24 Ways To Create Viral Content That Will Get High Traffic Within Hour

Ways To Create Viral Content That Will Get High Traffic

Consider becoming famous just in a matter of hours.

A video that you post or a meme that you put up that gets shared and shared and keeps getting shared and the next thing you know, you are famous over the internet and are a rising sensation.

Sounds like a dream?

That’s how most innovative content creators make sure that they get the views they need and we’re here to help you with just that.

For creating any form of viral content you need to understand the fundamentals of content and how it works.

Making content is a very open field and you can pretty much do anything you want.

Most people nowadays have various sites where they make content and make sure that it gets noticed online.

For example :

  • Blogs
  • Instagram business accounts
  • Youtube videos
  • Tumblr Pages
  • Poetry Accounts

Making content has never been simpler with new and innovative websites going out of their way nowadays to make sure that you are fully able to customize your site the way you want and let you have total control over the statistics for the same.

While you have the liberty to choose where and what sort of content it is that you want to create, it goes without saying that some things are common across all mediums and these sure shot tricks will definitely help you boost your viewers –

1. Titles

The title of the content should be relevant and precise.

Avoid titles that are too long and don’t give out too much information in your titles.

Otherwise, what’s the point of the content?

Aim at leaving a great first impression through choosing the right title.

Remember that you are competing for attention with other content creators to publicize your content.

You can get a lot of viewership if your title is benefit-driven, catchy and draws curiosity in people.

2. Clickbait

Whether you like it or not, clickbait is essential when it comes to the title of any content.

Make sure viewers want to click. The general public deems viral content to be clickbait because more people continue clicking on it.

As you make content, aim at making more and more people click on it and share it easily.

Ensure that you create content that will help you achieve this.

You can write different versions and try to get different opinions from your friends before sharing it to the world.

You need to use the right words so that you can have the audience clicking as well as sharing your post.

3. Length

Length of content should not be too long or too short.

Just the right amount. If you look at most of the content that goes viral, you will realize that content creators make videos that are a few seconds or minutes long.

Creating a long video can make you lose your grip.

Since the attention span of people is short, you should also not create a lengthy blog post when you want it to go viral.

Ensure that you create content that can be scanned quickly by including subheadings, bullet points, and images.

4. Topics

Choose relevant topics that people will be interested in and will want to view.

You can find a relevant topic if you try to stay updated with what is happening in the news.

You need to choose a fresh topic about what people are talking about and create content which can reflect on the same without drifting from your niche.

5. Pay for Plans

You can always invest a little extra pay for online plans to boost your viewership

6. Choose the right website

There are many websites willing to host your content. Make the right and judicious call.

7. Details

The finer details of your content matter a lot.

Manage the background aesthetics well. Make your content interactive.

People love content creators that give them a chance to air their views on different subjects.

Include interactive content like asking some questions to provide room for participation and make it easy for people to share it.

8. References

It’s always good to have some pop culture references in order to generate interest

9. Tags

Your content is useless if you can’t use the right tags to direct it to the right people.

10. Narrative

There are various ways to put out a story that is playing out in your head. Make sure you do it in a manner that is appealing to the audience.

Try to take a human angle so that you can create content that people can relate to.

If the audience can apply your story in their lives, then is it becomes easy for them to share the content with others.

Make your story feel personal to them so that they can pass it on to others easily.

11. Time of posting

Check the best time to post your content online.

You want the traffic on your website to be high.

Experts reveal that the best day to publish content and get extra social shares is on Tuesday and Mondays depending on which social network you choose.

Publish content on these days and do it when most people are online.

12. Choose the right Demographic

Know the age groups that you are targeting and go about it accordingly.

Do some research into your demographic and make sure that they get what they want

13. Be Consistent

Do not be irregular with your posts. Maintain consistency no matter what.

You need to determine how often you are going to publish content if you want it to go viral.

The frequency of posting determines how many followers you receive within a specific time frame.

14. Know your viewers

When you have a fair idea of the stats of your viewers like sec ratio, demographic, time spent on your site you can adjust your content accordingly

15. Publicize

Don’t forget to publicize your content via all social media handles to generate viewership.

Before you publicize the content, come up with a plan on how you will go about it.

The secret is circulating your content in all social media platforms strategically.

You can do this with the help of a content marketing expert.

Alternatively, make use of an app that allows automated sharing since it can save you energy and time.

16. Controversy is key

Choosing controversial topics can be very helpful. Just don’t cross any lines.

Controversial topics can easily draw emotions and make people engage as they give their opinions regarding the subject matter.

You should finish such topics with questions to encourage people to give their views.

Try not to offend anyone with your controversial topic.

Think about the kind of emotions you would like to bring out in an audience through your controversial topic.

17. Ads

Choosing to keep ads can greatly decrease your viewership

18. Colab

Find similar artists and collaborate with them If you can get an influencer to help you share your post, they could help you make your content go viral easily.

An influential person gets retweets faster than any other person.

Collaborating with a single influencer can lead to additional social shares.

You can also reach out to similar content creators and ask them for help in publicizing your work.

19. Reach out to others (Telegram)

Find communities online that indulge in intra promoting

20. Diversity

Your content should not be too monotonous and should be diverse.

The secret to creating viral content is using different appealing styles while bringing out a genuine feel.

No one is looking for blogs or videos that seem to be overdone.

Try making a “how to” guide or include a video that shows behind the scenes of a certain event. Such diversity can make your content go viral fast.

21. Pre Existing content

Make sure you have a good amount of base content to give your viewers a treat.

22. Bio and About

Keep a witty Bio/About section to keep the audience interested

23. Language

It is important to choose the language of your content wisely.

Use the correct grammar and go through your content to proofread and correct any mistakes.

Look at the formatting and confirm that your content is readable.

Long paragraphs can be annoying, so try to break them down.

24. Narration

In a lot of sound based content, the audience loves the narrator.


Just like Cristopher Nolan movies, make sure that your ending is spellbinding and leaves a great impression.

Ways To Create Viral Content That Will Get High Traffic

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