct the audience to your webpage.

You need to conduct some research on a keyword so that you familiarize yourself with what the customers search for and how they do it.

Keyword research can help you understand the needs of customers and speak the same language as them to satisfy their specific desires.

Analyse the marketing strategies used by others:

Find out what works for your competitors to increase traffic and ranking in the Alexa ranking. Analyze their steps, what works and what doesn’t and try to implement it in your business as well.

Make sure to follow the steps for some website that belongs to the same niche as you do.

Competitive analytics helps you understand critical metrics for you to identify industry trends.

As you compare the strategies that different competitors are using, you can make informed business decisions that can boost your position in the market.

Install the browser extension

Go to the download page for Alexa Rank browser extension and make a point of installing it in Google Chrome.

This gives you the chance to browse with the extension so that you can contribute to the information which Alexa provides.

Every time you visit your website after installing Alexa, you may notice some improvement in your Alexa rank. You can also boost the rank by visiting your site from different IPs.

Alexa browser extension can also record those visits.

Follow SEO practices on your site

Every website owner should dedicate adequate time and pay attention to SEO practices. SEO not only improves your website’s visibility but also makes it user-friendly for your customers.

User experience is what makes customers remain loyal and also increases the visitors to your website.

Though you can learn these practices from different sources, Alexa offers web analytics tools, competitive analysis, and keyword research to help you become an expert in them.

Be ready to learn more about page performance as well as how to boost search engine rankings. Make sure that you keep abreast with the latest SEO changes.

Share your content on all platforms

You can also improve Alexa rank from sharing your content to a broad audience. Make use of social media platforms to popularize your business.

Take advantage of platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and even Pinterest. Feel free to run FB ads to help you get additional social traffic.

When you share your content through such platforms, you can acquire traffic from users who already have the Alexa browser extension.

You can also install a social plugin in your website so that you can simplify the process of sharing your content to different platforms.

Be consistent

For you to boost your Alexa Rank, you should produce content regularly. Nobody likes associating themselves with dead blogs.

Make sure that you update your blog from time to time to help you get decent traffic.

Come up with a realistic schedule that you can follow to help you remain consistent in your posting. 2-3 posts every week can help you increase your Alexa rank.

It is not wise to produce and post content daily since this can cause monotony with your followers and affect your traffic negatively. Skip one day and use it to generate ideas for your next post.

Above mentioned steps could definitely help you improve your Alexa ranking and increase the visitors on your website exponentially. Use them and enjoy great profits in no time. Hope It helps.

How To Improve Alexa Rank of Your Website Quickly

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